All-Time High In Canadian Oil Industry Losses, Giant INCREASE In Middle Eastern Oil Imports

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Canada’s lack of oil pipeline capacity cost our national economy $20.6 billion last year, or 1% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product, according to a new study by the Fraser Institute. Even worse, a unique set of circumstances in 2018 meant losses in that year alone almost matched total losses for the previous FIVE YEARS COMBINED. 

In the meantime, according to Statistics Canada, oil imports from Saudi Arabia have been rising steadily for the past five years. The total volume of Canadian imports from Saudi Arabia has increased by 66 PERCENT since 2014, with imports rising EVERY YEAR during that period. 

Very interesting–and more than likely something Canadians will not read about within establishment media publications. After all, why would government want voters to comprehend the truth regarding Canadian oil versus Middle Eastern oil? If they did, then they may not vote for Justin Trudeau.

Here again, informed Canadians witness Trudeau machinations. Inform Canadians  you are working hard for them, while behind-the-scenes working for the benefit of foreign governments. If not for CBC and rest, voters would understand this dynamic. Justin Trudeau has given more money to Islamic governments than any prime minister in history. The Saudi oil upsurge fits this pattern perfectly.

Yes, Trudeau & Co. are adept at using excuses to rationalize the situation. It’s climate change. Canada is warming at a rapid rate. We will be buried like ancient Pompeii if we don’t hand over billions in carbon tax monies to government. Meanwhile, Canada produces 1.6% of worldwide carbon emissions, while China produces a whopping 26%. No carbon tax for them–nor does Justin ever SUGGEST they do so.

Basically, every move Justin Trudeau makes involves a tacit step forward in a pre-conceived agenda: Extract every dollar you possibly can through taxation, then use that money to  transform Canada into a nation not a SINGLE CITIZEN asked for. That’s Justin. That’s Bill Morneau. It’s also the grand design for an agenda to entrench an autocratic style of governance within Canadian society. Justin Trudeau would like nothing more–as long as he is the ruling despot.




2 thoughts on “All-Time High In Canadian Oil Industry Losses, Giant INCREASE In Middle Eastern Oil Imports”

    • I am curious, when did Justin Trudeau open an oil company that imports oil from anywhere? If you follow the money it is Irving Oil importing most if not all the Saudi oil. They also import low grade crude from Venezuela no complaints there. North African imports are also growing. They tend to not be shining beacons of democracy either. Oil in Canada is a free market and oil companies are free to buy where ever they see the highest rate of return on investment. As well living in eastern Canada the Irving family are not easily swung by popular opinion or what journalists think. But don’t let me stop your ready, fire, aim style of journalism.


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