After Carbon Tax “Shakedown” Trudeau Govt Consider Massive Plastic Tax

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According to a report from Blacklocks Reporter, Trudeau government-controlled Environment Canada is pushing for a ‘plastic tax.’ This comes just after the Trudeau federal carbon tax was FORCED on the country– despite massive opposition. Researchers cautioned the tax would cost consumers since plastics are found in almost EVERY MANUFACTURED PRODUCT.

Every product– meaning every NICKEL AND DIME Justin Trudeau can squeeze out of Canadians. It’s one thing to be fleeced by a blood sucking federal government. Beyond this, establishment media tend to ignore  the actual destination for the funds. It is likely billions of these tax dollars– rather then being spent on domestic areas for improvement– are funnelled directly to foreign governments. Perhaps some of those dollars serve their intended purpose of aid for the poor, but even so their purpose does not include any improvement of quality of life for Canadians–the actual role of the federal government of Canada.

Considering  the largest  recipient nations include Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern theocracies, chances are extremely high that the funds simply go into the pockets of their despotic governments. As it happens, Justin Trudeau admires despotic governments, even MORESO than he admires democratic governments. Of course, under King Justin, Canada is a democratic nation ONLY IN THEORY. Once every four years we vote, and the rest of the time Trudeau has OWNED CANADA, its peoples and of course, their money.

Will Justin’s tax assault upon Canadian families ever come to an end? It could– but only if he is NO LONGER prime minister of Canada. As it happens, globalist traitors NEVER alter their political decision making– no matter how much voters oppose their insidious agenda.


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