Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Justin Trudeau Boosts Migration To HIGHEST LEVELS IN HISTORY

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According to the federal government-endorsed “Canadian Immigration Newsletter,” our nation will welcome more than one million new permanent residents in the next three years.

This was unveiled today in the federal government’s 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan. Canada continues its approach to gradually increase immigration levels.

Whereas Canada welcomed 320,000 newcomers in 2018, and 341,000 immigrants in 2019.

So states the federal government of Justin Trudeau. Okay fellow patriots, let us understand this in a “propaganda-free” media  environment. What government and media have told Canadians is that the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history are in effect for the coming three years.

Wanna know something else that may be in effect during the next three years? Why, it’s a little thing called Covid-19, formerly known as Coronavirus(beer sales were down).

So at a time of a worldwide lethal pandemic from China, Trudeau & Co. decide this would be an good time to increase Canada’s intake from:

India– #1 migrant source to Canada. China–#2 migrant source nation. Nigeria is #4, Iran is #6.

Speaking of Iran, here is what CBC have not told you about:

“Iran said Friday the security forces will clear the streets nationwide within 24 hours so all citizens can be checked for coronavirus — its toughest measure yet to combat the outbreak.”

“The COVID-19 epidemic in Iran — a nation of more than 80 million people — has now claimed over 500 lives and infected more than 11,000.”

“Since it announced the first deaths last month, Iran has shut schools, postponed events and discouraged travel ahead of Nowrouz, the country’s New Year holidays.”

Justin Trudeau’s response? Import more Iranians to Canada than ever before. And check out the Orwellian word-spin on how Mp Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the 3rd World-Liberal Party position things.

The reluctant, meek words of King Trudeau informs our nation that Canada is encouraging a slowdown in “travellers” from Iran, China and the rest of Trudeau’s new crop of 3rd World Liberal voters.

Travellers–yes. Immigrants–no. Not a single word from any mainstream media source has breathed a word about the idea of curbing immigration –even temporarily— as a remedy for the spread of Coronavirus.

Government and media puppets inform our citizenship of the migrant quota numbers--but just about never inform readers of the nations these migration are coming from.

Why not? Because the rest of us– you know them– the millions of us who qualify as “Old Stock Canadians”— will hate the idea.

TRENDING UPWARD: Justin Trudeau Begins Agenda To FLOOD RURAL CANADA With 3rd World Immigrants

So why is Justin Trudeau behaving in this manner? Why on earth would government announce on March 12th, 2020, that the Liberal would create a massive increase in migrant intake from India, Pakistan, China, Iran, Syria,  Nigeria and Somalia?

CAP Response: Because these are the entities that Justin Trudeau works for. To facilitate a smooth trans-ition to a 3rd World-dominated Canada, our PM hired the best in the business– Liberal 3rd World GTA riding winner, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Mr. Hussen, who spent nearly four years as immigration minister, is a Somalian refugee to Canada, and a half-citizen of our nation. Even though he has one of the primary positions within the Trudeau government, the man still will not give up his Somalian citizenship.

Quite the dedicated Canadian, eh? Of course, Hussen only lives in Canada for a single reason--to trans-form Canada into a replica of the backwash nation he comes from.

How many times did MP Hussen travel to Africa over the past two years? Try 24 times. While Canada slept, Trudeau’s hired gun was setting up economic, cultural and immigration ties from Somalia and Nigeria to Canada.

What transpired as a result? Nigeria moved to the #4 position on the “migrant intake” charts. How else has this sketchy half-citizen accomplished as immigration minister?

Together with PM Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen established what is known as the Rural Immigration Pilot Program. Chances are high that readers will not have heard of this.

For one simple reason–Trudeau, Hussen and the rest of the globalist assassins do not want the average Canadian to know about it.

No surprise, they are starting small. Eleven Canadian towns will over the next year or two be on the receiving end of this program. Naturally, government and media lie to our people about the motive. It is for the purpose of filling “employment voids.”

Bollocks, say CAP. The true purpose is the fill rural, Conservative-held ridings with enough of Hussen’s migrants to transform every Conservative riding into a Liberal riding. Eleven in 2020. 35 small towns in 2021. 75 towns in 2023…until all 338 federal ridings are wholly owned by the Liberal-3rd World Party of Canada.

Once accomplished, democracy becomes futile and Canada transitions from a liberal democracy to a socialist dictatorship. In CAP’s opinion, this is what the “Justin & Ahmed Show” is really all about.

What CBC inform Canadians in this regard is a stone-cold lie. These Liberal-Globalists are schemers–they never play it straight with 37.7 Million Canadian citizens. It’s all “smoke and mirrors” as our ruling government work to morph Anglophone-Canadians into a minority community.

Obviously, nothing will stop Trudeau and his globalist invasion of Canada. If the Covid-19 pandemic does not cause fundamental changes in social policy in the dying Great White North, what possibly could?





5 thoughts on “Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, Justin Trudeau Boosts Migration To HIGHEST LEVELS IN HISTORY”

  1. Canadians are 100% safe from coronaviruse because Justin has assured us that diversity is our strength and if we all vote for him we’ll all go to heaven

  2. What the hell is Alberta and Saskatchewan waiting for to leave Canada. There’s absolutely no point in staying since Eastern Canada aka Justin Trudeau makes it difficult for them to develop and their votes mean nothing. There’s no point in Canada existing if it will be nothing but a politicallly correct leftist experiment for one moron’s and his henchmen’s delusions. Canucks of course are too busy watching hockey games to pay attention and see their country being invaded. The old expression of the Muscovites were dancing when Napoleon was at the gates applies to Canada.

  3. I am a Canadian born doctor and a professor at a major university in Ontario. What is wrong with Canada? Let me tell you. It is websites like this and ignorant, hateful posts such irresponsible vitriol. Canada is and always has been a country of immigrants unless one is an Inuit or a Native Indian.
    I guess the intention of individuals who run such websites and publish such posts is to increase the hatred among Canadians in the hopes that a right wing agenda will benefit the country – much like the hate, destruction and isolation of our lifestyle and society we observed during the Stephen Harper reign

    • Disagree, Doctor. CAP has a very large following of Canadian patriots who recognize the destructive ways of Justin Trudeau. If you do not, then you are not a very smart doctor.

  4. I mean, usually when I read buzzwords like:
    right wing,

    this tells me the poster is more interested in controlling speech than engaging in it.

    it is a huge red flag.


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