After Toronto-St. Paul Victory, Conservatives Must Work to Win GTA Ridings

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If such a thing as a “secret silver bullet” exists within federal politics, it arrives in the form of the Liberal Party of Canada’s importation and political seduction of 3rd World migrant communities.

Under-exposed by mainstream media, the Greater Toronto Area has for decades existed as the epicentre of the phenomenon. Some high-level statistics offer initial insight into Liberal political strategy.

In 2023, Ontario’s share of immigrants to Canada increased to 42.5 per cent  of overall immigration intake. Outside of India, Canada has the second largest Sikh community in the world. Ontario has the largest Sikh community in Canada, followed by British Columbia. In terms of Muslim-Canadian communities, two-thirds of all Canadian Muslims live in two cities: Toronto and Montreal.

CAP indulge in what legacy media has never done– compile a list of 3rd World-derived Liberal MPs within the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

Liberal MP Winners, 2019: 

Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Marwan Tabbara,  Salma Zahed, Maryam Monsef,   Majid Jowhari, Arif Virani, Navdeep Bains, Bardish Chagger, Yasmin Ratansi, Ramesh Sangha, Ruby Sahota, Ali Ali Ehsassi, Randeep Sarai, Raj Sahani, Jag Sahota, Faycal El-Khoury, Anju Dhillon, Anita Anand, Zaid Aboultaif, Iqra Khalid, Kamal Khera, Sonia Sidhu, Sumeer Zubari, Ramesh Sanga , Kamal Khera, Maninder Sidhu, Darshan Kang, Sukh Dhaliwal, Harjeet Sajjan, Chandra Arya, Majid Jowhari, Ann Minh-Thu Quan, Mary Ng, Eva Nassif.

The Liberal Party formula for success: establish the highest immigration quotas in history. Understanding their urban-oriented nature, watch and witness as the GTA becomes saturated with new arrival Liberal voters. Next, match MP candidate ethnicity with the major ethnic communities in each riding. Win the ridings, of which 55 exist in the greater Toronto urban area. With the structure in place, win federal elections in perpetuity.

That CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have remained mum(that won’t change) on this political dynamic speaks volumes. Add to it the fact that a number of these Liberal MPs happen to be dual citizens of the nations from which the voters derive.

Liberal GTA MP Ahmed Hussen, half-citizen of Somalia. Liberal GTA MP Iqra Khalid, half-citizen of Pakistan. Liberal GTA Salma Zahid, triple citizen of Pakistan, Britain, Canada.

Media say nothing. Holy Cow– they must be working for the Feds in a major way. To expose this structure to 41 million Canadians could well serve to topple Justin Trudeau and his mini-replica of the United Nations government.

In order to accomplish this, the challenging Conservative Party must roll up their sleeves and get to work. In no way is it an easy road. Don’t you know? At the same time as implementing their covert strategy, PM Trudeau has worked racism into the core of socio-political dynamics in our country.

Strategically implemented via accusations of “systemic racism”— a concept proven erroneous — Trudeau upped the “race card” to the pinnacle of political rhetoric. Thus, if the Conservatives breathe even a hint of what CAP are herein expressing, they are certain to be branded racist by the “authorities.”

A topical issue it is at this moment. Liberal Attorney General Arif Virani is one of the most powerful GTA Liberal MPs in Canada. Tasked with appointing a new head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Ugandan migrant has selected a fellow named Birju Dattani for the role.

“Shortly after Dattani was appointed to lead the CHRC in mid-June, National Post learned that in 2015 he had shared the stage with a member of an Islamic fundamentalist group.  Dattani has directly associated with individuals and groups affiliated with listed terror entities.

Wonderful choice, MP Virani. We gain insight into the way that the Liberals roll in Trudeau’s “no core identity” society. Frankly, Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] couldn’t give a damn what this character thinks about Israel. What counts is the idea that the new CHRC head will maintain incessant bias toward our nation’s 3rd world diaspora communities.

Thus far in 2024, more than 15 incumbent Liberals MPs have made a decision not to run for office in a forthcoming federal election. Not one of them is culled from Trudeau’s team of half-citizen MPs, or those from a South Asian/Middle Eastern background.

Therefore, it’s up to Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre to “knock them out of the multicultural park.” Besides, what’s so “multicultural” about the MP line-up in white minority riding Brampton, Ontario?

Liberal MP Sonya Sidhu, Liberal MP Ruby Sahota, Liberal MP Maninder Sidhu, Liberal MP Kamal Khera, Liberal MP Shafqat Ali.

Looks pretty mono-cultural to CAP. This is the truth of what Mr. Poilievre is up against. Until the moment arrives– if it does– voters can be certain that media will continue to keep the Liberal-3rd World “secret bullet” under-wraps.

4 thoughts on “After Toronto-St. Paul Victory, Conservatives Must Work to Win GTA Ridings”

  1. Stealth Jihad….One riding at a time. Just like King Herod Antipas had John the Baptist’s head on a plate; so goes Canada; thanks to the out-in-the-open traitor in our midst.

  2. Justin Trudeau is the ‘white’ figure head to lure people to come to the canada that has no resemblance to any other strange nations from where many are fleeing or fled or left behind only to realize that it was all show. If i wanted to live in a muslim value country i wld have gone to a muslim country not to canada. But if i want to live in a free nation i wld look for one that has those qualities. Unfortunately, justin Trudeau turned this proud free nation into waste land.

  3. “Out in the open” with BELLS ON since 2015!

    Stick a fork in this country, it’s done.

    Bananada-S’mores, anyone

    (and everyone…come plunder and outbreed us, please!)

    Trudas said “come on in”

    on behalf of ALL Cdns, after all.


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