Alberta Pushes For Quebec-Style AUTONOMY With “Buffalo Declaration”

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Four Conservative Canadian MPs have published an online manifesto decrying what they call the unfair treatment of Alberta within Confederation, and a lack of acknowledgement in Canada that the province is a “culturally distinct region.”

On Thursday afternoon, Calgary-Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel Garner tweeted a link to the Buffalo Declaration, a name that pays homage to a former premier of the Northwest Territories’ vision for a province called Buffalo, which would encompass a large territory including an area that is now Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Frankly, CAP like what we are seeing here. As a registered political party, we have dedicated ourselves to exposing and countering the ubiquitous globalist-socialist propaganda movement currently being forced upon Canada by PM Justin Trudeau.

Culture is the name of the game for CAP. In this capacity, we applaud the choice of wording used by the Conservative MP’s:

The province of Alberta is a “culturally distinct region.”

These three words are critical in the battle for English Canada to retain its unique historical identity. Pourquoi? Because if tangible efforts are not made to retain Anglophone identity in Canada, Justin Trudeau will in time destroy this segment of society.

You see, a lack of proactive behaviour to create a culturally distinct region has just one result– the destruction of said culture. This is why the province of Quebec frets so much about a loss of cultural identity. Trudeau is here to destroy all this. Not so much in Quebec–just every where else in Canada.

Indeed, our PM’s self-made mantra of a functioning “no core identity” Canada is a myth. Either that, or a set-up to destroy whatever culture has been developed from Canada’s founding in 1867 to our present-day.

CAP Question: What is the “culture” of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) in 2020? Perhaps this–hidden by media–provides an indication:

Liberal MP Winners:  Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Salma Zahed, Maryam Monsef,   Majid Jowhari, Arif Virani, Navdeep Bains, Bardish Chagger, Yasmin Ratansi, Ramesh Sangha, Ruby Sahota, Ali Ehsassi, Randeep Sarai, Raj Sahani, Jag Sahota, Faycal El-Khoury, Anju Dhillon, Anita Anand, Zaid Aboultaif, Iqra Khalid, Kamal Khera, Sonia Sidhu, Sumeer Zubari, Ramesh Sanga , Kamal Khera, Maninder Sidhu.

There you go–there’s your “hint.” Want this in all 338 ridings in Canada? Just stick with Trudeau, and all this will all be yours–because it is exactly what our PM is working toward as we speak. The highest immigration and refugee quotas in history attest to this.

Globalists like Trudeau, his multicult-minions and snowflake supporters love to state that Canada “has no distinct culture.”  If true, please name another modern western nation which began as a  dual English and French society?

Does this really qualify for “no distinct culture” status? CAP say the opposite–in reality, this cultural identity is border-line unique.

Then Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. Of his own volition, Trudeau Sr. cancelled our English & French-Canadian identity. He then replaced this with “multicultural” identity. Degree to which the citizens of Canada were solicited regarding this massive transformation?

Zero– just as Trudeau-family despots like things to be. Beyond this, as decades passed, Trudeau-brand multiculturalism began to reveal its true intention.

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CAP Theory: Multiculturalism in Canada is a pre-meditated socialist policy of prejudice against Anglophone Canadians. The practical purpose is to take away power from “Old Stock” Canada, and trans-ition that power over to Third World Canada.

For this purpose, Justin Trudeau hired the best in the business– Somalian Refugee ex-Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. It was under his “reign” that the little-known Rural Immigration Pilot Program was unveiled.

Hussen must be absolutely thrilled–for good reason. This program will replicate the demographic composition of the GTA with rural Canadian ridings. This Mr. Ahmed loves–as his true role was to demographically manipulate all ridings to Third World-majority ridings.

Through this methodology, Trudeau and his backers believe Canada can be trans-itioned from a western democracy into a socialist dictatorship. In truth, Trudeau and the gang are making excellent progress.

Conservative MP, Michelle Rempel: “Alberta is not, and never has been, an equal partner in Confederation,” her Tweet reads. “The people of my province are suffering and need real, structural change.”

“A line in the sand must be drawn. Here it is.”

Nice work, Ms. Rempel. It is refreshing to see brazen behaviour darken the door of the menace that is Justin Trudeau. Maintain culture, or our pseudo-socialist government will burn it down.

Economic, cultural, demographic autonomy. No Justin Trudeau. No 3rd World GTA. No Liberal cabal of myopic 3rd world MP’s and their religious obsessions. It is possible that the nascent Wexit Party could bring a degree of autonomy necessary in our battle against Trudeau’s Canadian cultural assassins.

The province of Alberta–and indeed all of Western Canada--must find a way to protect their identity, cultural and heritage developed over 153 years of national existence.

Without this protection, Justin Trudeau and his cultural “hench-people” will bury everything it means to be a proud Western Canadian citizen. Trudeau has no pride in Canada–and he wants all 37.7 citizens to feel the exact same way.




3 thoughts on “Alberta Pushes For Quebec-Style AUTONOMY With “Buffalo Declaration””

  1. From Manitoba, all the way to BC, the WEST should leave FEDERATION and start their own country! Stop all the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT money transfer and strike FREE TRADE deals with Ontario and Quebec and the maritime provinces! Keep the money and fuel in the West! Then see how Justa Truedope handles things!

  2. Much Like the Indiginous People – and the Province of B.C. in Dispute over the Land…

    So too -Should the Issue of How the Land is to be used – by All Canadians.

    I’ve Heard from Many Albertans’ that think if we don’t Support them for a Pipeline… They Should Not Support Other Provinces with Equalization Payments.

    Equalization Payments should Not Be Viewed as a Handout.

    All Canadians are Responsible for the Clean Up of the Dirty Leaking Pipeline. This Effects ALL Canadians.

    A Few will Get Rich – A Few will Make Good Money for a While – and when the Party is Over – There’s the Sober Wake Up Call to CLEAN UP THE MESS!

    This Project is Nothing but a Dumping Ground for Politicians and Oil Executives to Make Money… at the Tax Payers and Communities Expense. They are Not Responsible for the Clean Up – and the Mess is Getting More Widespread; than can ever be cleaned up! IGNORED!!!

    Additionally, Many People in Eastern Canada – Need to Pay MORE for Health Care to what they make in the West -to keep Doctors and Healthcare Workers….

    I think that’s Comparing Apples and Oranges to Lemons. There are Two Different Cost Of Living – and Government Workers have Elevated themselves above the Public.

    I know an O.R. Nurse in Vancouver making $1000.00./ day
    I hear Arguments that she’s $100,000.00 in Debt.
    You don’t have to be a Mathematician to figure:
    100 days x $1,000 =$100,000.00

    Then I hear the ARGUMENT that she Needs Money to Live…..
    Yet, She’s on Social Media Consistently Posting about their TRIPS and OUTINGS…. Hardly Missing a Beat.

    It’s time for the Canadian Government Employees to STOP this GREED!
    Postal Workers / Teachers/ and other Government Employees; Simply Go On Strike and the Country Bows to Give them More and More for their cause!

    When will the Public, get it’s Fair Share, and When will the Public be able to Limit what the Government can Spend without PERMISSION from the People?

    Isn’t this like STEALING when YOUR MONEY IS TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION, and YOU PAY it Back, as a DEBT TO SOCIETY? Is the Public to Actually Believe, that they have a Choice, and that it is the Governments’ Best Interests or the Peoples’ that these Decisions are made?
    2015 Report

    “Private sector workers earn less, work more: report”

    “The average public sector employee makes 18 to 37 per cent more than a comparable employee working in the private sector, according to a new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

    The report, which compares employee compensation in the private and public sectors found that, when salaries, benefits and working hours are factored in, a private sector employee makes up to $8,150 less per year, and works up to six hours more each week, compared to someone doing the same job for the government.

    If government workers were paid at the same rate as their private sector counterparts, Canadian taxpayers would save up to $20 billion a year, according to the report.

    CFIB chief economist Ted Mallett said, while the numbers are startling, the organization has arrived at similar conclusions in previous reports on the subject.

    “We’ve been finding this for decades,” he told CTV’s Canada AM on Monday. “The numbers don’t really change a whole lot, so we’re hoping we can start to get some traction to make the cost of our government a lot more affordable.”

    He added that the $20 billion figure is likely an underestimate, as the CFIB was not able to find good metrics to measure certain employee benefits.

    The report, which relied on data from the 2011 National Household Survey, found that the compensation gap widens when employment benefits including working hours and pensions were taken into account. The findings are based on the average full-time employment earnings of more than 7.2 million Canadians.

    Other highlights of the report include:

    The federal government had the largest compensation gap, with a salary premium of 13 per cent, growing to 33.2 per cent once benefits were accounted for;

    The salary premium for municipal employees was 8.9 per cent, growing to 22.3 per cent with benefits;

    The salary premium for provincial government employees was 5.5 per cent, growing to 21.2 per cent with benefits;

    Among the various public sectors, Canada Post employees had one of the biggest salary premiums of 16.6 per cent, growing to 36.9 per cent with benefits;

    For 2010, annual wages and salaries for the public sector ranged from $51,029 to $69,833, compared to $48,872 to $61,688 for private sector employees.

    Mallett said that the gap between public sector and private sector compensation is likely due to the lack of a competitive marketplace for public services.”


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