Anglophobia, Christophobia Trudeau’s Secret To Success

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On a 10,000 km journey to South Korea, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is once again burning up the fossil fuels. His reputation on Canadian soil having transitioned to dirt, out-of-country is the only place where our PM shines.

In an address this week to the South Korean National Assembly, Trudeau offered a stern warning to the world:

‘Authoritarianism Gaining Ground, Trudeau Tells South Korea’s National Assembly’

“Antagonistic countries are taking advantage of economic interdependence to their own geopolitical advantage,” stated the PM.

PM Trudeau plays this card so often that Cultural Action Party has coined a term for the methodology: we call it “Inversion Politics.” It works like this:

Whatever practice our PM personally indulges in, accuse the other of that behaviour. This “inversion of truth” methodology is derived from one of history’s most successful propagandists:

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty” is a quote attributed to Joseph Goebbels (1897–1945), Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister.

In the history of Canada, no federal leader has dedicated themselves to an erosion of freedom and democracy like Justin Trudeau. The result being a re-routing of our country toward authoritarian state status.

In no way is the phenomenon limited to a single example. Trudeau’s method has, in fact, permeated Canadian society in a ubiquitous manner. The finest example being found in our Liberal government’s penchant for playing a game CAP describe as the “politics of suffering.”

It goes like this: suffering equals power. The greatest whiners are the greatest winners, as epitomized by the playing of the mighty “race card,” staple of community empowerment in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

Several times per week, Canadians are informed of the social menace that is so-called “Islamophobia.” The phenomenon rules the political roost. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star— they’re all on board, as facilitated by funding from our Liberal government.

Lesser known– in fact not known at all– come two related phenomena: Anglophobia and Christophobia. In truth, these social conditions blow Islamophobia out of the water.

Canadians don’t comprehend it. They’re not supposed to. A silver bullet of Liberal political success, Islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia are the buzzwords that government want to fill the ears of Canadians.

This way, we’ll feel really bad about ourselves, reducing community pride to ashes. With the lifeblood sucked out of “Old Stock” Canada we become ripe for the globalist picking.

‘Critics Slam Canada’s New National Crown That Replaced Christian Imagery With Snowflake As The Trudeau Crown’

In the past month, the Liberals have extracted the Christian symbolism from both the Canadian passport, as well as our official Coat-Of-Arms.

As contrasted with another Trudeau government initiative:

April, 2023: “Canada Post has released a new stamp to celebrate two important Muslim festivals: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.”

The rise of Islam, the fall of Christianity. It will be a cold day in Hades when mainstream media offer up this contrast in studies. Within this microcosm, we discover the future of Canada.

“The proportion of people who report being Muslim, Hindu or Sikh in Canada has more than doubled in the last 20 years largely due to immi­gration, Statistics Canada’s recent census data shows.”

“The proportion of people who report being Muslim, Hindu or Sikh in Canada has more than doubled in the last 20 years largely due to immi­gration,” Statistics Canada’s recent census data shows.

Here’s a doozy certain to never darken the door of editor’s offices in media-land:

Out of a total of 39 Liberal Cabinet Ministers, just nine qualify as Anglophone males. That’s a whopping 12%. Statistics Canada tells us that in 2011, 70% of Canadians were unilingual Anglophones. A fifty-fifty split between male and female citizens means that approximately 35% of Canadians are Anglophone males.

Justin Trudeau is Quebecois, so naturally the Liberal Cabinet is jam-packed with his preferred form of Canadian. Anglophones, not-so-much. One fine day, it may be none at all.

In this regard, CAP adhere to a particular theory: Justin Trudeau doesn’t care for Anglophones, particularly of the male variety.

The man is an odd-duck. Based on the colonial heritage of our country– an immutable piece of history– Trudeau seems to believe he has the right to re-make our country in his image.

And what, pray-tell, is that image? Authoritarianism to take centre stage. Anti-Anglophone, Anti-Christian, 3rd World-dominated, Communist in orientation.

It’s one reason why our PM is reluctant to condemn China, and its decades-long penetration of Canadian society. It is, after all, what helped this person win three consecutive terms as prime minister. Why look a communist gift horse in the mouth?

At the base level, what we have here is political manipulation of the highest order. On the surface, Islamophobia is the scourge of the century. Beneath the surface, Christophobia is far more extreme.

As positioned by media, prejudice against Canada’s “racialized” communities tops the Liberal government charts. Away from media presentation, Anglophobia is far worse.

Why? For one thing, because prejudice against these communities is institutionalized. The inversion process again rears its communist head. Justin Trudeau tells us that “systemic” racism against minorities is intrinsic within Canadian society.

 CBC Policy, 2021-2022:

  • Half of all new hires for executive and senior management positions will be Indigenous people, visible minorities, or people with disabilities
  • Retention and promotion rates for people from these three groups will be doubled.

Translation: White Canadians will be excluded from the hiring process. Pourquoi? That would be because they have white skin.

This, fellow patriots, is systemic racism. As in, it’s built “into the system.” To reverse the concept— excluding the “racialized” from being hired— would be the most vile of Charter breaches.

“Inversion Politics” is Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Drawn from the darkness that is authoritarian governance, Justin Trudeau is paying media to hide this reality from the people of Canada.

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  1. It is depressing reading all this stuff, but the reality is that it’s all true. This is a great site and keep up the good work that you’re doing.

  2. Canadian history….Gone. Faster than you can say “drink box water bottle sort of thing.” (Trudeau was speaking moistly.) It’s only a matter of time….for the tyrant to dynamite that Islamophobic; snowflake-terrifying War Memorial. In its place? How about “mini Mecca”? Let’s not forget the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill. Snuff out that sucker as well.

    Eternal Flame: In general terms; “A flame is widely accepted as a symbol of eternal life. An eternal flame at a war memorial symbolizes a nation’s perpetual gratitude towards, and remembrance of, its war dead.” (Turdo to a veteran: “You’re asking too much. We don’t have the money.” [for veteran care/promised pensions; disability; etc. Right. Yet this painful boil on our rear ends has (literally) multi billions to throw at Third World dictators, and a thirteen billion handout for a woke; useless; EV plant in Doo-gie Ford’s crumbling Ontario.

    Returning to the Eternal Flame–In Canada; it’s known as the Centennial Flame; recognizing one-hundred years (in 1967) of Confederation. It’s supposed to be a (so-called) symbol of national unity. 🙁 Send in the clowns. Trudeau urinates in it daily. It’s merely a toilet for that putz.

  3. hate trudeau and everything he does not stand for ! Time to get rid off f him before there is nothing left of this once great country ! Last time I looked the putt himself was white . So let’s get rid of him !


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