$900,000 Gift To Trudeau Foundation Labeled “Largest Bribery Scandal In Canadian History”

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A $928,000 gift from European Climate Foundation founder McCall MacBain to 2015 Federal Election candidate Justin Trudeau represents the largest bribery scandal in Canadian history, claim inside sources.

The gift from  McCall MacBain (European Climate Foundation) is defined by the criminal code of Canada as criminal offences of: foreign influenced activity (defined by Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act as threats to the security of Canada).

Evidence supporting charge that McCall MacBain did in fact donate gift of $928,000 to influence/lobby Justin Trudeau in his  capacity as Prime Minister of Canada was first made known in a National Post article Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows. In that article it was confirmed that, “one in six donors to Trudeau Family Foundation)have affiliations with organizations currently lobbying the government.”

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is an independent and non-partisan charity established in 2001 as a living memorial to the former prime minister.  How often has this organization been mentioned or written up within Canadian media? Never is a reasonable guess.

After Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015, donations to the Trudeau Family Foundation skyrocketed. How many Canadians are aware of this?  Very few, because establishment media either refused to report the fact, or diluted the information within their coverage. How many Canadians are even aware of the Trudeau Foundation period?

Justin Trudeau became PM in 2015. In 2014, total donations to the Foundation were $172 Million. In 2016, they skyrocketed to $732 million. The boost included large financial gifts from non-Canadian sources. Media all but ignored this critical news information.

It certainly helps a candidate for prime minister when major media organizations omit critical information in order to protect a prime minister–not to mention to assist them getting re-elected.

Think of Justin Trudeau’s chances of victory if, for example, the Globe & Mail selected the title of this article as a media caption within their publication. Basically, it would spell the end of King Justin. This is  the power of media within our nation, and the very reason Trudeau gifted our establishment media with over $1 billion dollars since taking office.

A caveat–- one media choose to downplay– is that a media organization must adhere to government standards in order to receive the funding. And what, pray tell, are the Liberal’s standards? Hide as much dirt on King Justin as you possibly can. Do not advance or promote any form of populist politics. Do not criticize Islam.  Brand Anglophones who speak out against globalism racists and bigots.

Canada has been hoodwinked. Justin Trudeau didn’t simply become prime minister–-he has hi-jacked our nation away from its rightful owners– the people of Canada. His self- appointed mandate appears to be: ignore the desire of the majority, and advance the will of the United Nations, international banking, fundamentalist Islam and related nefarious global forces.

As with Pierre Trudeau before him, Justin believes he is entitled to own Canada, its values, and its consciousness.  Pretty lofty stuff for a lightly educated former drama teacher/snow board instructor.

25 thoughts on “$900,000 Gift To Trudeau Foundation Labeled “Largest Bribery Scandal In Canadian History””

  1. The media has moved on as all good lapdogs do. If you notice the Pm’s body language lately he knows the result has already been bought and paid for, he knows one rightwing nutbar does something stupid the info push begins and the polls slowly start to move until the big surprise election night. His agenda and the people he is working on behalf of will never let common unwashed voters toss the bum out. Just sayin

  2. Canadians in Quebec also need to wake up that the liberals under Trudeau are the enemy to Canada and our future as a free country

  3. If Canada was a Kingdom, Trudeau would be King, but it isn`t, its a country. Follow that thought.

  4. But why do Canadians vote assholes like this piece of slime in its our own darn fault I say We the people are the government this asshole only works for us. We should get back to calling the shots!

    • Canadians were hoodwinking by Trudeau and his communist side kick Gerald Butts. Stephen Harper had a dull public image, and Butts played on this to present the bastard son as a fresh dynamic PM. He has been dynamic– on behalf of all non-Canadians, Islam, 3rd World, LGBT, but not for any Anglo Franco of Christian Canadian. He does not like English Canada and wants to punish us for colonialism.

      • Hi Brad,

        I would like to agree with a lot of what you say except for the last sentence. I don’t think he’s trying to punish English Canada for colonialism. I do believe that he’s trying to rob Canada or at least somebody or more are pushing him to rob Canada. (He gives money in the way of freezers, or support ie. bombardier etc and they give a kickback to the Trudeau Foundation and elsewhere ie. China and the Middle East) The favouritism is mostly a smokescreen (ie. activating all the ‘minorities’ in one direction against the general public, together we stand, divided we fall scenario) to stay in power long enough to create a dictatorship where people who don’t like him must bow and scrape (because of his low self esteem, eg. Matthew Perry) but the consolation prize if he gets voted out (possibly unlikely because of dominion machine rigging and last minute mail-in votes), is all the money he has in accounts across the world and in the Trudeau Foundation.

    • Stupid students who are brainwashed and mislead by this climate change bullshit are the ones who vote for shit like this. They are the ones who will pay the most of this continues.

  5. Fees for private school for children paid for by a federal party seem minute compared to the numbers involved in the Trudeau foundation donations. Seems wrong to me. Could they not take the money and plant trees?

  6. This land was your land,,,,this land was my land,,,,till along came Trudeau,,,and christa free land,,,,throw in McKenna butts and mor,or neau,,,,,this land was stole from you and me,,,,,,,,,everyone sing along!!!

  7. Where would one find A list of all the wonderful things done by the Trudeau foundation? That much money must surely accomplished a lot no?


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