Analysis: White Canadians Headed For Minority Status Faster Than Expected

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“Justin Trudeau won suburban ridings with large immigrant populations across the country in 2015. Politically, keeping those voters loyal is his first and most important task.”

Cultural Action Party certainly believe the sentiment expressed in this Globe & Mail article. Here are some reasons why:

As articulated by Eric Kaufmann, Professor at the University of London, “Canada is experiencing the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western world.”

Kaufmann was quoting Statistics Canada report projections he believes suggest thatbased on current immigration patterns– Canada will be almost 80 per cent non-white in less than a century.

For those who hold an interest in the future of Canadian demography, what we have here is a prediction that our country will one day in the future be 20% white. Yes, this is a long way off. What interests CAP is the extent to which media in 2021 sublimate these findings. Simply, put, they are never presented in clear cut terms, for example:

Globe & Mail Front Page Headline: “White Canadians To Become Minority Community In Less Than a Century.”

In fact, it will not take nearly this long for tangible results of immigration trends to result in minority status for caucasians.

In 2017, non-whites made up almost half the residents of Greater Toronto and Metro Vancouver. By the year 2038, 70% of Vancouver residents will be non-white. The cities that will have the highest levels of visible minorities by 2036 will be Greater Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Abbotsford-Mission, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

In 2015, India, China and the Philippines accounted for 40 per cent of new arrivals to Canada. South Asians, including Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans, are expected to make up the largest visible minority groups in Toronto and Vancouver over the coming years.

More than half of immigrants in Canada will be Asian-born by 2036, if recent trends continue. At the same time, the share of European immigrants will decline  to 16 per cent.

Yasmeen Abu-Laban, a political-science professor at the University of Alberta who studies migration and multiculturalism, said that the Statscan projections were in line with Canadian demographic trends dating back to the late 1960s.

“This is just Canada being more Canada,” she said.

Putting all this together, the story of the future of our nation is clearly outlined. What is not clearly expressed is what concerns Cultural Action Party:

Despite the inevitable transition of Anglophone-Canadians to a minority peoples, our communities are today on the receiving end of a program of vilification. Government does so, and so do media and our academic world.

“Canada is a white supremacist society” runs the social narrative. “This country is ruled by systemic racism against minority communities.”

What is not stated is that any form of dominance of the past or present will be coming to an end within two to three decades. The demographics tell the story of the transfer of the “awful, racist whites” into a disempowered community.

Why then is the collective vitriol projected upon Anglophones so relentless? What is the goal inherent in this social dynamic?

Yes, CAP tend to be on the paranoid side. With Justin Trudeau as PM, what sensible Old Stock citizen wouldn’t be? Still, we cannot help thinking that the situation is  best encapsulated  by a single word: Vengeance.

On an emotional level–gut feeling and all–this is exactly what the attitude of government, media and academia suggests. What further eludes understanding can be found in an incredible hypocrisy:

The globalist multicultural movement fail to make a distinction between the living and the dead. How spurious this is. In other words, contemporary Old Stock citizens are very bit as culpable for racism as Sir John A. MacDonald in 1867.

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Imagine if you will government and media presentation along the following lines:

The fault of the World Trade Centre bombings in 2001 are the responsibility of all members of “XYZ” faith. Living or dead, all are culpable.

Talk about a bomb going off. The ramifications of such would be a direct hit: “This is pure racism. How dare media promote a lie such as this?”

And so on, and so forth. So why is it not the same for white Canadians? Are government out to get us? Are media closet haters of Caucasians?

Imagine, if you will, a future nation in which Anglophones are transitioned to a demonized minority community. A whole other ball of wax this is. Is someone out to capture their “pound of flesh?”

No wonder it is that Canadian media hold steadfast to a post-modern mantra:  under no circumstances are we ever to project into the future status of Canadian society.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est 2016)

10 thoughts on “Analysis: White Canadians Headed For Minority Status Faster Than Expected”

  1. What a difference in the treatment by government, media and law enforcement in terms of one religion or another in Canada.

  2. Abbotsford-Mission??? Say it isn’t so!!!!!! It must be an eastward creep from Surrey. I’ll have to move to the Arctic. However….Fifteen years down the road….We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. (Geo-politically.) Trudope’s big plans may go up in a cloud of smoke.

  3. The biggest creator of this nonsense idea in Canada has been our PM. This man is not interested in preserving Canada.

  4. A Canadian will be Canindian soon.
    We are losing our heritage and will soon look like a 3rd world country. Overpopulated, no housing, no healthcare. Crime will increase 100-fold, homelessness will increase Thanks Trudeau and Singh for ruining what once was a great country, bringing unnecessary hardship to our country. You need a slogan.. Welcome everyone and anyone to Canada, receive childcare benefits, the more kids you bring, the more money you will receive, Tax benefits, free healthcare and hiring protocols that favor immigrants and more. Here in Canada, immigrants come first, Canadians come, well whenever.


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