Accused Middle Eastern Migrant Murderer DISAPPEARS From Canada

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Junedi-Mohamed was shot “point blank” in the head outside the 303 York Blvd. pool hall around 1:30 a.m. Oct. 19,and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Homicide Investigators say they have learned that Ibrahim Issak-Hussen, 26, of Hamilton took a flight from Toronto to Ethiopia on Sunday morning, less than 36 hours after police allege he shot and killed 29-year-old Obsa Junedi-Mohamed outside Boulevard Billiards.

As informed Canadians understand, coddling Islamic criminals is a Trudeau government priority.  It is indeed a growing government trend. CAP have observed dozens of cases of this particularly variety.

The situation rolls something like this: An Islamic refugee arrives via Canada’s Third World-privileged refugee intake program.

Upon entry, said individual qualifies to be financially supported by Canadian tax-payer, 80% of which are Old Stock Canadians. After receiving a series of free pay-cheques for the refugee and his offspring, the fellow gets bored. Too much time on his hands, possibly.

Then, he goes out and shoots some Canadians. Marissa Shen. Danforth Killer. Both are culled from Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen’s chosen Third World refugee communities.  Therefore, the murders are under-exposed within Canadian media. Naturally, these men are not terrorists–they are “mentally ill.”

A crime is committed–let’s say by a Saudi Arabian refugee to Canada. What trans-pires? The Saudi Arabian government establishes covert plans to grab hold of the refugee and fly him back to Saudi Arabia to avoid criminal charges.

Now, for the sad part: This is Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. Are the Trudeau government doing all they can to circumvent the accused killer’s escape?

Answer: CAP do not know. However, we do know a few other things:

–This situation has occurred in multiple cases during King Trudeau’s globalist reign over Canada.

— Trudeau appointed an ethnocentric Islamic refugee as immigration minister–Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen who, interestingly, shares the same last name as the escaped Ethiopian.

— The ruling Liberal government is 100% pro-Islamic–and so is Justin Trudeau.

— Trudeau has on myriad occasions sided with and supported Islamic terrorists and murders by way of citizenship re-instatement.

CAP Question Time: Are Trudeau and butcher-boy Hussen turning a blind eye to the disappearance of these fugitives? Think about it– when has the Trudeau government ever–even once–defied the will of Islam?

The answer, of course, is never. Bingo–perhaps we now have our answer. How is it that within Trudeau’s first four year term the Nation of Islam went from a political light-weight to the most powerful and influential “special interest” community in Canada?

Easy– Justin Trudeau made this happen. Under this communist king, Canadian law is undermined like never before. SNC Lavalin. Admiral Mark Norman. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Sharia Law. FGM. Child Marriage. The list goes on.

CAP Request: Name one country in which  “Rule Of Law” is sublimated in favour of the will of government? 

Why, methinks China doth qualify. What is the Trudeau’s favourite nation? China. What did Justin say when asked which nation he most respects? Once again, China.

Hello? Canadian “ene-media,” where are you? Must be busy counting up their cut of the $600 million gift from King Justin. They have neglected the entire premise of what is being expressed within this article.

Therefore, CAP will lay it on the line: Justin Trudeau, advisor/trouble maker Gerald Butts, and anti- Canadian MP Ahmed Hussen are busting their butts to trans-sition Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Obvious as heck to CAP–yet for some reason, the so-called “intelligensia” in Canada lack the brain-matter to draw this conclusion. Andrew Coyne–are you too devoid of intelligence to recognize this transition?

Of course not–he is paid not to expose the truth. Winner: Third World, Islam. Loser: Old Stock, Anglophone Canada–not to mention Christian Canadians.

On with the show, this is it. Note what establishment media are focused upon post-King Justin’s victory.

Not a single word about the state of Third World politics in Canada. Yet, as CAP have exposed, the election resulted in a GIANT victory for 3rd World Canada. For example, every major player within the Liberal-Globalist-Islamic cabal won their seats for another four-year term. Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra--every last one of them.

In the riding of Brampton, Ontario, all five seats were won by Liberal Sikh-Canadian candidates. In basic terms, these communities “kicked Butt”— the most successful election in history for the purveyors of globalism, multiculturalism, die-verisity, Sikhism and Islam.

Number of CBC,Globe & Mail and related media articles exposing this reality: ZERO.

READ MORE– Third World Canada DOMINATES As All 25 MP Seats In Toronto Go To Trudeau Liberals

There it is, fellow patriots–the government and media sublimation of perhaps the most profound social development in modern Canadian history.

Attention Old Stock Canadians: You have been systematically hoodwinked by Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of Liberal culture-killers. You’re communities are on a downward trajectory toward community disempowerment in Canada.

In your stead, Third World Canada. ISIS murderers. Terrorist refugees. Muslims who maintain the privilege of foreign governments secretly pulling alleged criminals out of Canada, and back to their Muslim motherlands.

This is post-modern Canada–a land where foreign criminals have greater value than Old Stock Canadians who have paid tax to government for decades.

A sad, sad state-of-affairs–unfortunately made even worse by Trudeau’s victory in the recent federal election. Fact is, Trudeau’s string-pullers have got their hooks so far into Canadian society that the globalists actually may win this thing, as Anglophone Canada are driven like sheep t to second class citizen status.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.





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  1. Thank you for summarizing some of the enormous list of crimes being committed by the traitor Trudeau and his cabal gang of criminals running this once great country. Every word in this article is the absolute and undisputable truth. It grieves me to see so many working Canadian tax paying descendants of Old Stock builders of this country, totally oblivious to these crimes and the destruction of Canada, while watching liberal propaganda and fake news on Main Stream Media. How can we reach these naive unaware citizens and wake them up? I have attempted it but in the process have made so many enemies who now avoid me for “being a crazy gullible conspiracy believer who watch too much fake news. In addition I am also dismissed as a racist bigot, stuck in the past, unkind to the poor suffering refugees who need our help and understanding.


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