Anglo-Canadian Political Advocacy A Critical Need In Trudeau’s Canada

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When a figure who spends as much time in the public eye as billionaire Elon Musk criticizes “woke” political machinations in Canada, you know it’s serious business.

Or should be.

This week, the tech mogul tweeted out a query related to what exists as an example of  systemic prejudice in Canada:

“Is this legal in Canada? the billionaire owner of Tesla and X said in response to another post mocking the research chair posting from the UBC School of Dentistry for its exclusion of “white heterosexual males.”

In truth, this is far from a unique example. More and more, as fueled by our Liberal government, job opportunities are being stamped “no whites permitted” in Canada. The wording may be inverted– “must be a racialized Canadian” and such, but the intent is clear as crystal.

What needs to be recognized is being shunned by mainstream media. Institutional prejudice against Anglo-European Canadians is being advanced by all three levels of governance– federal, provincial, municipal. The phenomenon has been extended to our country’s primary institutions: media[racialized quotas at CBC], corporate Canada, in addition to public schools and universities.

If understood by the general public, many Canadian of Anglo-European heritage may well agree with the following sentiment:

Based on the vehemence of the “reverse racist” lobby, the time has arrived for Anglophone political solidarity to enter Canada’s social arena.

If anything would elicit a fury of scorn from leftists, this is the one. Unfortunately for woke warriors, such as venture would be in accordance with Canadian law, in addition to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mark our words– this concept will never be interjected into public discourse by media. Canada’s powerful “multicultural” lobby would be aghast. All levels of government would be certain to push back with virulent cries of “racism.”

But would it really the case? Cultural Action Party [est.2016] has delved into this in the past. The biblical concept of “fighting fire with fire” has crossed our minds on myriad occasion.

It goes like this: taking a look at ethno-religious solidarity in Canada delivers up thousands of examples as derived from so-called “minorities,” racialized communities, and LGBT non-profit organizations.

National Council of Canadian Muslims is one of the most powerful ethnic-oriented organizations in our country. With direct connections to Ottawa via Muslim-Canadian MP’s, they work to get their goals accomplished:

“In the last few months, there has been a drastic rise of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism across Canada,” stated the representative from the NCCM.

“He called for recommendations made last year by a Senate committee, which held a year-long inquiry into Islamophobia, to be adopted in full.”

“Giving evidence before the Commons justice committee, the chief executive of the National Council of Canadian Muslims added that Islamophobia is a dangerous form of hate which has spiked in recent years.

Let us present a hypothetical. An Anglo-European Canadian advocacy group says that universities in Canada are “prohibiting white candidates from gaining employment based on the colour of their skin. This racist practice must end,” says its Chief Executive Officer.

We examine the differential between the real and hypothetical. Muslim-Canadian advocacy falls under the category of “multiculturalism.” Based on the Multicultural Act of Canada[1988], tax-payer funds are allocated to non-profit organizations of this nature. The same exists regarding Chinese and Sikh political advocacy, which falls under “social equity” classification according to government.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion[DEI]:

Initiatives are funded by our Liberal government and protected through Human Rights Act legislation in our provinces.

“In 2000, the Government of Canada created a permanent program to establish 2,285 research professorships—Canada Research Chairs—in eligible degree-granting institutions across the country.”

Critical Race Theory[CRT]:

“Examples of Canadian governments and businesses embracing CRT are countless. Last year, Global Affairs Canada incorporated the ideology into its training of government officials.”

“Earlier this year, almost every member of Ontario’s provincial parliament voted in favour of Bill 67, which would mandate the practice of CRT in the administration of public education.”

The irony pours off the page. It was not so many years ago that PM Trudeau ratcheted up the “race-card” game through branding Canadian society”systemically’ racist.

Yet, upon close inspection, we discover that the systemic element actually applies to white Canadians. In this regard, we turn to an article published in the National Post, penned by a Chinese-Canadian journalist:

“Matthew Lau: The Myth Of Systemic Racism In Canada”

“Ironically, the most socially accepted and likely most common form of institutional racism today is the discrimination practiced in the name of social justice or anti-racism.”

“The white cohort finds itself somewhere in the middle of the pack, so the evidence in favour of the theory that Canada’s institutions are rigged to disfavour visible minorities is indeed slight.”

Multiculturalism. Diversity. Social Equity. Anti-Racism. In present-day Canada, all of the above fall into a general category of “social equity’ for non-white Canadians.

Returning to our Anglo-European advocacy concept, we anticipate the response:

“Racism,” pure and simple. is. But is it really the case? How can it be, when the impetus is identical in nature to racialized political solidarity?

In case one is not sold on these concepts, CAP add a corollary. When a pink-haired LGBT pusher responds with comments like “well, you guys are not a minority community,” we offer up this response:

“Not yet, but we will be.” 

We are, as it’s called, “nipping the problem in the bud.” Yet, in truth, the problem is already upon us. The time for Anglo-European political advocacy has arrived.

If woke detractors want to point to the reason for it, don’t look to “whitey.” Look to PM Justin Trudeau and his gang of race-obsessed “rebel rousers.” In the meantime, let’s get the job done.

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