Anglophobia: Silent Killer Of Traditional Culture in Trudeau’s Canada

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The hills are alive with the sound of Islamophobia in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

So much so that a political activist named Amira Elghabaway has been elevated to the top of the race-card food chain. In terms of federal government support, Canada’s freshly-minted “Islamophobia Cop” perfectly fits the bill.

Quebec Secularism Minister Jean-François Roberge: “I still don’t believe she has the credibility, the legitimacy to occupy the role the prime minister has given her. I think that now, the second thing for her to do is to submit her resignation.”

This, and a dollar will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. Note to self: in a million light-years, the resignation of Amira Elghabaway will never occur. Don’t you know? Pushing back against PM Trudeau’s privileged communities in Canada is rarely, if ever successful.

Upon election victory in late 2015,Trudeau all-but declared Canada to be a post-modern nation. Unspoken within his rhetoric is a social inversion of monumental proportions.

Canada’s original settler communities– those of Anglo-European heritage– are to transition to a form of second class citizenship. Government want it, media promote it, and Canadian academia advance it– without coming out of the closet to say so in explicit terms.

According to a statement from government-funded CBC, 50% of all new hires for executive and senior management positions will be Indigenous people, visible minorities, or people with disabilities. Retention and promotion rates for people from these groups will be doubled.

See what we are driving at? Without saying so explicitly, the CBC is now limiting the hiring of white Canadians based on nothing more than the colour of their skin. In the real world, it’s called “racism.” In woke liberal Canada, they call it “equality.”

Another anti-white gem is found in the area of Critical Race Theory. Under this propaganda initiative, school children of Anglo-European heritage are taught that they and their ancestors are awful and despicable.

Government chip in with their two-cents worth:

There are stories of us scapegoating minorities in this country that, unfortunately, is a part of our past — to leave aside the shameful colonial history that we’re trying to reconcile.”

— Justin Trudeau

Gather ’round ye Canadian Anglophones. Your prime minister wants you hanging your heads in shame regarding the history and heritage of your country. That you– present-day citizens of Canada– had nothing to do with historical inequities is beside the point.

Government. Media. Academia. A proverbial “Bermuda Triangle” of cultural degeneration for Canada’s founding peoples? If Cultural Action Party was a betting man, we would go all-in on this one.

Media say nothing. Not a single sentence has emanated from Canada’s monolithic media in this regard. Bloody hell– it’s like our communities don’t exist. Perhaps one day, Trudeau, Singh and the rest of the Anglo-bashers will gain what they desire. The highest per-capita immigration quota on the planet can do that to a community.

Call CAP paranoid– you wouldn’t be the first. Contrasting the endless noise regarding racism against “minorities” with dead silence regarding Anglophones is more than a cause for concern. The silent inversion of identifiable community status in Canada being the unspoken, final goal.

China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria. In each case, levels of racism, misogyny, bigotry, homophobia and transphobia colour the content of the nations which comprise 90% of immigration intake to Canada.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette. Not one has ever alluded to this reality.

Consider the history of the founding of the nation of Pakistan. On 14 August 1947 (27th of Ramadan in 1366 of the Islamic Calendar) Pakistan gained national independence. 

“Between 200,000 and 2,000,000 people died  in the spate of communal violence in the Punjab in what  scholars have described as a retributive genocide.”

Now, let’s hear from vehement Canada-hater, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party:

“Our Canada is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide of Indigenous people.”

Quite. What a wonderful microcosm it is. Turns out the founding of this fundamentalist Islamic nation is even more nasty than what government and media claim to be the horrors of colonialism in Canada.

Media and Academia breath not a word regarding the comparative history of these two nations, nor any other Middle Eastern country. From this example, we come to understand the covert political warfare being infused into Canadian society. To be disseminated to the people of our country on the 12th of Never.

Through a coordinated agenda espoused by the government-media-academia triumvirate, Anglophone communities are presently being transferred to the back of the bus. This time out, there will be no Rosa Parks to come along and save our souls. Every bit of the degeneration of English Canada is calculated, and manufactured in advance.

Woke Liberal Prophet from on-high, PM Trudeau, alluded to it back in 2015. Canada is to transition to a “post-modern” society, bellowed World Economic Forum’s Queen of the Ball, Justin Trudeau. That he failed to elucidate on his meaning should surprise no one.

Of course, contemporary Canada is “post-something,” or at least heading in this direction. For CAP, the likely culprit will be along the lines of post-democratic, post-personal freedoms, and quite likely, post-Anglophone.

Naturally, Quebec will retain its “distinct society” status– the Liberals being, in reality, a Quebecois supremacist government. As for English Canada, our days are numbered.

Silence is golden as establishment media bury the entire phenomenon.

2 thoughts on “Anglophobia: Silent Killer Of Traditional Culture in Trudeau’s Canada”

  1. “According to a statement from government-funded CBC, 50% of all new hires for executive and senior management positions will be Indigenous people, visible minorities, or people with disabilities. Retention and promotion rates for people from these groups will be doubled.” Makes sense. They’re probably the only ones remaining watching the “Many Mosques on the Prairie”; anti-[Old Stock]; CBC trash. Will their bought off MSM compatriots follow suit? Hypocrites all–The top of the job hierarchy will probably remain the exclusive domain of the Woke; Old Stock; Paul and Paulettes. Speaking of “Paulette”–Will this reverse racism apply in “special” Quebec?

  2. Jimmy (Singh) Dhaliwal: “[The Canada that exists only in my addled brain] is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide of Indigenous people.” Well then Jimmy–Better warn your countrymen to stay away. And yet–They come in droves. Hmmm. Because….This (used to be) the land of milk and honey. Not the land of roving racists; with rope and pitchforks.


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