“A Loss of Democracy” Says Munk Debate Chair After Trudeau BAILS From Event

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He’s right, of course. Then again, Rudyard Griffiths is not a Canadian politician, or media figure. Therefore, it is possible the man may be speaking the truth. What a novel concept within the Trudeau government’s “Orwellian” assault upon democracy and freedom of speech.

“The cancellation of the Munk Debate on foreign policy due to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to participate denies voters the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.”

Coward of the country, anyone? By any standards, this has to be the weakest move by the quisling Justin Trudeau since he appropriated the “crown” of Canada in 2015. It is, quite literally, a “pansy-assed” decision of the highest order. Yet, as we know, Justin has a “thing” for pansies, so it all makes good sense.

More from Mr. Griffiths: “There are bigger issues at stake here. We are witnessing this election the culmination of a two-decade phenomena that represents a growing threat to the democratic process.”

As CAP has stated from day one in office. The iron-clad rule of PM Trudeau has been a ubiquitous threat to democracy and freedom of speech in Canada. “Just don’t tell anyone,” Trudeau commie advisor Gerald Butts instructs Liberal politicians and media party.

Obviously, they have kept to their word. Ever read an article in the National Post from John Ivison on the erasure of democracy under Trudeau prime ministers? When is last time Ian Hanomansing of CBC waxed philosophically on this topic?

Answer: The 12th of Never!  Every bit of this is 100% intentional. It is a pre-meditated and calculated agenda of national decimation at the hands of powerful globalist and domestic entities.

We have –for the first time in history– a Liberal government appointed and funded commission organizing debates. Trudeau has pumped over one billion dollars into establishment media for the purpose of controlling the political narrative. And, if the Liberals are re-elected, the next election could be covered by a news media receiving $100 million in annual government subsidies.

Two tangible signs of the degeneration of democracy under Trudeau and his posse of Liberal cultural assassins. They are dozens more.

The emergence this election of a state body to organize debates is the latest sign of diminution of our once-freewheeling democracy in favour of more state control and more regulation that advantage the incumbent party and limit the political futures we can contemplate together.

If this is not the heart and soul of the Trudeau, Butts and Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen’s agenda of democratic destruction, nothing else is.

Illegal “refugees?” Canadians don’t want them, but Ahmed Hussen does–so the illegals continue to flow into our country. Citizenship for Islamic terrorists? Majority disapprove–Trudeau does it anyway.

Billions handed to Middle Eastern and African governments. Hundreds of millions for abortion and health care for African women. Please do tell–how many Canadians are seriously in favour of funnelling billions of Canadian tax-dollars to the governments of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan? Yes,  the Council of Canadian Muslims may be ecstatic– but this is a limited market to say the least.

There is a clear and direct connection between an erosion of democracy in Canada, and the family of former PM, Pierre Trudeau. Example #1: Multiculturalism. Pierre forced this upon society without the approval or consent of the Canadian people. 100% Anti-democratic.

It was Pierre Trudeau who personally cancelled bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity– 100% non-democratic. It was son Justin who cancelled Canadian identity period with his “no core identity” mantra.

Again, a move devoid of democratic process. Of course, Justin understands full well that the “no core” is unsustainable–something else will come along to take its place in due time. CAP will bet dollars-to-tim-horton’s this will be non-democratic and anti-Christian in nature

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As CAP have opined incessantly, it is more than obvious Justin Trudeau admires communism more than democracy. His father before him did, and so does his Iranian film-making brother, Alexandre Trudeau.

Yet, the entire escapade has gone under-the-radar for over four decades. Unusual, isn’t it? What a sham. Under King Justin, democracy in Canada is dying. Media are covering up the incremental strangulation of freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

Here at CAP, we attribute the covert destruction of democracy to what we refer to as the “three-headed hydra” of liberal-globalism: Government, Media, Academia.

CAP Theory: Since that day in 1968 when Pierre Trudeau first became prime minister, our nation has slowly morphed into a quasi-communist society. In tandem with this is the slow and steady vilification and marginalization of Anglophone Canada.

Both elements are punitive. The two most dedicated people to this agenda come from the same family–the Trudeau gang. Coincidence? Hardly. Conclusion? Having a Trudeau as prime minister equates with a loss of freedom and democracy in Canada. For every day a Trudeau is PM, Canada loses a piece of itself.

This Trudeau family are destroyers–and Justin is even worse–far worse in fact–than his father before him. For sensible, patriotic Canadians–there are in fact millions of us— Trudeau power means disempowerment of English Canada, and its Anglophone and Christian communities.

Hey, Old Stock Canadians–want a dead Canada? Vote Justin Trudeau, and your wish will be  his command.









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  1. To see how easy it is to corrupt the British Parliamentary system just look at what the late Singapore dictator Lee Kwan Yew did over there once he got elected. Anyone that seriously challenged his power was either jailed or bankrupted or both and Lee corrupted the judiciary. Sound familiar?. Trudeau is extremely dangerous, he is corrupt and willing to lie to get his way and he is changing the law to be able to sue for having his feelings hurt so he can stop people from attacking him online. Trudeau can even put on blackface, ‘plenty of times’ and still claim he is against racism, he is psychotic.


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