Alleged “Crimes Against Humanity” Afghani Refugee ALLOWED INTO CANADA

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Before crossing the border into Canada to make a refugee claim in 2017, Saida Ahmadi worked at a hospital in northern Afghanistan where her duties included virginity examinations.

At hearings held in secrecy in Vancouver, the officials have accused Ahmadi of conducting such tests “at the request of the state” and testifying in court about the results, making her complicit in the oppression of Afghan women.

“Virginity tests amount to torture and the persecution of women, the government officials argued, and aiding and abetting prosecutions amounted to a crime against humanity.”

Enter Liberal MP and Minister of Status Of Woman, Maryam Monsef. Yes– in a Canadian patriot’s dreams. Although Ms. Monsef– rumoured to be of Afghani extraction(only her hairdresser knows for sure)– holds the “Minister of Women” portfolio, she has not issued a single word on this case.

Want to know why? Because it will result in a condemnation of her “personal faith”— and people like Monsef never indulge in such a practice.

So let’s understand this situation correctly: Justin Trudeau commits to massive refugee intake–the highest in Canadian history. Both Trudeau and hired-gun Somalian ex-Minister of Immigration, MP Ahmed Hussen, permit this accused criminal to enter Canada as a refugee.

What then trans-pires? You guessed it– the situation runs through the “convict and appeal, convict and appeal” process within the Canadian court system. Lawyers are procured, judges are paid, court costs incurred– due to of the Trudeau-Hussen “Open Border” globalist agenda.

Ever notice this curious trend? When Trudeau, Hussen or any other Liberal destroyer speaks of refugees to Canada, it is as if they are worth their weight in gold. Then, subsequently, we read a series of articles( most never make it to press) about, for example:

“A 23-year-old Surrey man allegedly set three incendiary devices in a building at Langara College in Vancouver  following a dispute with one or more people at the south Vancouver school,”  Postmedia has learned.

“Nasradin Abdusamad Ali is also believed to have sent taunting electronic messages to the college Monday afternoon after two of the devices detonated and the entire campus was evacuated.”

The accused is a Somalian refugee. Number of articles written up by Canadian media? One, from the Vancouver Sun. Here we see how media are hiding these incidents from the majority of Canadians?

This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau and demographic social engineer MP Ahmed Hussen’s Canada. The accused is both a co-nationalist and co-religionist of Mr. Hussen. Cover-up coincidence? Not on CAP’s life it isn’t.

Hired Gun: Canadian Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen’s Assault Upon “Old Stock” Canadian Populations

The Immigration and Refugee Board Of Canada, however, ruled that while the tests were “part of the systematic oppression of women in Afghanistan,” they did not amount to a crime against humanity.

Similarly, the IRB’s Immigration Appeal Division subsequently ruled that Ahmadi did not make a significant contribution to “the systems in Afghanistan which oppress women.”

Unreal, isn’t it? What  post-modern madness this is!  It turns out the Immigration Board of Canada took the side of the alleged criminal. Why oh why is Canada like this at present?

CAP will respond first:

Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, United Nations, George Soros “Open Society Foundation, geo-political Islam, MP Iqra Khalid, M103, Pierre Trudeau, Multicultural Policy, Refugee policy, as well as the international banking cabal controlling the economic destiny of Canada.

Remember when our dying Great White North was not like this? Anyone recall that “ancient artifact” called traditional Canada? And to think it was only five years ago that all this came to an end–the moment Justin Trudeau ascended to the throne of Globalist Canada.

“The Canadian government has made women’s rights and gender equality a foreign policy priority and, in 2015, announced up to $30 million for programs to empower women and girls in Afghanistan.”

After which they import legal and illegal 3rd World refugees of the “crimes against humanity” variety. It’s all so sick and sad as Canada descends into the globalist madness Trudeau and Hussen have been tasked with by way of their string-pulling globalist  assassins.



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