Advantage Trudeau: Why Anti-Globalist Political Parties Don’t Exist In Canada

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In some respects, there are two types of political thinkers that exist: those who believe that spontaneity can play a role in politics, and those who believe every move is based upon pre-conceived calculation.

After observing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government in action for the past five years, CAP emphatically choose the latter.

Simply stated, we believe there is nothing–not a single move made by PM Trudeau— which is not a piece of calculation intended to transform society into a condition not a single Canadian voter asked for.

Here we speak of a morphing of Canadian society toward a covert form of socialist dictatorship. In order to succeed, several fundamentals must exist.

One number on the charts is an “exclusive” for the reigning pseudo-dictator–in Canada’s case, Justin Trudeau. Yet, to achieve such a goal, a number of secondary measures must be put in place.

A so-called “flip side” needs to exist for this agenda to succeed. It involves an elimination of any and all competition. The skill with which the Liberal Party has accomplished this task should take one’s breath away. It is, in truth–pure genius.

Therefore, astute Canadians can conclude it did not originate with Justin Trudeau. His thinking is far too specious to come up with the solution.

Regardless of who dreamed this up, the methodology goes like this:

Any legitimate contender to the Trudeau crown is branded racist. As Canadians have witnessed, this methodology has applied to both Andrew Scheer and Stephen Harper from the Conservative Party of Canada.

Presently, it is being applied to party leader Erin O’Toole. The funny thing about this tear-down is that it always works. Unlike the story of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf,” the racist tag never seems to deplete in terms of effectiveness.

Thus far we are speaking of existing political challengers. But how about a prevention of any “up and comers” that may emerge from what CBC brand Canada’s “alt-right” factions?

They never emerge, for one related reason: government and media brand these folks racists, bigots and xenophobes. The irony in this is that media can go berserk stereotyping “social conservatives” as frothing-at-the-mouth racists. Meanwhile, one word from the right which smacks of anti-3rd world sentiment, and our entire nation is systemically racist.

Logic in society and media? Of course not– emotion is all that counts among our ruling government, media and the general liberal-snowflake population of Canada.

Here we speak of a most sensitive element of 2021 Canada–the topic of community PRIDE. Simply put, within Great Reset society, 3rd World Canadians have a licence to revel in ethnic and religious community pride.

Conversely, any attempt at replication among “Old Stock” Canadians is racism at its most vehement.

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Know what Cultural Action Party call this? A complete trap. A social prison, developed not in a spontaneous fashion, but rather in an act of full-on calculation.

On this basis, how could Old Stock Canada succeed in challenging the behemoth that is Trudeau-brand globalism?

Simple answer–we don’t have a hope in hell. 

Think about it, fellow patriots– every single attempt at any form of community pride is hit up with the racist tag. And not just from the snowflake contingent. This game has been played by Liberal MP’s, Liberal Cabinet members, as well as the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

What a wicked game they play. And the irony to boot! Don’t you know? Canada in 2021 is infused with “white privilege.” According to government,  media, and “multicultural” non-profit lobby groups, this is not some peripheral aspect of society.

It is an intrinsic element of the very fabric of society. It cannot be escaped, whether or not you are a reincarnation of Sir John A. MacDonald, or little Timmy from Toronto with his toy firetruck waiting for the school bell to ring.

What a trap. Talk about being railroaded into a subservient condition within Canadian society. The irony continues– the accused happen to be the descendans of those who not only founded Canada, but established a foundation of freedom and democracy within society.

Then, 100 years later, a PM named Pierre Trudeau established a declaration of social equality called The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Ostensibly for the purpose of quality for all communities in Canada, it turns out that just one identifiable group is not privy to such social privilege..

Will anyone take a guess which community CAP are referring to?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).



4 thoughts on “Advantage Trudeau: Why Anti-Globalist Political Parties Don’t Exist In Canada”

  1. Actually, there is an Anty Globalist party in Ontario, called The Ontario Guardian Party, It’s in need of caring people joining i, so that it can be registered and begin to select candidates for the next election.

    • Refers to Federal, as well as party that represents Old Stock Canadians in a public manner…can’t get everything into a headline : )

  2. CAP,

    There is a solution. We could have a Canada wide referendum asking Canadians if they would rather be united or divided and segregated. If teachers of both linguistic sectors were given opportunity to work together to build a world class bilingual education system, they could build an inclusive, mirrored and translatable curriculum, preserving and protecting the language rights of both linguistic communities (something which is not happening in English schools where French immersion programs have desecrated any semblance of decency, creating streamed and disadvantaged English classes). If most Francophones and Anglophones believed in unity, we could end duality and easily bilingualize Canadian children, giving all graduates equal opportunity. . There is not a top performing country in the world who would consider Canada’s French immersion model of abandoning formal literacy instruction in the constitutionally protected language during the child’s most formative years of acquiring literacy. And for very good reason.

    It’s not hard to understand why New Brunswick has the lowest literacy, math and science rates in the country. When learning to speak a second language takes precedent over every other area of study, poverty will surely follow. NB gets 30% of its budget covered by the federal equalisation program. Compound that with being obligated to service two entire education departments and two complete health authoriities.

    If you believe children would benefit from learning to speak both official languages (and hopefully other languages too) preserving and promoting their protected language and separate schools, that Canadians would be better off united than divided by language, and that equal rights and freedoms are only possible if we unite, then please let your politicians know. The Canadian Official Languages Act is being modernised and duality is being proposed/entrenched for every province across the country. Nothing has splintered NB more than the language divide created by federally funded lobbyists who only want solidarity and their children kept as far away from the English speakers as possible. .

    If teachers and children were given a solid framework to work within, they would amaze us with their ability to create something far superior to anything inept politicians have done. And the language tensions would end within one generation. Because in the case of NB where there are four failing second language programs being delivered and serviced in the Anglophone sector schools, while actually bilingualizing only a small percentage of them, politicians (must of whom have never taught a day of public education in their life), have done quite a number on the design – there’s nothing anything like it anywhere in the world. Presently, most graduates from the English system, are not entitled to work as a casual laundry attendant in.the Fredericton hospital because they lack French speaking skills. This is a system designed to fail the majority, with disadvantages of equal opportunity and funding. enough Canadians believed in compromise and nationalism, perhaps most, even in Quebec, would join forces to work together and bilingualize our country’s children to end the biases and discriminatory practices. Moving forward, as long as an applicant can speak one of our official languages and willing to learn the other, there should be no restrictions made on language for most positions. Based on everything I know about teaching young children, if the second language was delivered beginning in kindergarten in oral language subjects like music, art, phys Ed, computer labs, technology, buddy programs, enrichment programs, etc, for 1/3 of the instructional day, for example, that would leave 1/3 of the day delivering literacy in the protected language and 1/3 of the day delivering STEM courses in the home language.

    It can’t possibly improve unless there is the political will to bring it up. But who would dare suggest such a thing?

    Educationally Yours,

    Jane Sherrard
    NB Retired teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher, Literacy Coach

    BA BEd MEd


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