Brother Of PM Alexandre Trudeau Opposes Accused Terrorist Deportation

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother has written to a federal cabinet minister on behalf of Mohamed Harkat, asking the Liberal government to continue its “sunny ways” by allowing the Algerian-born terror suspect to stay in Canada. Alexandre Trudeau has been involved in the Harkat case for more than a decade.

“I urge you to use your position as minister to exempt Mohamed Harkat from deportation and let him stay and live a productive life in Canada,” Alexandre Trudeau wrote, adding: “Make this decision of yours another shining example of your government’s commitment to Sunny Ways.

The main question here is–sunny for whom? Canadian-born tax-payers? Old Stock Canadians? Or rather, are PM Trudeau’s sunny ways exclusive property of specific communities– LGBT, Muslim, Sikh in the main.

As far as “sunshine and roses” for English Canada, it is non-existent by way of the Trudeau boys– Pierre, Justin and brother Alexandre, also known as “Sascha.” For this political dynasty, Anglophone Canadians are a community branded with the racist tag. PM Trudeau has indicated as much through a series of public apologies to special interest communities. According to Trudeau’s Canada is failing  these folks–including at the present-day.

Take the apology for the Komagata Maru incident. In the year 1914, a ship sailed from India to British Columbia. At the time, the event was in violation of the “Continuous Journey Regulation” whereby people who did not come from the country of their birth or citizenship by a continuous journey were refused entry to Canada.

As it happens,  whose violated the agreement(and therefore broke the law)  aboard the Komogata Maru included internationally recognized known political radicals. Their purpose in coming to Canada was to set up a political unit upon Canadian soil to fight for independence back in India.

On this basis, why should the government permitted them entry? Besides, the year was 1914, not 2019. One cannot compare societies of that time with contemporary western nations. This is pre-civil rights. This occurred forty years previous to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. At the time, elements of racism were endemic within every nation on earth–including India.

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None of this matters for Justin Trudeau. What does matter is branding Canada a racist nation. Notice how selective the man is in doing so. Pakistani society is infinitely more  racist than Canada. The government of China has executed  Christians and  Muslims because of their religious affiliations.

Of this Trudeau has nothing to say. Neither does his commie brother, whose  vocation includes making documentary films for the government of Iran. The Trudeau’s are a strange bunch. When it comes to standing up for average Canadians, it’s “no can do.” For convicted terrorists and militants, it’s a full court press.

By way of media, Alexandre Trudeau remains an elusive political player. It shouldn’t be this way. As brother and son of politicians who have attained four terms(three for Pierre) as leader of our nation, Sascha Trudeau’s behaviour should be scrutinized far more than it ever has been by way of the Canadian media.


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