American Man Charged With Death Threats Against Justin Trudeau

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“A former Wall Street banker is in a London jail, facing possible deportation after being charged with emailing death threats targeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from a Sarnia fast-food restaurant.”

Has PM Justin Trudeau transitioned to a nightmare that just won’t go away? Our PM has brought new meaning to the phrase “over-staying your welcome.”

Sarnia police obtained a copy of the email,  which allegedly made gun and bomb threats toward the Canadian prime minister.

“Kandia Aird, a lawyer who represented the Attorney General of Canada at the hearing, said the email was titled, “I am going to k*ll Justin Trudeau.” 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Canadian media would just lay it on the line? Through his actions, the 22nd prime minister of Canada is damaging our country in a profound manner. Yet, there he sits on his political throne. Someone– or some group of people– must want him to remain prime minister very, very badly.

CAP doubt they consist of members of the general Canadian public. Apart from the 0.5% of citizens who are transgendered– in addition to Mr. Trudeau chosen “racialized” citizens– no one wants this guy around anymore. Frankly, Cultural Action Party wouldn’t be surprised to find out that many Chinese and South Asian citizens feel the same. As for our rapidly growing Middle Eastern communities, perhaps they too may one day join the anti-Trudeau parade.

“The email, which includes alleged gun and bomb threats to the country’s leader and his supporters living in the border city, raised alarm bells after a copy was forwarded to Sarnia police.

“They were taken as real,” said Const. Giovanni Sottosanti. “Nothing manifested from it and we don’t know if anything was going to manifest from it, but obviously it did raise our concern. They were quite specific.”

Canadians from coast-to-coast should get specific too. As should CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of Justin Trudeau’s paid-off media people.

When a prime minister transitions to a national detriment, it’s time for that individual to leave politics. Perhaps a hammock at the beach-front home of “good family friend” the Aga Khan would suit Trudeau well.

“The Observer heard details in a Sarnia courtroom during a Friday bail hearing – no publication ban was ordered – for the accused.”

No publication ban? And yet, mainstream media in Canada “forgot” to report on this development?

The fact that Justin Trudeau remains prime minister moves to the head of the class at the school of thought which claims our PM is, in reality, a post-modern dictator.

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  1. “(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance”

    “When Liberty Valance rode to town the [woke] folk would hide, they’d hide
    When Liberty Valance walked around the [snowflakes] would step aside
    ‘Cause the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood
    When it came to shootin’ straight and fast—he was mighty good.
    From out of the [West] a stranger came, a law book in his hand, a man
    The kind of a man the West would need to tame a troubled [Canada] land
    ‘Cause the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood
    When it came to shootin’ straight and fast—he was mighty good.
    Many a man would face his gun and many a man would fall
    The man who shot [deleted], he shot [deleted]
    He was the bravest of them all….”

    Full song:

  2. this pixy stage drag queen and the sheep that voted him in has dragged down a lot of smart Canadians, we will be long time getting back our reputation as a educated people , OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS YOU IDIOT , AND GET OUT


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