After Britain, Australia Set For Major Immigration Quota Reduction

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“The government has revealed that Australia’s net migration level is believed to have peaked last financial year at 510,000 and is forecast to fall to more normal levels, down to 375,000 next year and 250,000 in 2025.”

By any standard within western democratic societies, this constitutes a giant drop in immigration and refugee intake. Western nations like Australia, Canada, U.K., Sweden, Germany and France have much in common in this regard.

Saddled with responsibility for the problems contained in non-democratic societies, western country affiliation with the United Nations has resulted in a most ironic development.

Who’s responsible for the troubled of Syria and Somalia? Why, that would be Canada— as opposed to their “religious brethren” nations like flush-with-cash Saudi Arabia.

Britain appears to have had enough. Likewise, the prime minister of Australia, who this week announced major reductions in immigration intake quotas.

Since CBC and corporate media in Canada are going low-key on these developments, they won’t be informing Canadians of a related development:

“Australia has passed new laws allowing former immigration detainees to be locked up again if they pose any risk of committing serious offences after they were released in a landmark ruling by the country’s top court.”

“Under the new laws passed by the Parliament late on Wednesday, a court can order the detention of the most serious offenders where they pose the risk of committing serious violent or sexual offences.”

Who knows, if Canada had similar laws in place, perhaps a 13-year old Canadian girl from Burnaby, British Columbia would still be alive.

Convicted this week of first degree murder, Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali may not have had the ability to waltz into Canada to commit heinous crimes against innocent Canadian school girls.

Perhaps proper screening would have revealed crimes of this nature taking place back on Syrian soil. It may be speculation, but it does point to a phenomenon that is poorly understood by the people of Canada.

Our Liberal government enjoying going way-light on foreign criminal activity on Canadian soil. So much so that an immigrant named Omar Khadr, convicted of a terrorist act, ended up receiving a fat cheque worth $10.5 million dollars as approved by the Trudeau government.

Like Australia, Canada is part of the British Commonwealth. That is, at least for the present. Judging from the robust nature of Canada’s government-supported anti-colonialist movement, a future affiliation with the U.K. looks tenuous at best.

Why the diversion? Cultural Action Party [est.2016] has some ideas on the matter. Since his arrival at the top of our nation’s political totem pole, PM Trudeau and the international forces which power him are working on a long-term realignment of Canada’s global affiliations.

At a basic level, our country is in the process of being systemically re-oriented away from affiliations with the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other western democracies.

They are to be replaced with China, India, Iran, Pakistan and the other top sources nations for immigration to Canada. Being a closet communist, Mr. Trudeau is leading what constitutes a woke liberal war on traditional Canadian society.

In this, political Islam is to play a vital role. Muslim immigration intake is vital to the Liberal’s agenda. It’s one reason why Trudeau has spent eight years pandering to community leaders, attending Mosques, reciting Islamic prayers, and wearing traditional Muslim garb.

It’s holly-go-lightly time when it comes to new arrival crime in Canada. Not so in Australia, at least not any more.

For as long as the Liberals remain in power, which if they have their way will be forever– the Feds will continue on with a tacit severing of ties with western democracies, while converting Canada to a future pseudo-communist state.

Media say nothing. Paid off by government, all major press outlets tow the Liberal government line.

“Having inherited a basket case of an immigration system from the Coalition, we’ve worked around the clock to strike the best balance in Australia’s migration system,” says Australian Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil.

A beautiful segue it is. CAP pull no punches when delivering a direct hit:

Justin Trudeau wants Canada to transition to a “basket case” of a country. For what purpose, you ask? Because the PM understands a basic principle of Marxist revolutionary theory.

The more divided communities are from each other, the less unity among a citizenship. The less unity, the greater the chances for successful socialist revolution.

This is why, in the opinion of CAP, our Liberal government with full intention began to play the “race-card” in Canada. Pitting ethnic communities against each other is crucial to revolutionary success.

Karl Marx defined the concept. Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro perfected its application. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are borrowing from all of them.

“The Migration Strategy is all about getting migration working for the country, including by the right settings to ease workforce shortages that are holding our country back without putting undue stress on other parts of our economy.”

In Canada, this and a toonie will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. Pourquoi? Because Liberals do not maintain the highest per-capita immigration quota in the world for the purpose of “working for the country.”

It is here that we arrive at what may constitute the greatest diversion from health and welfare of 40 million Canadians.

Justin Trudeau maintains the quota because he is obsessed with the Liberals remaining government for life— just as it is in his hero-nation of China.

Canada’s paid-in-full media monolith will reveal nothing of the sort. Although the future cannot be predicted with full authority, there is one factor that will at least reveal the true agenda of the Trudeau government.

“The government of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has a conundrum: It needs to keep bringing in migrants to plug holes in the labor market, but a population surge is also driving up the property market, putting it out of reach for many citizens.”

Identical problems, opposite solutions.

If Canada doesn’t follow suit after our brothers-in-the-Commonwealth nations, astute political observers will know why. Justin Trudeau’s woke globalist revolutionary army are praying Canadian media can successfully obfuscate the stealing of a nation away from its rightful owners, the people.

We shall see what transpires.

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  1. Does anyone really think the Conservatives will dramatically reduce immigration?
    They have no policy on this available on their site.
    They, PP, is being deliberately coy about this out of political cowardice.
    Besides, the vile LEFT has jujitsued the language and law so that any reduction will be challenged as ‘dis-ssss-ssscrim-mmmination’ and thereby be struck down.
    And the name-calling by the vile LEFTist marxists will be deafening.
    Mark. My. Words.
    Canada is good’n truly @#$%ed.


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