Alexandre Trudeau, Brother Of PM, Runs Down English Canada In Documentary Film.

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In the opinion of Cultural Action Party of Canada, the Trudeau family do not like English Canada. Clinging to the colonialism narrative, all three of the male members of the Trudeau clan–Justin, Alexandre and Pierre before them have maintained an animus toward Canadian heritage.

Younger brother Alexandre,  known by the nickname “Sascha,” spends his time writing books and making films glorifying China, Cuba and Islam. Alexandre also claims to dislike nationalism. That is, within Canada and other western nations. Curiously, he has not a word to say against fervent nationalism within his family’s communist hero-nations.

What a hypocrite. Then again, hypocrisy is intrinsic to the Trudeau thought process–not to mention the thinking of snowflake liberal Canadians.

Trudeau’s latest film  Wiisgaapte is based on the legend of the Windigo that recurs in Ojibwe, Algonquin and other Indigenous cultures.

Of the film, Alexandre says:

“I think I understand the context of cultural appropriation. Taking away territory, taking away the ability to live in a traditional manner, which is part of the cataclysm that hit Canadian and North American Indigenous peoples after the arrival of European settlers.”

What a true Trudeau he is.  Of the murder of tens of millions of Chinese by way of Chairman Mao during China’s Cultural Revolution,  Alexandre has not a word to say. Islamic terrorism resulting in the murder of thousands of innocent civilians? Total silence. Regarding Fidel Castro’s despotic rule of Cuba–again nothing. In fact, upon the death of Castro, Alexandre issued a public statement praising Fidel to the high hills. He was a “giant of a man” both physically and mentally.

In other words, dedication to non-democratic regimes. But as for English Canada?  Evil, awful, oppressive, racist, bigoted and the rest. 100% pure Trudeau propaganda, which he learned from the best– father Pierre Trudeau.

That the Trudeau family gained an ability to control of the destiny of Canada is the biggest tragedy in our nation’s history. In fact, it has the potential to destroy our country by way of a term near and dear to the heart of the Trudeau’s- cultural appropriation.

Cultural appropriation is the act of adopting elements of an outside, often minority culture, including knowledge, practices, and symbols, without understanding or respecting the original culture and context. This in a nutshell is what is occurring by way of political correctness in Canada. This is Alexandre, and big brother Justin.

It is one thing to lack respect for your country.  It is another to attack your own country, run down its history, as well as the descendants of those who founded our nation.  An incredible irony exists in the fact that the most politically influential Canadian family of the modern era also happen to despise the identity and heritage of our nation. Talk about self-defeating!

Of course, the entire rise of post- Pierre Liberalism in Canada is one giant measure of self-hatred. The trend is perpetrated by a three-headed hydra of  national destruction: government, media and academia. Together, these institutions have morphed Canada into a model of national self-flagellation.

Conveniently, media have omitted what brother “Sascha” has been up to for the past three decades. This helps  maintain the illusion that Alex Trudeau is dedicated to our nation. Like big brother Justin, he is dedicated to all nations other than Canada.

19 thoughts on “Alexandre Trudeau, Brother Of PM, Runs Down English Canada In Documentary Film.”

  1. I understood that Pierre Trudeau,only had two son’s, one of which was lost in an avalanche many years ago. An now your telling us that Sascha–(Alexander is still among the living, I find that kind of hard to swallow.

  2. Sick…the damage the Trudeaus have done to this country is just sick, sick, sick…Just a little backgrounder, to gain some perspective… Liberals – This is the party of massive government growth and debt under Trudeau part 1 (daddy), Lalonde, changing our banking system, the way we borrow money and from whom, the party of forcing a new flag on the nation, forcing bilingualism (French) on the country while allowing English to be banned (allowing bills 22, 178, 101…) in Quebec, forcing multiculturalism, renaming our founding constitution the BNA act and forcing a french style charter upon the country signed only by people from Quebec (Trudeau, Ouellette, Chretien)… The party of adscam, the funneling of millions into Quebec, Shawingate, hotel burning, contracts on napkins, cash changing hands in brown paper envelopes in Quebec restaurants, the party of the most corrupt, slimy, sleazy province in the country ( see MacLean’s magazine, Quebec corruption), where mayors all across the province are being charged with corruption, fraud, money laundering, bribery… ongoing trials as we speak, the party of equalization (the stealing of your money and funneling 10’s of billions into Quebec, and other franco Nazis towns and companies all across the country…every year for over 50 years now with no change in sight …), the stealing of farm land (Read – The tragedy of Quebec)…I could go on for hours with facts…the Liberal party of Canada has a long , long history, a pattern of greed, slime, deception and corruption dating back to the 1940s…100’s of billions stolen out of Ottawa and funneled into quebec and other franco nazis towns, and companies, all across the country…all disguised as grants, subsides, equalization, bilingualism – only outside quebec (code for french) while quebec bans our language, a la bills 22, 178, 101… nice eh ? – all really legal theft, change the laws, steal more money, this is what they did…most people have no idea what happened to this country when Quebec, Trudeau, Lalonde… took over Ottawa = corruption, fraud, money laundering, every day, every way = government…follow the money folks, follow the money…french power $$$, follow the money…in all provinces. People really have no idea who took control of the country and what has been done to us over the last 60 years…..thanks Trudeau #1, and his crooked, corrupt quebec cronies, scary indeed…And until we repeal the very expensive laws/departments – the charter, equalization, bilingualism (code for french), multiculturalism, a dreadful immigration policy…the damage will continue…this did not begin overnight, decades of it…follow the money…proof? Enjoy,


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