Anglophones UNDER ATTACK As Liberals, CBC, RCMP Enforce Systemic Racism Theory in Canada

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Such is the draconian nature of 2020 Canadian society. RCMP Chief Brenda Lucki committed a major “faux-pas” in refusing–at first-– to brand Canada–as well as her RCMP forces–as systemically racist.”

No surprise– after the pressure from Canada’s uber-powerful “multicultural” lobby, Ms. Lucki retracted her statement, caving in to the pressure of international globalism, as well as our domestic “diversity” warriors.

Over at the CBC, Canada’s premier state-financed media corporation, we find a decision has been made to restrict certain Canadians from gaining employment. Without coming out and stating as much, in a cowardly fashion Trudeau’s post-modern media slaves omit one truism:

Their actions IMPEDE an ability for Canadians to be hired based upon the fact that they have white skin, and therefore qualify as Anglophone or European-derived citizens.

Because of this, you will not be hired by CBC. After which, the multicult-mongers inform readers this measure is taken to “address racism” in Canada.

Who ever heard of a plan to reduce racism by way of perpetuating racism against Caucasian Canada? CAP has–because this is exactly what Trudeau & Co. are up to at this very moment.

Let us face a profound truth at this very moment:  A globalist agenda once divergent within society have now come together with a NATION-CHANGING agenda of societal trans-formation, as well as community prejudice against Canadians of European origin.

Witness Phase 2 of Canada’s transition to an anti-Anglophone, anti-Christian society. On “lead guitar” is an individual who is not an Anglophone, and claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ– Justin Trudeau.

CAP Theory: Trudeau thinks he is Jesus Christ in an inverted form. His megalomaniac-saturated mind lusts to become some form of “Globalist Saviour Of Planet Earth.”

Never mind the fact that this is being fuelled by a cabal of our most “cherished” institutions, as government, media, law enforcement, Police, academia and other fundamentals of society fuse into a united force of anti- European Canadian sentiment.

Post-Modern Prejudice: Government-Controlled CBC News RESTRICT HIRING Of Anglophone-Canadians

Ready to be morphed into a marginalized minority community? Even if readers are not, it is coming your way. In fact, it has already arrived.

As CAP refer to it, “Payback Time” has come to Canada via Trudeau and his Liberal-3rd World government in Canada. “Systemic racism” is simply the vilification of Anglo-Canucks taken to the next level.

This move provides an architectural “blue-print” for the fate of our nation. CAP recommend being emotionally prepared for the following:

The pending fate of Anglo-Europeans as Canada’s “Second Nations” community. This involved punitive measures toward our people, in return for our innocence regarding contemporary racism within Justin’s post-modern Canada.

Innocent or Guilty? It makes not a shred of difference! Yes or no–within communist societies, government make decisions wholly independent of the will of the general public?

This is what Justin Trudeau is doing to our society as we speak. Prepare thyself for a coming storm-– namely, the post-modern persecution of Anglophone/European Canadian citizens.



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