Abortion ILLEGAL In African Nations, Justin Trudeau Sends Billions REGARDLESS

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To see Canada “invest money in abortion and contraception, it’s an insult to the African people,” who are “diametrically opposed” to both. The news is “a terrible blow,” says Obianuju Ekeocha, founder of the educational and research group Culture of Life Africa.

Hold on a minute. From day one in office, the Trudeau government and establishment media have positioned Justin’s billion dollar Third World giveaway program as righteous and benevolent behaviour. Apparently, health authorities in Africa disagree.

Why has media neglected to inform Canadians of this element of the equation? The answer is simple–because it would reflect poorly on Justin Trudeau, and minimize his chances of getting elected for a second four-year term.

Fact: Abortion is ILLEGAL in Kenya, Niger, and other African nations. Therefore, logically speaking, the Trudeau government are funding illegal abortion in Africa. This should come as no surprise–they do the same thing in Canada!

Again, mainstream media neglect to mention this aspect of the equation. Rather, just as they handle transgenderism, all illegal and illicit behaviour is omitted from the media narrative.

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Why? How come it is so damned important for Canada to give billions to African nations to illegally destroy human fetuses?  No one knows–just as lay-people cannot understand the motive for the Trudeau government’s ubiquitous support of the Nation of Islam.

Exactly what benefit does burying issues such as Sharia Law, child marriage and female genital mutilation deliver to the average Canadian? How does funding Islamic nations by the billions  benefit working Canadians and their families?

The answer is obvious: these practices have absolutely no benefit to the 96% of Canadians who are not Muslim. Why would Justin Trudeau go all-in on Islam, when their voter-base comprises a mere 4% of the Canadian demographic?

As informed Canadians understand, Mr. Trudeau is an abortion fanatic. Women “must have an ability to control their bodies” is the specious commentary Trudeau delivers regarding any questioning of Canada’s abortion laws. In reality, these “laws” are in fact “non-laws.”

There are no restrictions on abortion practises in Canada. The law treats a first trimester pregnancy in the same manner it treats a third trimester pregnancy— meaning there is no legal precedent to prevent a pregnant Canadian women from having an abortion at full term. Ever hear about this from CBC? Of course not.

Canadians, Third World folks, Zulu Warriors of the Belgian Congo. It’s makes no difference to PM Trudeau–he funds mass abortion without restrictions on a world-wide basis– even in nations where the practice is against the law. T

Very strange behaviour indeed. Yet, the entire affair is covered up by media, who spin the illegality into virtue-signalling pablum. Since the day father Pierre Trudeau set up Canada as a mass abortion depot by way of mentally-ill abortion monger Dr. Henry Morgantaler(confessed to performing 5000 illegal abortions in Canada), the fetus-destroying industry has maintained carte blanche within our borders.

Now, it turns out Justin Trudeau is “insulting the African people” by way of his abortion obsession. On the positive side, it’s good to know Trudeau has disdain for people outside of Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canadians. Refreshing, eh?

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