75% Of Canadians Polled Want Him Gone, Trudeau Says No

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“Justin Trudeau has told his closest advisers he would not be true to himself if he quit as Liberal leader and prime minister; that he’s looking forward to fighting an election against Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

It’s all about him? Nothing of the sort should come as a surprise to clear-thinking Canadians. We speak of millions upon millions of citizens who, despite systemic media obfuscation, have to come to understand the true nature of Justin Trudeau.

What does it mean for Canada’s 23rd prime minister to remain true to himself? Based on eight years of consistent observation, Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] offer our opinion.

Trudeau is an ideologue. Lacking tangible skills necessary for competent national leadership, our PM carved out an agenda steeped in globalist politics, environmental propaganda and woke liberalism.

Canada’s PM would remain true to himself if he never deviated from his ideological orientation. This includes near-pathological animus toward the founding of our country, and its colonial roots. In terms of social issues, no national leader has exacerbated community division like Trudeau.

Like back-up partner New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, the PM loves to leverage the “race card.” Too cowardly to explicitly identify the culprits, Trudeau has spent the past eight years tacitly attacking Canada’s Anglo-European communities.

Have you heard the news? Traditional “Old Stock” Canadians are racist, xenophobic, homophobic and genocidal.

“He believes that with two years until the next election he and his party have enough runway to turn around poll numbers and win a fourth consecutive general election, a feat accomplished only by John A. Macdonald and Wilfrid Laurier.

Right. Patriots stand witness as his partner in pathos Jagmeet Singh serves as the singular reason Trudeau remains on his political perch.

A circumvention of democracy it is,  par-for-the-political-course for eight years running. Today, mainstream media exist to prop-up Liberal government political deception.

Example: the above reference to John A. MacDonald and Wilfrid Laurier. MacDonald’s final year in office was in 1894; Laurier’s was in 1911.  There is no comparison. Media love to play this little game of referencing an historical event which makes it appear that a political precedent actually exists.

When it comes to Justin Trudeau, there is no precedent. As he claimed in 2016, he views Canada as a “post-modern” society. That this society is, in reality, a march toward an erasure of personal freedoms, freedom of speech, as well as democracy itself, is being held back from the consciousness of our society by media.

Fact is, Justin Trudeau has never given a damn about democracy, and his current attitude speaks to the truth of the matter.

75% of voters want him gone, and yet he remains.

A recent poll says 67% of Canadians believe the Liberals immigration quotas are too high. The Liberals increase immigration quotas to their highest levels in history.

The 2023 study indicates that just 24% of Canadians see diversity as an unambiguous strength. The Feds deviate not one iota from their “diversity is our strength” mantra.

Notice any commonalities among the above? CAP certainly do. It’s best described as  breach of democratic ideology. Among western democracies, the will of the people– in particular the will of the majority– exist as fundamentals of authentic governance.

Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a tosh. While we’re at it, neither did Pierre Trudeau. Pourquoi? Because at heart, both are communist affectionadoes. Both men have moved in the spirit of socialist revolutionaries such as Mao Tse Tung.

Ditto for Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and other political despots. CBC seem to care not for the discrepancy between leaders who adhere to democratic principles, and those who tacitly advocate for Canada to be converted to neo-communism.

A medical metaphor serves to elucidate  Justin Trudeau’s covert agenda of socio-political transformation:

“Parasitic infections are diseases caused by organisms that live off of another living thing. They can cause fever, fatigue, intestinal symptoms, skin rashes or neurological symptoms.”

Once having entered the body, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. The same is true of our prime minister and his relationship to Canada’s body politic.

His day is done. His goose is cooked. Yet there he remains? CAP may not have a crystal ball, but we do have insight into the way our current federal government operate.

In our opinion, PM Trudeau is a globalist practitioner propped up by forces beyond Canadian borders. The agreement? This man is to spend a total of 10 years minimum in office. During this period, he will do what those who manipulated his prime ministership have instructed him to do.

China, for one. World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, Nation of Islam, Sikh-Khalistan nationalists, United Nations et al.

Trudeau would likely have been gone at the eight-year mark, if not for another WEF affiliate. Jagmeet Singh has gone and propped him up for two additional years in order to fulfill the ten-year minimum period.

It’s just a theory, but it makes good sense. In the beginning(2015), Trudeau set out on a decade long plan to re-imagine Canada as a post-modern, pseudo-communist society.

This is the reason that no matter what transpires around him, he proceeds along the path of democratic destruction without deviation in methodology.

Even when the entire country wants him gone, he remains cast-in-stone in all categories of national leadership. At the same time, he speaks of the Liberals as a “progressive” political entity.

It’s a sham, to be sure. As is the agenda as a whole. It took time for Canadians to uncover the truth about Trudeau. Now that they have, it will take a miracle to rescue this aberration of a prime minister from crashing down to Canadian earth.

Besides, it may not be that Trudeau actually wants to run again. More probable is that no Liberal MP would be foolish enough to want to take his place.

3 thoughts on “75% Of Canadians Polled Want Him Gone, Trudeau Says No”

  1. “Justin Trudeau has told his closest advisers he would not be true to [Klaus Schwab] if he quit as Liberal leader and prime minister….”

    • Addendum: “True to himself.” Which “self” would that be? The narcissist? The faux feminist? The inner gay? Trans? The pathological liar? The anti-Christian Trudeau? His Muslim self? The China serf? The WEF stooge? The communist? The psychological projectionist? Defender of “democracy”? Word-salad man extraordinaire? Destroyer of livelihoods? Paid assassin for “taking out” Euro-Canada? (Useful idiot to the Western hating globalists.) Which one? Trudeau is a multi-headed hydra. Deadly poison; from the top of his coiffed hair; to the soles of his manicured feet.


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