Trudeau To Purchase Aircrafts For Personal Use From Saudi Arabia

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“$130 million deal with a shadowy company controlled by crown prince Mohammed bin Salman a sign of normalizing ties with Saudi regime.”

Anthony Fenton is a journalist and researcher, and a PhD candidate at York University. An article written by him and published in July 2022 makes the following claim:

“The Canadian government is buying two aircraft for a fleet used by the prime minister from a company controlled by notorious Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

As published by The Breach, the deal, worth $133 million and made public last week without disclosure of Saudi Arabian ties, is the “latest sign of a stealthy normalization of relations between Ottawa and the Middle Eastern regime.”

Without disclosure, indeed. Cultural Action Party can see why. If the general public in Canada caught on to the development, what would they think about Justin Trudeau’s purchase of Saudi planes from billionaire Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

CAP present the mild version: the citizenship of Canada would be “unimpressed.” Trudeau already prefers Saudi oil over and above Canadian oil. Now it turns out he will be filling his Saudi-made luxury aircraft with Saudi oil.

Good thing for him Canadians know nothing about the development. With media in his pocket, Mr. Trudeau can continue to deceive Canadians with his political alignment with Saudi Arabia. His personal dedication to the Nation of Islam will continue to be sublimated.

How perfect for him. This way, the Liberal Party of Canada and their affiliations with theocratic Islamic nations will go undetected. This, in turn, means the Liberals stand a chance of being re-elected for a fourth term. How sweet it is.

“IAFC is controlled by Tharawat, a company central to the family’s business dealings. It is wholly owned by Turki bin Salman, the younger brother of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who oversees a sprawling and secretive business empire.”

The crown prince has presided over executions and crackdowns on dissent in the Kingdom, including ordering the gruesome assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in 2017.

How incidental it is. Watch as Justin Trudeau, woke saviour of the world’s persecuted, overlooks human rights abuses taking place in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis. Here’s an example:

Saudi Arabian authorities’ execution of 81 men on March 12, 2022 was its largest mass execution in years, despite recent promises to curtail its use of the death penalty, Human Rights Watch stated. Rampant and and systemic abuses in Saudi Arabia’s criminal justice system suggest it is highly unlikely that any of the men received a fair trial.

“Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of 81 men this weekend was a brutal show of its autocratic rule, and a justice system that puts the fairness of their trials and sentencing into serious doubt,” said Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

A problem for Canadian media? Not in the least. Imagine that– media emulating the position of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. No exposure, no condemnation– no nothing.

Time and again, CAP has pointed to the political alignment between mainstream media, and the Liberal Party. As employed by PM Trudeau, the press expose what the Feds want exposed, and hold back on what they do not want communicated to the public.

“The purchases will replace the aging aircraft in the Canadian fleet that includes the VIP plane used to transport the prime minister abroad. Trudeau’s government, however, continued to sell billions of dollars worth of Light Armoured Vehicles to Saudi Arabia, despite widespread criticism.”

Let CAP lay it on the line. A previous Trudeau prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, brought communist China, its money and ideologies to Canada. Some 50-years later, another Trudeau–this time Justin– established the Nation of Islam as a political and economic force in Canadian society.

“Not a problem,” say mainstream media. “We are here to facilitate the Liberal government agenda, come hell or high water.”

In 2020, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, largely controlled by crown prince bin Salman, bought stakes in Canadian energy companies Canadian Natural and Suncor worth several hundred million dollars. It has sold those since but taken comparable stakes in other mining and energy companies.

A LinkedIn press release from the Canadian Department of National Defence, making no reference to Saudi Arabia or the nature of the seller, indicates the planes “first two of up to six aircraft” to be replaced.

First CAP has heard about it. We go all-in on the idea that the same exists for 98.8% of Canadians.

According to the source article, the Department of National Defence did not respond to a request-for-information from The Breach for comment.

Shocking, really.

7 thoughts on “Trudeau To Purchase Aircrafts For Personal Use From Saudi Arabia”

  1. Have I missed something? Has Turdo’s (Quebec) Bombardier gone bust? They manufacture luxury jets. Indeed; They make very expensive; gorgeous; world renowned private aircraft. One has a range of 14,816 Km. More than enough to satisfy a globe trotting; “small carbon footprint” Prince of Woke. Memo to Turdope: Forget handouts to Bombarder. Give them some business. Trudope–What a bloody awful hypocrite. He should be made to fly around in the ancient; sixty year old Sea King helicopters. Oops. Did I say “Turdo should be made to fly….”? Sorry; I got it backwards. Trudeau “mandates/orders” The sheep submit.

    • I thought there was an announcement last year that we bought 2 new jets from Bombardier for a higher than market value.

  2. THAT SON OF A BITCH, sired by a Communist Dictator, makes me want to, both throw up, and to take a sledgehammer to rocks with his picture on them!!!!! Follow the money…..and I’ll bet the farm that there an ‘under the table’ deal here!!!


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