American Lawmakers Add Canada To Religious Persecution Watchlist

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Lawmakers in Ohio have passed a resolution (House Resolution 194)   recommending the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom add Canada to a religious freedom watch list.

Republican Rep. Tim Ginter backed the resolution for the way Canada handled lockdowns of churches and actions it took against religious leaders during the pandemic. Rep Reggie Stoltzfus stated that the Trudeau government’s behavior is “very similar to what we see in Communist-controlled China.”

It is a common trait among humans that it often requires a degree of objectivity to recognize certain realities. CAP reference an example: since the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister, Canada has steadily transitioned to an anti-Christian nation. Not the people– but rather our controlling institutions. In 2022, government, media and our academic world maintain a tangible animus toward all-things-Christian.

As alluded to by an Ohio Senator, synergy between Canada and China’s punitive approach toward Christianity is today a reality. Fortunately for PM Trudeau– self professed Christian— legacy media in our country couldn’t give a damn. Media reflect the will of government — just as it is in China.

All a giant coincidence, is it? Of course not. Rather, astute Canadians discover what should be understood by all citizens of our country. At the hands of Mr. Trudeau, Canada’s slide into dictatorial status is an inevitability.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom(USCIRF) is a focus group dedicated to identification of worldwide religious persecution. An element of their mandate is to identify governments guilty of persecuting Christian communities.

Included among “countries of particular concern” are China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and India. A special watch list includes Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, and Indonesia.

Now, Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Canada is set to join them. Degree of concern from Canadian journalists of Christian heritage? Not one word. Andrew Coyne, John Ivison,  Heather Scoffield, Chantal Hebert, John Ibbitson– they of Christian heritage. Not one has written on the topic of Christian persecution in Canada, or around the world.

And the reason why? The Trudeau government do not want the people of Canada to know about it. What an odd set of circumstances. According to Statistics Canada, 67.3% of citizens report an affiliation with the Christian faith. Within the world of media, the publisher of Globe and Mail is a fellow named Peter Crawley. It’s editor-in-chief is David Wamsley. Publisher of the Toronto Star is Jordan Bitove. Editor of the National Post is Ann Marie-Owens.

Based on name, these media figures come from traditional Canadian backgrounds. Not one has a word of condemnation for Christian persecution in the Middle East and Africa. What to conclude?

The answer is surprisingly simple: the controllers of Canadian media are not Canadian. Rather, they are international forces, or as some refer to them–the “global elite.”

Justin Trudeau works their will. Don’t you know? Exposure of Islamic persecution, so-called “Islamophobia,” is the order of day within the Canadian press. Conversely, Christian persecution is ignored, shunned and buried.

Why? Even with the highest per-capita immigration rates on earth, nearly two-thirds of Canadians come from a secular or religious Christian background.

CAP has a thought on this social dynamic– it is truly “messed up.” Something is wrong within the structure. It is a wholly unnatural condition rooted in social manipulation and media propaganda.

Lawmakers in Ohio recognize Christian persecution in our country. While many Canadians have become aware of the phenomenon, its exposure throughout society has been rendered taboo by “practicing Christian” Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.

2 thoughts on “American Lawmakers Add Canada To Religious Persecution Watchlist”

  1. Under the finest of circumstances, Trudeau is no less than a proud traitor, not only to our country but to his own religion since he willfully opted to become a member of the Islamic faith.

    And since that time he has intentionally tried to steer Canada in the same direction, with no care for the interests of Canadians at large. If there are those loyal Liberals out there who cannot, or will not see through his intentions to the goal he has set, one can only wonder what their grasp of reality truly is. Indeed, he has turned the Liberal Party of Canada into a perfect example of a cult, wherein no member dare question either the leader or the goal of the leader.

    And though his tenure as the leader of the Party and holding the office of Prime Minister, he has at no time been able to deny any of the above, and, he has no intention of denying the above.


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