America Fights Back Against Woke Radicalism, Is Canada Next?

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Two contentious issues in the United States indicate a transformation in political tides is taking place. First, a leaked draft suggests the U.S. Supreme Court may vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion throughout the country.

Secondly, legislative push-back against transgenderism, as advocated by politicians such as Florida Governor Ron De Santis. After approving legislation to prohibit trans-ideology in Grades 1-3,  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) stated this week that he will consider prohibiting sex changes for minors in the Sunshine State.

In Canada, media have been careful not to over-expose these developments. As stimulated by their federal financiers, our “progressive” Liberal government has cast themselves in stone regarding both issues.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attitude toward abortion has yet to verge beyond the superficial. The man has only one thing to say on the subject:

“We’ll never back down from protecting and promoting women’s rights in Canada and around the world.”

“Around the world” being indicative of the mindset of our PM. He is not concerned with his own country in particular. More than a Canadian, Trudeau is a “citizen of the world.” Under this condition, our prime minister exists as an evangelist of woke globalist  ideology.

Trudeau’s specious approach to abortion stands in contradiction to the complexities of the debate. His attitude belies the most nuanced social issue of our time. Ironic it is that for our PM, a matter of life and death can be covered-off with such simplicity. It comes as no surprise that legacy media emulate the approach.

Take the issue of term limits on abortion procedures. While a dozen or more American states have introduced laws relating to gestation periods, Canada has nothing of the sort. There is good reason for it– our nation has no abortion laws. Are the majority of citizens aware that Canada’s abortion policy is, in reality, a non-policy? It is not the case. If they were aware, would this not stimulate debate on the topic amongst our citizenship?

It has never occurred–for good reason. Government do not wish to open a Pandora’s Box of this nature. No one wants it. Not the Conservative Party, nor any other political entity. Besides, even if Justin Trudeau considered introducing abortion legislation, it would only emulate the “open-season” structure which now exists.

The same sanctimonious attitudes of Woke Liberalism apply to the subject of Transgenderism. To even question the movement is an act of vicious bigotry.

This week, American pro-LGBT publication Xtra published the following:

“Amid the worst year in history for anti-LGBTQ2S+ legislation, two U.S. states rejected proposals targeting queer and trans Americans over the past week. Lawmakers in Louisiana and Kansas failed to advance legislation that would, respectively, restrict LGBTQ2S+ education in schools and trans student sports participation.”

Add to this Florida, South Carolina and Georgia, and others. Now, subtract the entire development from mainstream Canadian news. We arrive at the condition of Justin Trudeau’s woke-saturated society.

Turns out our “progressives” are set-in-concrete. The inexorable approach of government is immutable. Media’s reflection of these attitudes reflex their position. No flexibility, no analysis, no alternate opinions.

Government, media and our academic institutions have a term for this: they call it “Liberalism.” The omniscient agenda of the left is what pundits refer to as being “progressive.”

Chris Selley from the National Post:

“As unique as Canada’s legal vacuum on abortion is, it’s actually quite elegant.”

Elegant, is it? How many readers aware of this macabre piece of reality:

“Between 2000- 2009, 491 aborted fetuses indeed exhibited “evidence of life” following their removal from the womb — be it a momentary heartbeat, a sudden gasp or, in rare cases, crying.”

Selley continues:

“Some see all the difference in the world between an abortion at eight weeks and an abortion at 30. One doubts a fetus would appreciate the difference.”

Witness the banality. No thinking Canadian should be surprised. That’s the fascinating thing about progressivism. Under the iron-clad rule of PM Justin Trudeau, it has progressed to a condition of neo-communism.

Will Canada begin to push-back against woke ways as Americans have done? The people may want it, but government won’t let it happen. Media also has a term for this– they call it “democracy.”

The bottom line is clear: as long as Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, not an iota of what we speak of will be altered in any form. Don’t you know? Canada is longer ruled by law– our country is ruled by ideology.

The day Justin Trudeau darkened the door of PMO was the day democracy died in Canada. What remains is our country’s steady progression toward neo-totalitarian status.

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  1. Trudeau’s ideology of Canada is being governed our under a combination of neo-communism / neo-totalitarianism which I have stated over and over again since 2015.

    Maybe people will finally awaken to this dangerous situation we all face if we do not stop this travesty from happening any longer! A path that spells loss of all freedoms for future generations! THINK NOW about your children’s future!


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