After Non-Stop Devotion To 3rd World, Islam, China, Trudeau FINALLY Speaks Of Christianity

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An earlier CAP article of mine references a 1950’s film entitled “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

We have appropriated the title, transitioning it to “The Greatest Story NEVER Told” for purposes of reporting on the globalization agenda of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In truth, there are enough examples of this phenomenon within Canadian government and media to make a non-Snowflake Canuck’s head spin.

Relevant Example: Justin Trudeau’s attitude toward the Christian faith–as opposed to Sikhism, Islam, Iran, Africa and Syria. Truly the contrast is truly staggering.

Examples: Justin Trudeau demands all Liberal politicians support abortion in Canada up to full term. In what other nations is it possible to legally receive an abortion at 9 months into a pregnancy? In China among its 1.3 Billion citizens. Population of Canada: 37.8 Million souls.

Is this an example of pro-Christian values? What a foolish question indeed. As it happens, the very “Catholic” Trudeau has sent several Billion Dollars to African nations for them to destroy their fetuses.

Are you aware? Abortion is illegal in Nigeria and dozens of other African countries Trudeau has shipped the billions to. Degree of exposure by CBC? Nothing–they never expose this element of the equation. Why not?

What else? Try irrepressible LGBT and Transgenderism support from the Liberal government. Fact: While various studies–never Canadian, always American– inform the public of myriad dangers related to sex-change surgery-especially for children, Mr. Trudeau pranced around in various Pride Parades waving a Transgender flag.

Degree of media analysis? Nothing. Degree of anti-Christian sentiment within? 100% and no less. Again, an example of Comrade Justin thumbing his nose at Canadian Christianity.

More, More, More: Degree of immigration focus upon nations with a Christian heritage? One step up from nothing. Extent of support for the Christian faith within Papa Pierre Trudeau’s “multicultural society?” Not a damn thing.

Obscured By Media: Justin Trudeau Attempts China-Style Totalitarian CRACKDOWN With “Emergency Act”

Frankly, we could on like this for hours. So let us now flip to the B-side of this social dynamic:

Support for Sikhism: Huge and massive. Sikh-Canadian MP’s are over-represented in Parliament relative to their population–around 600,000 citizens. Did you know? Liberal-Sikh MP’s in Brampton, Ontario won every seat in the constituency. In truth, there is no chance in Hades a non-Sikh will win in this riding. Why? Because it is 90% populated by Sikh/Third World Canadians.

Yet in some respects, this pales in comparison with PM Trudeau’s holistic dedication to the Nation of Islam. Arguably the first move Trudeau made as PM was to import 35,000 Muslim refugees from Syria.

Did this man “pay the tab?” Of course not–it was you, me and around 30 Million other Old Stock Canadians. Next, when a degree of resentment occurred among Canadians, Trudeau empowered a half-Pakistani MP to pass the M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

Ostensibly to counter-act racism in general, M103 verbally references a SINGLE community– MP Iqra Khalid’s Islam. No Christianity, no Judaism permitted. CBC say not a word about this factor of the equation.

Could there be more? Of course their could be–and there is. For brevities sake, the example stop here.

CAP Proclamation: With CBC and the rest of Canadian media spelling it out for Canadians, Justin Trudeau trans-itioned the fading Great White North from a nation  founded by Christian peoples–not to mention based upon Christian principles–to country in which Islam has become our the most powerful religious-oriented community in Canada.

Check this out, fellow patriots– it is a fact that PM Trudeau has done “Church-basement” tours across Canada. Trudeau has also done nation-wide tours of Canadian mosques.

For the Islamic tour, King Justin donned Arabic dress, prayed at Canadian mosques, and recited the “Shahada” prayer— the sole  requirement for a non-Muslim to convert to Islam.

Contrast this with the church basement tour– yes, Canada’s self-appointed “King of Kings” toured church basements–never did the man step foot into a church sanctuary. Why not? It’s only a flight of steps journey for Justin–but he never did it.

Telling, isn’t it? What a blatant example of community bias! Full-on support for Islam, full-on ignorance regarding Canada’s historically-dominant religion.

Of course, any astute Canadian knows that when it comes to the Christian faith, Justin Trudeau is punitive as hell. How does a sensible Canuck draw this conclusion?

Simple as pie: by not listening to CBC Radio. By avoiding the propagandistic deceptions of our Liberal-Globalist media.

This is the way CAP see the Christian/Islamic dynamic which has played out each day PM Justin Trudeau–a “verbally committed” Christian, has remained “national leader” of Canada.

If this is an example of Liberal “Sunny Ways” then  Canadian patriots should opt for the “dark clouds” of true democracy in the dying Great White North.










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  1. This Pm is clearly a Traitor I fail to understand why Our leaders have not dealt with instead of prancing around as turdeau does and get nothing done while he rapes our country of it’s heritage and money


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