Analysis Of 2015 Liberal Platform Exposes Comprehensive Public Deception

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Major discrepancies between promised political platforms and their outcomes are in no way unique to Canada. A varying degree of promises and fulfillment have flavoured government behaviour since the founding of democratic societies.

With this in mind, Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] dig into disparities during PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals eight-year run as Canada’s ruling government.

The process reveals a litany of deception, some of it unintentional; most calculated for a purpose of re-inventing Canadian society in a manner that our citizenship never asked for, or endorsed.

Liberal Party Political Platform, 2015:

“Economic security for the middle class. A strong economy starts with a strong middle class. Our plan offers real help to Canada’s middle class and all those working hard to join it. When our middle class has more money in their pockets to save, invest, and grow the economy, we all benefit.”

December 2023: “Optimism about the future of the Canadian middle-class is at an all-time low, as workers find themselves squeezed by ever-increasing living costs.” 

LPPP, 2015: “We will make it easier for Canadians to find an affordable place to call home.”

May 2023: “Terrible housing affordability is forcing adults aged 34 and younger to flee the cities in which they grew up, the report said. Younger Canadians also are putting off marriage and waiting longer to have children.”

LPPP, 2015: “We will make the compassionate care benefit easier to access, more flexible, and more inclusive. Millions of Canadians provide compassionate care for seriously ill family members.”

January, 2024: Canada becomes world leader in Euthanasia deaths. As legislated by the Trudeau government:

“Growth in the number of medically assisted deaths in Canada continues in 2022. In 2022, there were 13,241 MAID provisions reported in Canada, accounting for 4.1% of all deaths in Canada. The number of cases of MAID in 2022 represents a growth rate of 31.2% over 2021.”

Beginning to see the light, fellow patriots? As for Canada’s woke snowflake contingent, most will never come to comprehend the tragedy that is Liberal government deception.

Pourquoi? Because legacy media have not, and will never, chose to juxtapose the promise vs. action component of federal government policy.

LLLP, 2015: “Our country is stronger, and our government more effective, when decision-makers reflect Canada’s diversity.”

November 2023: “A mere 24% of Canadians see diversity as an unambiguous strength.”

LLLP, 2015: “We will  lift more Canadians – including children and seniors – out of poverty.”

June 2023:  “The evidence is overwhelmingly clear – through woefully inadequate income support programs and a labour market that creates precarity because of low wages and few benefits, we are trapping people in poverty in this country.”

LPPP, 2015: “After the next two fiscal years, the deficit will decline and our investment plan will return Canada to a balanced budget in 2019.”

October, 2023: “Faced with slower growth in government revenues and higher expenses, the federal deficit is projected to rise to $46.5 billion in 2023-24, up from $38.7 billion for 2022-23.”

Stop the press. In fact, there’s little need, as the press never began in the first place. What Canadians have on their hands here is a laundry list of broken promises as obfuscated by mainstream media.

Why would they do such a thing? Can it be because the Liberal government pay their salaries, in addition to an awareness of the fact that Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has publicly stated that he will defund the CBC? Could well be.

LLLP, 2015: “We will consider the gender impacts of the decisions we make.”

And that’s all she wrote, folks. In terms of government advancement of LGBT advocacy, there isn’t a single reference to the term in the original 2015 verbiage. Transgender promotion is found nowhere in the platform. The Liberal’s full-on funding of LGBT politics is non-existent.

Yet, once secured in office, PM Trudeau goes hog-wild promoting the stuffing out of “Pride” politics, inclusive of forcing the ideology on school children from coast-to-coast. As we speak, the Liberals are jamming LGBT politics down the throats of members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Working the will of the people, as fundamental to democratic governance and the Canadian constitution? Not a chance in Hades, and there’s more where this came from.

LPPP, 2015: “We will give veterans more compensation, more choice, and more support in planning their financial future. We will do more to support the families of Canada’s veterans.”

January 2018: “Canada’s military veterans who endure disabling injuries were hoping for a Christmas present: a fulfilment of the Liberal campaign promise to re-establish lifelong pensions as an option for injured veterans.”

“Instead, the government merely resurrected ghosts of Christmases past with a hodgepodge of benefits that amount to recycled and repackaged programs that already exist.”

LPPP, 2015: “Prioritize community outreach and counter-radicalization.”

December 2023:  “A crowd of more than 100 moved through Downtown Toronto screaming for ‘intifada.’ Demonstrators attempted to block entrances at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. And on Christmas Eve, an overpass and two approaches to Toronto’s Highway 401 were blockaded for several hours by a group waving Palestinian flags.”

 Over and over we stand witness to blatant hypocrisy(aka lies) emanating from our Liberal government. As in the case of LGBT politics, there isn’t a single word informing Canadians that if elected, Trudeau and the Liberals would go on a massive run of importing, financing and promoting Islamic interests in Canada.

And if it had been a part of their platform? Say no-go from a good 10 million Canadian voters. What did they do instead? The Feds promised an intake of Syrian refugees. End of story. In no manner did they intimate that Islam would transition to the “belle of the ball” in terms of identity politics in Canada.

LGBT, Euthanasia. Islam– in addition to vehement Liberal support for Sikh nationalism in the form of Khalistani politics endorsed by the Trudeau government.

Not a single citizen voted in favour of fundamental social and cultural transformation of Canadian society. How could they, when the Liberals kept the entire agenda under wraps?

A pre-meditated “hoodwinking” of Canadian society, as buried by mainstream media? A hi-jacking of national identity, to be superseded by authoritarian-style globalist governance?

CAP believe it, heart and soul.  We leave it in our reader’s hand to decide for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Analysis Of 2015 Liberal Platform Exposes Comprehensive Public Deception”

  1. Trudeau , the liberals and Singh
    Need to go! We want to save Canada
    From all their destruction, corruption,
    And devastation.
    Our wonderful country of Canada is not affordable, for Canadians to thrive, many are barely surviving!!!

  2. Too bad Trudeau didn’t gain a pound for every lie he’s told. He’d have to be moved around on a crane. That goes for the obfuscator Freeland. Every time she opens her mouth; an empty; twisted tap dance ensues. “Let me be clear”….Not. Wicked liars; all of “Plime Mineeester Tloodough’s”; Klaus-penetrated “cab-ee-net.”


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