A Communist Leader Of A Democratic Country Is Canada’s Real Problem

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Incongruous, adjective:

“Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings; incompatible, not conforming.”

The recent political dust storm manifest in the government of China’s alleged interference in previous Canadian federal elections has permeated mainstream media presentation.

While CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest pull their collective hair out trying to find a way to mitigate the impact, an untold element in the equation begs for exposure. Communism is not a word our press tend to throw around– unless it is focused on the behaviour of the Chinese government.

Cultural Action Party has a different take on the matter. What reaches beyond press presentation is found in a 50-fifty year history of the Trudeau family’s admiration for Communist governance.

As opined on myriad occasions, we point to the idea of a “hoodwinking” of Canadian society. As in, it’s always decades after the fact that our populous becomes aware of malevolent socio-political events. CAP attribute the condition to pre-meditated government-media collusion, particularly when a Liberal Party government in is power.

March 6th, 2023: ‘FIRST READING– The Trudeau Family’s Weirdly Close Relationship With Communist China’

“When Trudeau was sworn is as prime minister in 2015, Canadians might have known that they were getting a leader who had spent his entire life enjoying a bizarrely personal relationship with the government of Communist China.”

True– we might have known– but we never have. Responsibility for a lack of comprehension falls on the monolithic shoulders of Canadian media. Can it be that the net result is an absence of understanding of this vital concept:

Canada’s problem is that we have a communist prime minister in charge of a demographic that believes in, and wishes to maintain, the democratic condition of our country.

Is this the true paradoxical dynamic which threw Canada off its organic axis, resulting in public frustration presently felt among clear-thinking Canadians?

Is Justin Trudeau at heart a communist? As regular readers will know, CAP has been down this path countless times. Therefore, let us minimize anecdotal evidence.

We have spoken of the triple-play of communist admiration emanating from the Trudeau family: Justin, brother Alexandre, and Pierre Trudeau before them. Upon which we advance to so-called “conspiratorial” thinking.

Can it be that an agenda of political transformation has been at play for the past 50-years? Can it be claimed that the election of  Pierre Trudeau in 1968 planted the seed for an eventual transformation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship?

Is this a silent truth held back from knowledge of Canadians until Justin Trudeau busted open the door so wide that our citizenship couldn’t help but recognize its reality?

Hard questions they are. No matter what one’s personal belief system, facts are facts. At present, in the year 2023, China’s ubiquitous presence in Canada has finally come to the surface.

“Given the aggressive nature of Chinese diplomacy, it’s likely new incidents will occur over the next year or so which will further fuel anxiety amongst Canadian voters. This gives Pierre Poilievre a golden opportunity to channel his inner Ronald Reagan for political gain.”

This piece of tosh from the Hill Times exemplifies what our country is up against. Witness as Liberal responsibility for election interference is channelled away from our current government. Instead, the quisling journalist utilizes the situation to demonize “right-wing” Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre.

It is this hill of dung astute Canadians have to live with on a daily basis. The pundits on the Hill are backing Trudeau, thereby supporting the behemoth intruder nation from the Far East. It’s damn disgrace, but what can you do? Justin Trudeau pays media to promote these kinds of obfuscations.

To say that our country is in a precarious situation is the understatement of the millennium. At present, Canada stands on the precipice of unprecedented socio-political transformation.

Is history about to repeat itself? Can it be that Canada’s slide into authoritarian status will occur, while the general public remain unaware of how pivotal a moment in history we are currently living in?

It’s the way of the Liberal Party of Canada. Together with mainstream media, the globalist forces at play work their magic. The great government-media hoodwinking of our country hangs in the balance.

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