African Migrant Charged With SECOND Murder After Returning From Germany To Canada

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“Weeks after one woman was stabbed to death in a Cabbagetown alleyway and months before another was brutally dismembered, the man now accused of killing both took a trip to Germany.”

“Why did Adonay Zekarias — in between allegedly murdering two Eritrea-born Toronto women — leave Canada, then RETURN?”

Perhaps CAP can provide some insight. Putting aside the details of the double-murder charge against an immigrant from an awful African nation called Eritrea, the high-level answers paint a portrait of a confused, globalist society.

From a technical perspective, the nation of Canada does not exist for the purpose of dealing with the problems of the Nation of Islam. Yet, from Canada’s prime minister’s point-of-view, this appears to be the very essence of  PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern’ Canada.

Let CAP lay it on the line: this problem person is representative of the immigration and refugee policies of the Trudeau government. As it stands, this government works first and foremost for the United Nations, Communist China, and the geo-political faction of political Islam.

This is the reason why a trouble-making, accused murderer from Africa had an ability to allegedly murder a young woman in Canada, then fly off to Angela Merkel’s Germany, only to return and allegedly murder another young woman.

What CBC and corporate media are covering up relates directly to this sordid situation. In 2016, PM Trudeau selected a Somalian Refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen, as immigration minister. This has resulted in the largest demographic transition in the past half-century.

Patriots know the one–right? It is what MP Hussen–a person CAP claim hates Anglophone Canada— delivered to Canada. The delivery includes mass immigration from Somalia, Nigeria, Senegal, and about a dozen other African nations.

BURIED BY CBC: Trudeau Government IGNORE “Genocide Levels” As 1,200 Nigerian Christians Murdered

Remember this headline on the front page of the Globe & Mail:

Trudeau Assigns Ahmed Hussen To Import Millions Of Africans To Canada”

Right–CAP missed it to–because it never existed in the first place. This is how Trudeau and his gang of Liberal Cultural Assassins roll. Deception, Obfuscation, Propaganda, Subterfuge–all taken directly out of the “Marxist Playbook Of Cultural Degeneration.”

This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau— king of Illegal Immigration To Canada. As a result of Mr. Trudeau’s adoption of billionaire globalist George Soros’ giant non-profit organization “Open Border Foundation” our country is saddled with creeps from a motley collection of backwash 3rd World nations.

Thanks Justin–you’re the best.



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  1. Trudeau needs to be kicked out for good. Look at what he has done to our country. He did not earn his position as PM that comes with all the perks like RCMP protection, free flights around the world and draining taxpayers money for his personal expenses. Everything he does is illegal but no one will stop him. Why would anyone be afraid of him when he’s such a wimp and a coward unless he is blackmailing them.


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