André Drouin, City Councillor Behind Divisive 2007 Debate, Happy Niqab Is Election Issue

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HÉROUXVILLE – André Drouin is “more than satisfied” that Conservative leader Stephen Harper has made the niqab face covering, worn by a handful of Muslim women, an election issue.

For Drouin, Harper’s defence of “Canadian values,” is in tune with his own Hérouxville code of conduct, adopted in 2007, when he sat on the village council.

The retired engineer’s code sparked a divisive debate in Quebec over “reasonable accommodation” of religious differences.

‘Since 2007, I have never given up,” Drouin said in an interview in his lakeside home.
Drouin has spent the intervening years developing a worldwide network to communicate and exchange views about immigration, religious practices he regards as incompatible with western values, and multiculturalism.

Every day he sends emails in French and English to about 100,000 correspondents. They, in turn, resend his missives across their own networks, spanning the globe.

“Canada, because of multiculturalism, has lost its bearings,” he said, adding immigrants he knows agree with him.

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