Trudeau’s Canada: An Election Nobody Wants To Benefit A Prime Minister Nobody Likes

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If any Canadian election in history qualifies as an example of political theatre of the absurd, it is the one rumoured to be called any day now.

Canada’s media have a nasty habit of positioning what is historically unprecedented as run-of-the-mill political behaviour. Nothing within contemporary politics is based on historical precedent. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said as much upon crowning our country a “post-modern” society.

With this in mind, Cultural Action Party make the call: a pending federal election is an election nobody wants for the purpose of extending the life of a prime minister nobody likes. Meaning that an election call is entirely self-serving for the all-but guaranteed victor, Justin Trudeau.

Every element points to a Liberal victory. Media bias toward Team Trudeau is out-of-control. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail–you name them, and they have nothing but scorn for the Conservative opposition. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP being “Liberal-lite,” they get a thumbs up from government-financed media partners.

To distill this down to a cogent theory on why an election is likely to occur, CAP arrive at a singular conclusion: its purpose is to extend Liberal rule for an additional four years by transferring the party from a minority to a majority government.

Not that the pseudo-communist Liberals have this transition in the bag. They will certainly win, yet it is possible they will be denied such a fate by Singh’s NDP.

Is it folly to state that everything about Justin Trudeau and the Liberals is self-serving? Perhaps CAP has stepped over the line. There are secondary entities that our ruling government is serving hand-over-fist. The fact that none of them are Canadian appears to elude mainstream media.

Justin Trudeau is surely there for others: United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, World Sikh Organization, Middle Eastern governments, and  communist China.

It is here we find a silver bullet which will keep the Liberals in power on a perpetual basis. Think a federal election to be a question of a “Conservative Party versus Liberal Party” political battle?

Let us not dwell in the land of the naive. In reality, a forthcoming election is a Conservative versus the Liberal Party, Canadian Media, United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, World Sikh Organization, Middle Eastern government and communist China political battle.

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It is this structure that Trudeau and his back room buddies have spent the last six years quietly working to entrench within society. It is this political format that will keep them in power indefinitely.

There is no question that the Liberals will receive a “fresh shot in the arm” as a result of a forthcoming election. Do tell– is it a falsehood to state that Mr. Trudeau is about to take advantage of the greatest social catastrophe of past century to win back a majority government?

Is this not an example of leveraging public misery for self-serving purposes? Does it even matter? With this query we come to the saddest fact of all:

It makes no difference at all what transpires. Justin Trudeau wants his crown confirmed for four more years. Neither rain, nor shine, nor pandemics shall stand in the way of this edict from Canada’s king.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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  1. One can hope for a miracle and true Canadians finally wake up and throw Trudeau, Singh and the rest of the pretenders to the curb. Stranger things have happened. Lets hope sanity prevails.


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