Ahmed Hussen Most Disliked Politician In Canada

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The worst ratings are given to Ahmed Hussen (-26), Bill Morneau (-20), Bill Blair (-19), and Seamus O’Regan (-17). https://www.spencerfernando.com/2018/12/14/poll-canadians-say-vast-majority-of-trudeau-cabinet-ministers-are-doing-a-bad-job/

7 thoughts on “Ahmed Hussen Most Disliked Politician In Canada”

  1. He can’t hide the distaste he has for everything Canadian. His defense or at least a shot at Canadians. When asked what he would do if they lost the election. He said in so many words that he didn’t think they would lose the election in his. If Liberals lost he said he would go back to his home in Mogadishu, where he practices as a lawyer. He said he’s going to work to get more refugees/Muslims to Canada. A little dig by the Immigration Minster. He knows Most Canadians are not partial to having such large number of immigrants or refugees in such a short time. It’s hard of the economy. Makes you wonder how the country can afford it. This carbon tax is meant to bring him money so he can continue to play God and or Allah and saturated the country with Muslims. It’s all part of the this Immigration Minister said on TV and print that they would have 250 million Muslims there by 2030. Muslims, their supposed to be refugees but they are not. They see that Canada is ripe for plucking and they are even getting pushy and arrogant as if they were in Control this country. That is 100% their agenda.

  2. There will be a Federal Election in 2019 Canadians will get their chance to prove how much hatred there is for these sick bunch of people called LIBERALS,


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