Abortion Policy In Western Nations Doesn’t Apply To 3rd World Countries

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A fundamental of economic theory calls for a distinction between microeconomics and macroeconomics:

 “Microeconomics is the study of how firms and households make decisions; macroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole.” 

It is critical to recognize that “the whole” can exhibit properties that are not present in its parts. Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that the whole of the economy is more than a simple sum of its parts. 

On the topic of abortion, debate has exclusively focused on the “micro” component– the right for women to control their own bodies. What occurs when the “macro” element is applied. Do relevant patterns emerge that are crucial to the abortion debate? Has media refused to divulge facts which are integral to the “big picture” discussion?

Of course they have. Analyzing abortion rates on an international scale uncovers some fascinating trends. For example, the issue of which countries maintain unrestricted abortion policy, and those which do not. On this basis, we come to recognize that abortion is very much a “western-centric” affair. It is by far western nations which indulge in unrestricted abortion policy.

A report entitled Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal 2022 illustrates the phenomenon.

No Restrictions: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, United States.

Only To Preserve Physical Health: Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Kuwait, India, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. 

Only To Save A Woman’s Life: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen.

Prohibited: Iraq, Egypt, Haiti, Senegal, Philippines. China is not listed in the report.

What a fascinating pattern. Abortion is restricted throughout the Middle East and Africa. It is most restricted in nations with a low standard of living. In countries with a high living standard, the opposite is the case. Does this not appear to be counterintuitive? A demographic analysis informs us that nations with an Anglo-European-Christian heritage indulge in the practice far beyond that of developing nations.

Utilizing the “micro versus macro” theory, we uncover a pattern wholly omitted by media. Geographic patterns prove abortion to be a western-centric phenomenon.

In Canada, media say nothing of the sort. Nor do government, or our healthcare industry. Speaking of the former, we turn to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to the complexities of the abortion debate:

“Women have the right to control their own bodies.” End of story– Mr. Trudeau had to run off to a Pride Parade, and cannot elaborate on the subject. Indeed, he never has, and he never will.

Interesting to note a fact about our illustrious prime minister. For him, abortion is an aberration. It is one area in which Trudeau does not promote racial-ethnic favouritism. Unlike his attitude toward religion– a preference for Islam over Christianity— our PM supports abortion on a worldwide basis.

Outlining the Trudeau government’s foreign policy priorities in 2017, abortion was proclaimed a Canadian value, and was said to be at the core of Canadian foreign policy. Putting our money where government’s mouth is, Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland coughed up a cool $7.1 Billion Dollars for abortion in Africa. 

Prime Minister Trudeau has transformed Canada into the world’s foremost promoter of abortion– regardless of legality within countries receiving the billions. How convenient it is for Justin Trudeau that legacy media hold this information back from the public.

This way, Canadians will not understand that activists in Africa hate what he is doing:

Obianuju Ekeocha, founder and president of Culture of Life Africa, called it “very unfortunate that Western nations continue to ignore the voices of the majority of the African people who do not want and are not are asking for abortion, any kind of abortion care, as well as contraception.”

Matthew Wojciechowski, project manager and expert on United Nations policy with Campaign Life Coalition, called grants that promote abortion in the developing world “literally ideological colonization.”

It’s “worse than that because you’re spending Canadian tax dollars for agencies that use the tax money to undermine that country’s sovereignty and the rights and deeply held values of families that have been living there, their culture and traditions.”

“Africans are asking for food, education, clean water and security because of threats from terrorist groups in some of the African countries,” Obianuju Ekeocha said in an interview. 

“We are not asking for condoms, contraception or sexuality education, that kind of advice, or abortion given to us by Western donors.” 

Getting the picture? Glad someone does, because 98% of Canadians never will. Our prime minister is using our tax-dollars to play abortion ideologue on a worldwide basis. But of course, in this area Canada is his number one concern.

In 2014–within a democratic society called Canada, Justin Trudeau had this to say to the entire Liberal Caucus:

“All Liberal members of Parliament — including current MPs — will be required to vote pro-choice on questions of abortion.”

Justin Trudeau is best described as a global ideologue. Canadian media are being paid to obfuscate this reality. Thus, an international perception of our prime minister which today alludes the general Canadian population:

Our prime minister is as close to a dictator as one can get– without being labelled a dictator. Is the real thing coming Canada’s way?

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  1. Seven billion dollars for African abortions? How inclusive of Trudope. I think the thick pile of cash went to his warlord buddies. In this messed up country; “abortion is our strength” may as well be a demonic spinoff of Trudeau’s hollow “diversity” slogan. This shames Canada. Typical Trudeau move.


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