American Security Experts Call Out Canada For Permitting Chinese Police Stations

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“The Chinese[government] are not simply forcing people to go back to China and stand trial, but they may be giving them directions to do other things such as espionage, recruitment, influence operations, sabotage, or subversion.”

So states Frank Gaffney, the executive chairman at the Washington-based Center for Security Policy. That’s Washington-based, not Liberal-Communist Canada based.

In our country, the ruling government has a soft-spot for all-things-China. Such is the condition Canadian society slipped into the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister.

“That’s the sort of thing that we will not accept, I believe, in our country, not from our own law enforcement agencies, and certainly not from a foreign to say nothing of a hostile foreign one, like the Chinese Communist Party.”

So says an American statesman. It’s not the way of life within the borders of PM Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada. Certainly not within the pages of Canadian media presentation. In 2022, the press work for our government. Therefore, they too are pro-China.

“Has there been some sort of authorization given to allow the Chinese to do this?”

Not in Canada. Nor has there been an attempt by the Trudeau government to rid our country of Chinese police stations.

‘Trudeau government allows China to open police stations in Canada to monitor Chinese nationals’ reads an article from Canada’s Post Millennial News.

According to the National Post, the locations of Toronto’s stations “render them nearly invisible [see Sun Tzu—The Art of War] to the public. One is listed as a private home, the second a largely Chinese mall, and the third in the office of a Chinese non-profit.”

“The activity that’s being alleged[the police stations] would be entirely illegal, totally inappropriate and would be the subject of very serious representations.”

Extent to which PM Trudeau has commented or condemned the development? Any patriot can guess the correct response: nothing. The Liberals inactivity falls hot on the heels of another story of security betrayal.

“Canada has become a safe haven for the criminals of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Hamed Esmaeilion testified this week to the House Justice committee.

What hath Justin Trudeau wrought? Are we as Canadian patriots supposed to sit back while Justin Trudeau permits CCP Police Forces and Iranian criminals to populate our society?

Yes– that’s the exact plan. By what vehicle are average Canadians to push back against our government’s collective sell-out to communist and theocratic governments?

There is none. Besides, to do so is to invite the wrath of communist enthusiasts like Justin Trudeau and NDP party leader Jagmeet Singh. The outspoken would be branded racists by the time the fat boiled on this morning’s bacon breakfast.

According to Gaffney, “the United States needs to press other governments to shut down operations in their countries, particularly in Canada.” 

Bingo. Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., understands our Liberal government’s relationship with China. 38 Million Canadians, not so much. Millions more would– if CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest weren’t hiding the truth from our body politic.

“We ought to be de-legitimating it, we ought to be countering at every turn its influence operations,” he said.

Quite. Instead, Justin Trudeau, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and Foreign Minister Melanie Joly went for dim-sum.

6 thoughts on “American Security Experts Call Out Canada For Permitting Chinese Police Stations”

  1. The chineese police have no right in CANADA and as far as theese new gun laws stop bringing terrorist into out Country Mr.Trudeau

    • Asked a direct question about the Chinese police stations in Canada, Minister of Defence Marco Mendicino avoided the question, offering no answer whatsoever.

  2. The Americans shouldn’t be as worried about the Ukraine and focus on the true enemy Canada specifically Trudeau the Cockwomble.


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