Andrew Scheer A “Racist”– Trudeau’s Hand-Picked Border Security Minister

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Justin Trudeau’s Border Security Minister Bill Blair has spoken up regarding Conservative Opposition Leader  Andrew Scheer. “White nationalism is a threat to Canada and the safety of our communities,” he posted. “Andrew Scheer PANDERS to people promoting these hateful views. This isn’t leadership.”

Nor is what Trudeau’s gang of Liberal thugs are indulging in. Leadership involves working toward social harmony. It involves advancing unity among Canadian communities. What Trudeau, Blair, and the rest of the Liberal cronies offer are lies, distortions and endless spins on political reality. 

These cheap shots are not unexpected, however, as desperation sets into the psyche of the Liberal caucus. And why wouldn’t it? After 3-plus years teflon-boy Justin has been exposed as a fraud. Yes, media held off as long as humanly possible, but with the emergence of the SNC-Lavalin scandal, they have been forced to cave in to political truisms.

Therefore they resort to the LOWEST FORM of character assassination–ad hominem attacks, smearing opposition candidates, playing the racist-card, and generally LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH in a desperate attempt to win the federal election in October, 2019.

It’s pathetic. Yet, what is equally sad is the mainstream media spending nearly FOUR YEARS playing along with the virtue-signalling hypocrisy of Trudeau, Morneau, Hussen and the rest. Hopefully Canadians will get wise and signal to Justin Trudeau he is NOT WANTED as Prime Minister of Canada when voting day arrives in October.



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