After Locking-In Trudeau As Prime Minister, Jagmeet Singh Goes Silent

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A strange phenomenon continues to emanate from New Democratic Party headquarters. Since the signing of a “supply and confidence” between the ruling Liberal government and the NDP, curious sounds of silence continue to ring clear.

Two critical developments elucidate what media have omitted. First, NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh’s tepid response to an official investigation into election interference by the government of China. Secondly, Singh’s “no comment” accreditation regarding the Liberal’s embracement of Islamic Sharia law-oriented Halal mortgage financing.

These observations and more have lead to a result that should be considered by Canadian voters. Once Mr. Singh signed-on-the-dotted-line, his exposure in mainstream media dwindled to a trickle of what it once was.

If accurate, our observations serve to illustrate the true meaning of the Liberal-NDP “supply and confidence” pact.

CAP pull no punches: on an ideological level, Jagmeet Singh is Justin Trudeau. The “qualities” the two politicians share include a laundry-list of anti-Canadian sentiment:

Animosity toward Canada’s colonial foundation. Thinly-veiled contempt for our Anglo-Canadian communities. Advancement of Sikhism and Islamic culture and religion. Both men are pro-abortion, and pro-Euthanasia. For them, mass immigration is essential. Climate change and related carbon taxation are a must. LGBT and it’s offshoot transgenderism a necessity.

In other words, these socialist-oriented political figures want the same thing— the continuation of the Liberal’s “woke revolutionary” agenda. For this purpose, they are willing to perpetuate Canada’s economic deterioration, unfathomable fiscal debt, unaffordable housing, runaway rent costs, inflation, and rising food prices.

All of which brings about a gut-wrenching question: why don’t these two World Economic Forum disciples(both are members) belong to the same political party? Perhaps, if desperation gets deep enough, one day they will be. For the moment, they are limited to an ersatz form of partnership– one which the press refuse to articulate.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

“I would question the approach of creating the conditions for an election, or triggering an election, as not serious about protecting our democracy.”

What on earth is he talking about? It is he who is preventing a protection of democracy. Canadian are calling out for an election. The polls indicate that Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party maintain a commanding lead. A study from Nanos Research indicates that Canadians are more angry and bitter regarding our current political arena than they have been in decades.

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has not a doubt that the Liberal-NDP pact has nothing to do with “supply,” nor any purpose relating to “confidence.”

In our opinion, the entire motive can be found in extending Justin Trudeau’s iron-clad grip on Canadian society until the last possible moment: October, 2025.

Based on the Nanos survey, only 1/3 of respondents said “they’d prefer to wait the full four years before having to cast their next federal ballot in 2025.”

Trudeau and Singh couldn’t give a flying fig. Unless drawn from their precious 3rd world and LGBT communities, the two of them couldn’t give a damn, and here’s why:

The true goal of the Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition is not proper management of our economy, or anything as pragmatic as that. The real goal is national transformation– a demographic and ideological transitioning to the “post-modern” society status PM Trudeau alluded to when he first took office.

It is for this purpose that Jagmeet Singh is playing puppet for Trudeau and the Liberals. The rest is government subterfuge and media obfuscation. The sooner voters recognize this– if they ever do– the sooner Canada can return to a healthy democratic society.

“As Election Canada notes, the Act doesn’t prevent an election from being called earlier or later, as long as it is no later than five years after the previous election.” 

Well, would you look at that? Turns out Jagmeet Singh and the Liberals have a loophole to delay an election for an additional year, to October 2026.

As all Canadians should know by now, Trudeau and Singh love loopholes– none more than the kind that impede traditional governance in a dying democracy called Canada.

3 thoughts on “After Locking-In Trudeau As Prime Minister, Jagmeet Singh Goes Silent”

  1. Sad reflection on the status of Canada!
    Alberta leaving is the ONLY VIABLE ALTERNATIVE!!!
    Time to go!
    You know… like Quebec!
    Canada is broken!!
    Alberta Independence

  2. Brothers Singh and Trudeau….The Dynamic Duo: Defenders of Democracy; Standing on Guard for Thee 24/7/365. (Trademark.) Corporate headquarters in Beijing, China, and Nankana Sahib, Khalistan.

    A word from the brothers: “We are champions of free speech. Note well: (1) Free speech and expression is the lifeblood of democracy. (2) Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”


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