Academics Promote Anti-Anglophone Critical Race Theory In Canadian Universities

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Critical Race Theory originated in the mid-1970s out of the writings of a collective of American legal scholars. It’s fundamental tenet espouses that white supremacy— societal racism— exists and maintains power through law.

One tenet of CRT informs us that the term “whiteness” be defined as “specific dimensions of racism that serves to elevate white people over people of colour.”

What is being promoted here is a theory that the very word “whiteness” directly equates with racism.

To put white Canadians in their “rightful place,” CRT includes the following principle: While assumptions and stereotypes about white people do exist, this is considered racial prejudice–not racism.”

In other words, there is no such thing as racism against caucasians. Not too presumptuous, are they? Exactly who are a gang of reverse-racist pseudo-academics to make this sweeping statement?

Cultural Action Party will now state our firm belief: Critical Race Theory is a promotion for hatred of white Canadians. What we have here is nothing short of pseudo-scientific academic propaganda campaign.

Not that such a commodity has never existed in the past. A sensible Canadian might think back to mid-20th century European fascism for its closest parallel.

“As the critical race editor in the meeting, I am regularly embroiled in the hot soup of newsroom discussions, fighting for equity, representation and a different way to do journalism. This battle dominates many of my days.”

As quoted in a March, 2021 article from University Affairs — billed as “Canada’s most authoritative source of information about and for Canada’s university community.”

As expressed by Vinita Srivastava, senior editor for Canadian-leftist publication The Conversation. Obviously, some academic people don’t much like white Canadians.

Sounds to CAP like a campaign to demonize Anglophone-Canadians is a 24/7 endeavour for these people. And they are getting away with it in spades.

Then again, why wouldn’t they, when Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government agree with their promotion of racism.


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The following is extracted from existing training materials as advanced by the Trudeau government:

“Unlike the anti-discrimination movements of the past — which sought only equal opportunity untainted by prejudice — critical race theorists hold that government and society is so immutably slanted towards white people that ignoring race is itself an act of white supremacy.”

As Global Affairs Canada materials informs us, “if you aren’t an anti-racist, you are complicit.”

Talk about being thrown into the doghouse of Canadian society. CAP has often referred to what we call the “three-headed hydra” for an administration of globalist ideology: government, academia, and media.

Obviously, the first two have been covered off with aplomb. As for media, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took care of this early in the Great Reset ballgame. Billion dollar donations to CBC and corporate media paved the way for mainstream media adaptation. Thus it became that the three most influential social powers in Canada have fused into a monolithic bastion of anti-white prejudice.

But wait. Isn’t the general perception of society that it is Old Stock Canada who are the racists, and 3rd World Canada the victims? Of course it is. Such is the essence of  Great Reset propaganda inversion–a specialty which Justin Trudeau has permitted to saturate our society.

Back in academic-land, the white-bashing pseudo intellectuals continue with the agenda. On this basis, CAP has coined a term for the pending status for Anglophones of our country.

This we call “Second Nations Canada.” That’s what our Marxist-saturated university system want for our communities. Backed by government and media, Old Stock Canadians will become second class citizens faster than Justin Trudeau can say “his highness the Aga Khan.”

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)

2 thoughts on “Academics Promote Anti-Anglophone Critical Race Theory In Canadian Universities”

  1. “[Asian] critical race theorists hold that [Japanese] government and society is so immutably slanted towards [Japanese] people that ignoring race is itself an act of [Japanese] supremacy.” I soooooo hope that these anti-White racists get their comeuppance. They need to be “re-educated” with the real history of the West/Canada–Not the fictional; “revised” history they hold in their tiny; darkened minds.

  2. My thing would be: Fix a country’s problems by starting at your source!
    If from another culture, go fix that country of origin’s inherent problems, first!

    Don’t like the fact that Whites made this country what it is, then right the wrongs in your country of origin before trying to promulgate changes in this country that your own culture and people did not build!

    You see, we all build out societies according to our beliefs and outlooks on what our lives should be…


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