Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic, Trudeau Welcomes ILLEGAL REFUGEES Into Canada

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“Canada’s partial travel ban over COVID-19 will not stop asylum seekers from crossing into the country at unofficial entries, but Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said intercepted migrants will face additional health checks and be asked to self-isolate.”

Welcome to the “post-modern madness” the Liberal government of Canada have forced upon society without the buy-in from the citizens of Canada.

So rather than maximize health and safety for 37.7 million Canadians, Trudeau & Co. side with the United Nations, African dictatorships, geo-political Islam and globalist George Soros’ Open Border Foundation.

Indeed, this dynamic has existed ever since King Justin blessed our country with his “No Core Identity” proclamation. You know the one, right fellow patriots? This is where PM Trudeau–without the approval of a single Canadian citizen–decided that whatever “core” served as foundational for our nation must be cancelled.

Anyone old enough to remember a similar unilateral societal decision without the buy-in of even one Canadian? CAP does–it is referred to as “multiculturalism.” This anti-Anglophone piece of legislation was forced upon society by another family member– Papa Pierre Trudeau.

Therefore, between these two communist-infused Trudeau’s, Canada was transformed against its will into a prototype “globalist” nation. Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

Naturally, others have contributed greatly to the deterioration of traditional Canada- none more effective s than half-citizen refugee from Somalia, MP Ahmed Hussen. This fellow has functioned as a veritable wrecking ball for Old Stock Canada.

What can media outlets say about a government who imports illegal refugees into Canada amidst the greatest virus pandemic in modern history?

CAP will go first: They are simply being “Liberals.”  Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne, and of course, Minister of Demographic Destruction, MP Ahmed Hussen.

In 2020, Canadian establishment media are no longer in the business of disseminating topical news stories. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star today exist for a unified purpose: to BURY a globalist agenda to trans-form Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

How is this accomplished? The concept is not complex at all– flood Canada with as many 3rd World-Liberal voters so that every current Conservative-held riding becomes “locked in for life” as a Liberal constituency.

CAP Opinion: This is the exact role tasked to MP Ahmed Hussen, Somalian citizen. This is why he flew 24 times to Africa to set-up economic, cultural and migration ties to the dying Great White North.

Hidden By Media: As Covid-19 Rages, Trudeau Govt Announce HIGHEST IMMIGRATION INTAKE In History.

This was done in a clandestine fashion by way of Trudeau, scheming globalist Gerald Butts, and Hussen himself. Hands up those who can name the number four country on the Canadian immigration intake charts.

Why, it’s the Hussen-brethren nation of Nigeria. Degree to which CBC exposed this? Zero-not one word. See how these Liberal-Globalist assassins operate? CAP surely do. Too bad 95% of Canadians have been successfully deceived by Trudeau & Co.

“Mr. Blair said border officials will continue to take asylum seekers into custody after they enter Canada irregularly, as they have been, but will also start screening for symptoms of COVID-19 and ask migrants where they have been. The asylum seekers, who would normally be moved to temporary shelter facilities after being processed at the border, will self-isolate for two weeks, like every other person entering Canada.”

So can you dig it? Witness the messaging inherent in the writing: Illegal refugees are treated “like any other Canadian.” How Ahmed Hussen this is. How very Justin-like.

CAP Conclusion: Come hell or high water, the decimation of Canadian identity will continue unabated. Trans-lation? Nothing on earth will stop the globalist assault upon our society.

Justin Trudeau has been planted as ersatz “dictator” by United Nations and the power players within. The Liberal government are working the George Soros’ “Open Border Foundation” agenda to the maximum.

Set-in-stone, immutable, unyielding–not unlike the “spiritual” influencer for Trudeau’s descent into political subterfuge.





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  1. Why is this allowed ? Why are they saying boarders are closed and this is still happening ? Canadians tax dollars are looking after these people and enough is enough this must be stopped !

  2. This is happening because idiots from Canada voted this Moron back in, & I was not one of them, kick Trudeau out of Parliament,


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