85% Say Justin Trudeau Should Be Removed From Office: Poll

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A new poll from Abacus Data published this week in the Toronto Sun speaks of a desire to remove PM Justin Trudeau from office:

“Just 15% think the government deserves to be re-elected.”

It comes at a time when elected MPs are reconveening in Ottawa to engage in what has degenerated into political circus of Liberal spin-doctoring for the purpose of clinging to a tenuous control of government.

In typical fashion, Trudeau was back to his usual self. Over eight-years, the PM has finely honed his government of China-derived skills as a national leader who never answers a direct question. Taking a page from the communist play-book employed by China’s top brass, nothing of substance arrives out of the mouth of Canada’s “post-modern” prime minister.

Beginning with a tribute to Islam, the sessions opened in typical Trudeau-style:

“The session opened with MPs from various parties standing to make statements, marking the seventh anniversary of the Quebec City Mosque terrorist attack.”

From there it went straight into Liberal government obfuscation:

“Asked about his $84,000 Jamaican vacation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau skated around the issue as he has done with reporters, and pretended it wasn’t anything he had to answer for.”

Verdict: Innocent.

“Asked about the problem of affordable housing and the plight many Canadians are facing, Trudeau attacked Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

Upon which CAP embellish the Trudeau attitude:

SNC Lavalin, WE Charity, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Aga Khan Vacation, China Election Interference and every other political faux-pas committed by the PM.

Verdict: Innocent.

Such are the puerile ways of Canada’s woke wonder of the world. Like authoritarian despots of history, Mr. Trudeau can say and do anything he wants, and still remain national leader.

At least until late 2025, the time period in which his direct competitor, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, ensured that Trudeau will remain on his political perch.

Much consternation has been raised regarding the “supply and confidence” agreement critical to Trudeau’s survival. Though no mainstream media outlet has come clean with the true motivation.

Nothing to do with dental plans and such. The real reason is because Jagmeet Singh is an ideological partner of Trudeau. He wants what Justin wants– comprehensive re-imagining of Canadian society; implementation of neo-authoritarian governance.

Like the PM, Singh has an insatiable desire to transition the descendants of our nation’s founding settler communities– “Old Stock” Canadians– to second-class citizen status. In their stead shall be Trudeau-Singh’s “chosen ones”– Sikhs, Muslims, and various 3rd World-derived communities.

The only problem, or certainly one of the largest, is found in the momentum Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives maintain as witnessed in political polls. Overwhelmingly, the polls predict a majority government for the CPC.

What to do, Justin & Jagmeet? Is it out-of-the-question to consider the thought that at this very moment, the Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition are scheming up methods to thwart a Conservative victory?

Of course they are:

“As progress on some measures in the Liberal-NDP confidence-and-supply agreement continue to play out publicly, the two parties have quietly been in talks to table electoral reform legislation before the next federal vote.”

Viewing the proposal, the changes appear peripheral. Expanding the numbers of days citizens can place their ballots, et al. The real move in this is opening the parameters ever wider to online, electronic voting. Perhaps political strategists feel this is a way to steal the election.

Beyond this comes the hypothetical. Perhaps China will be brought in to win a couple dozen seats in emulation of the 2021 election. Trudeau and Singh, both card-carrying affiliates of World Economic Forum, might tap their network to see what can be done.

What does appear inevitable is the idea that Mr. Trudeau will remain party leader. We stand witness as the spin-doctors apply their surgical skills:

“Trudeau has so much more that he wants to get done,” and other clap-trap of this nature. In terms of getting things done, Cultural Action Party wouldn’t doubt him for a micro-second.

Much more remains in terms of transfering Canada to a neo-authoritarian, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim state. Millions of potential immigrants have been lined up who would vote Liberal after gaining citizenship. Extracting democratic governance from society takes time, and Trudeau is just the person to get it done.

But the real reason he’s still in the game? Again, we speak of a hypothetical:

No one wants to take his place. Not Mark Carney, not squeaky-voiced mini-me Chrystia Freeland, nor anyone else. The Liberal are stuck with Trudeau, and if he ends up running, this is the reason why.

“When it comes to answering for the success or failure of his policies, Trudeau seems to forget that he is the one in charge and the one the public holds to account.”

CAP can see why. In his deluded mind, he deserves the position. He’s a Trudeau-family member, an elite Quebecois Liberal whose every wish– financial or otherwise–has been handed to him on a Laurentian Mountain silver platter.

“Trudeau and his government have returned to the House of Commons, aimless and rudderless. No one can pinpoint what is driving them other than a strong desire to hang onto power.”

There’s a reason, alright. Just one which has not once been articulated by legacy media. CAP even made up a name for it ourselves: Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

Taking cues from dictators of history and authoritarian societies they established, Canadians shall see if the Liberal-NDP partnership will be able to swindle their way into office for an additional term.

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  1. Photo: “Trudeau loves Brampton.” Wait until April; he’ll love it even more. That’s when the city erects a fifty-five foot statue of Hanuman; the Hindu god. Hanuman; the “monkey commander of the monkey army.” Sounds a lot like the Head Baboon Trudeau, and his monkey see, monkey do “Cabinet.” Hanuman: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Hanuman

    “Trudeau and Singh.” May as well “rebrand” this destructive pair “Trudeau and Trudeau.” As Hillary Clinton once quipped; in a different context; “What difference does it make?” (Benghazi.) In this case; none. Despite a different physical appearance; both of them are cut from the same worthless material.


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