A Citizen’s Religion May Be Used To REFUSE Pandemic Vaccines: Employment Lawyers

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“Anti-discrimination laws would enable eligible employees to forgo getting a COVID-19 vaccine or be considered exempt from a company-wide mandate.”

According to Global News Canada, “by law, Canadian workers could request an exemption for medical, religious and philosophical reasons.”

The same exemptions apply at public schools in Ontario and New Brunswick, where children up to a certain age are required to be immunized against a number of infectious diseases to attend.

Many readers will be familiar with the term “a slippery slope.” This is exactly the situation regarding moral and religious exemptions for workers in terms of  mandatory Covid vaccine inoculations.

For starters, it is of little surprise to Cultural Action Party that this bit of pandemic news is being downplayed within media. Therefore, CAP will open the doors to some thoughts:

What is the criterion to qualify for such as exemption? Call us misguided, but does this qualification standard not appear arbitrary as heck?

For example, what happens if an employee walks into his bosses office, and informs them he is religious and wants to be exempt from the vaccine? Last time CAP checked, for many Canadians, religion is a private matter. A worker could easily go ten years on the job without the topic ever coming up between a worker and employer.

Could a citizen therefore fake their way into an exemption on this basis? What validation will be required–a written note from their local Minister or Rabbi? Talk about a potential break-down of Employer-Employee relations. Any sane Canadian can guess the outcome of this one–the company wins.

Taking this a step further, let’s consider what may qualify as  “slam-dunk” cases.  Here, we walk into the contentious issue of religion, race and ethnicity.

Does it, or does it not appear likely, that a consistent wearing of external signs of religious devotion shall best qualify?  In this regard, CAP are thinking of, as an example, Jewish head coverings, Sikh turbans, and Islamic hijabs.

Will the physicality of these religious symbols serve as a rubber stamp for vaccine exemption? Is this line of thought an example of racism? How will the Charter of Rights and Freedoms— our society’s ultimate human and civil rights declaration– affect these cases?

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Only the latter can be answered in any definititive sense. The ruling government and their “experts”– a decades-in-existence cabal of leftist lawyers, academic “intellectuals” and related pundits are already aware of the futile nature of vaccine Charter challenges.  The Charter shall be 100% ineffective is the correct response.

Exemptions based on issues of a philosophical nature— the big questions in life. What is the purpose of life itself?  What is peoplekind’s purpose on planet earth? What happens when a worker wishes to decline the vaccine who ardently believes the purpose of life is to stay clear of all vaccines?

Who will become the arbitrator in this matter? Are human resources departments generally filled with philosophy graduates who wrote dissertations on Immanual Kant’s “Critique Of Pure Reason?” 

Now, for an even more delicate issue: does the religious vaccine ticket qualify as a “privilege?”  Most will guess that CAP support this theory. Placing this within the context of  our broader society brings up an interesting social dynamic:

By way of Justin Trudeau, his Cabinet, Canadian academia– as well as hundreds of immigration and “multicultural” non-profit organizations– Canada is a nation steeped in “systemic privilege” of a variety that favours Anglophone Canadians.

If CAP is correct in the thought that wearing overt symbols of religious adherence may enable workers to decline the vaccine– is this not social privilege?

On this basis, what does this tell us about the odious topic of “white privilege” in Canada.  Certainly, there is none inherent in this example. As an aside, CAP believe there is none inherent within contemporary Canadian society PERIOD.

Truly, the “grey matter” within the world of Covid in Canada continues to roll forward.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)




6 thoughts on “A Citizen’s Religion May Be Used To REFUSE Pandemic Vaccines: Employment Lawyers”

  1. Yes Brad, the vaccine some may be forced to have is again, a joke, we are not in Nazi Germany where human medical experiments were rife, it is unnecessary unless one really feels a need for this overblown flu pandemic. Funny how anything about the yearly flu problem has been absent from the news to be replaced by the flavor of the year, covid. To reiterate my earlier comment about vulnerability and the fact everything is blamed on covid, another example of the aged and vulnerability problem, this just out from the States today. Carol Sutton, known for roles in the 1989 comedy Steel Magnolias and the TV series Queen Sugar, has died at the age of 76 from complications from COVID-19. If one looks at the true figures, those who fit in this category have been the ones affected most. Food for thought for thinking people.

    • Mainstream media reported a case of a 101 year old woman dying from Covid in Alberta. Is it not possible that it was “natural causes?” Studies show proving a death is directly related to Covid is far more difficult than government and media inform the public.

  2. It is recommended that those under 16 yrs of age should not take the vaccine (according to Pfizer) This alone says that the virus is not that bad in the first place. If you have age exemptions, where these young people can run wild and it’s not considered as a problem, then logically it should not be required to hire a lawyer to protect your rights to also say no.



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