Alexandre Trudeau Facilitated China Donations To Pierre Trudeau Foundation

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“I could be very harsh, and you could find stories that are disgusting[about China], but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.”

— Alexandre Trudeau, brother of Canadian Prime Minister.

In a single sentence, political observers could have come to understand the political orientation of brother of current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

It never occurred– and it’s far from a coincidence, or media oversight. Away from the CBC spotlight, middle brother Alexandre Trudeau is known as a decades-long supporter of the communist government of China.

In the year 1970, former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau became the first western leader to establish diplomatic ties with communist China.  Alexandre Trudeau has ties to China that predate his birth.

“His mother, Margaret Trudeau, was pregnant with him when she joined her husband, then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, on a visit to China in 1973, at a time when many western leaders did not have relations with the far-east country.”

As a teenager, Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau travelled to China with his father and brother Justin, Canada’s current prime minister. He has since visited China more than a dozen times. His interest ultimately resulted in a book, “Barbarian Lost: Travels in the New China,” envincing admiration for the communist nation of the Far East.

“China is such a complicated, ancient place that you really have to approach it with a lot of humility,” states middle brother. A younger sibling, Michel Trudeau, was reportedly killed in 1998 in a skiing accident in eastern British Columbia.

It comes as no surprise that the pro-China escapades of Alex Trudeau have for decades been omitted by CBC and corporate Canadian media. It wouldn’t look good for the Trudeau family if the communist pretensions of Mr. Alex were understood by the general public.

The same can be applied to another family affiliate, Sarah Coyne. It was at her father’s funeral in September, 2000 that the public first caught a glimpse of Sarah Trudeau-Coyne. Upon entering the church, she nodded assurances to both [U.S. President Jimmy]Carter and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who reached down to embrace her.

How fascinating. Seems every child of Pierre Trudeau ends up in the arms of Fidel Castro. Justin Trudeau venerated him. Brother Alexandre Trudeau praised him. Deceased son Michel Trudeau was described by mother Margaret as Castro’s “close friend.”

It has taken until 2023 for the Trudeau-tables to turn. A bombshell event precipitated the development in the form of mass resignation of the current Board of Directors at the non-profit Trudeau Foundation.

Among board members were Sarah Coyne and Alexandre Trudeau. According to La Presse via a French-only media article, “the reason given by the Foundation in the official press release released on Tuesday, the politicization of this donation from China, is a bunch of lies,” one of the resigning board members told La Presse .

As reported by conservative Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando“it turns out the Chinese donation was never actually returned, despite the Trudeau Foundation claiming they would return it.”

Fernando continues: “The agreement with the two Chinese businessmen who initially took credit for the donation was signed by Alexandre Trudeau.”

What greater affirmation can be found regarding the Trudeau family’s tight connection to the government of China? Upon which Cultural Action Party make a recommendation:

Try doing a web search on keywords “Alexandre Trudeau China.” If the results are like ours, readers will discover the plethora of articles related to the search. Only thing is, not one of them has a speck of condemnation for middle brother and his China antics.

CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star— whichever pops up, all take a banal approach to the issue. What conclusion can be drawn on this basis?

To be sure, one which is not understood by 98% of Canadian society. CAP attempt to employ brevity to describe the dynamic: The Trudeau family admire China, the Liberal Party are connected to the government of China, and mainstream Canadian media are in support of the Trudeau family.

It’s a China, China, China World?

What a disgrace the whole thing is. Imagine if even 50% of the population understood these political dynamics, which reach back to Pierre Trudeau and his embracement of behemoth nation a half-century ago.

Some may call this a hoodwinking of Canadian society– and some would be correct in their assessment.

“All of this is absolutely disgusting. Justin Trudeau is obviously deeply tied to all of this, and has zero credibility on the issue of China’s interference because he wants to keep benefitting from it to expand his own political and personal power.”

Thank goodness that independent media still exists in Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada. At least a few of us will come to understand the truth as related to a covert 50-year political cover-up.

Naturally,  a media condition such as this won’t do for PM Trudeau. Coming soon to a Canadian internet near you– Bill C-11 and Bill C-18— the censoring of the web via the Liberal government of Canada.

The neo-communist path continues…

With files from Spencer Fernando: Opinion & Insight.

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  1. ANYONE who promotes and backs Bill C-11 and Bill C-18 to destroy the Rights of all Canadians to freedom of speech is as Corrupt as ALL the Trudeau family and the government Liberal Cabinet!!!

  2. Whew! That photo gave me a sudden start. Wasn’t sure if I was looking at a ’70’s (disco era) gigolo/pimp; or a Castro clone. He must have decided to leave the gold chains behind. In any case; do we have to suffer through another Trudeau? What an overbearing bunch of pompous crooks. “Sacha.” Not Pete; or Joe; or Ed. No. We get silver spoon up the rear “Sacha.” Not Alex…”Alex-onnnnn-dreh.” With the hoity-toity accent.

  3. Hoity-toity they may project themselves but they have no class – unless it only pertains to Ottawa, a dismal failure of a National Capital governing over a hodgepodge of immigrants. Ottawa is boring and lacks the aura of a Capital City. In Europe those Laurentian Elites wouldn’t get over the doorstep.


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