700 Children PULLED From School to Protest LGBT Curriculum

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An LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in the Rocklin School District  is riling parents, resulting in 700 children being pulled from classes last Friday.

The issue is new lessons that include the accomplishments of LGBTQ Americans, reports Sacramento Fox affiliate KTXL. Many parents say they’re not opposed to the inclusive lessons but to giving them to children at a young age — the curriculum would be rolled out in the second grade, where students are about 7 or 8. Some parents said the curriculum should begin in the fifth grade.

The parents are correct in that the LGBT and off-shoot Transgender Propaganda Industry should not be targeting children who are too young to comprehend basic human sexuality.

The transgender-hunters understand that the younger the child is, the more successful they will be in brain-washing them. Therefore, in typically sanctimonious fashion, the purveyors are OUTRAGED when any common sense human being challenges their program of transgender pseudo-science.

Too bad for them. 700 parents in Sacramento, CA are saying NO-GO to the tranny-warriors. Good for them. A similar dynamic is playing out in Canada as well, but we northerners don’t hear much about this because establishment media REFUSE to inform the public of the truth.

Why? Because this would accelerate the anti-trans trend within our country. Media do not want that. Why? The answer is surprisingly simple: MONEY. Big Pharma pays BIG DOLLARS to media by way of advertising. Additionally, big pharma are making A FORTUNE from sex change surgery and hormone treatments.

The result? Government, media, health and medical industries collectively remain silent as the lambs regarding the entire sordid affair. So a child comes home from school one day after being FORCED to attend “Drag Queen Story Time.” She announces to her parents she wants to go to the doctor to prevent her from ever having children.

The child is SIX YEARS OLD. Previously non-questioning and happy with her life, suddenly the child is fearful. Her trust in adults has eroded, and she ends up on a child psychologist’s couch for no good reason whatsoever.  Think this to be non-factual? Think again, folks- it is 100% TRUTH.

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“I know the importance of this inclusive curriculum from both a personal and professional perspective,” Sacramento LGBT Community Center spokeswoman Rachel Henry told KTXL. “There are several empirical studies that show textbook curriculum that is explicitly inclusive of the LGBTQ+ has dramatically positive effects on school climate for both LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ students.

So say the trans-for-children industry. Did you know? A study shows that chances of heart attack and stroke are FAR GREATER  for those who have transitioned their sex. The study found that trans women were more than twice as likely to have a stroke as cis women and almost TWICE as likely to have a stroke as cis men. Trans women were also FIVE TIMES more likely to develop BLOOD CLOTS than cis women and cis men, respectively.

Why doesn’t Rachel Henry expose this study?  Is Henry aware of a report from the FDA which informs us that their organization has received 24,000 reports of adverse reactions to the hormone therapy drug Lupron.

That’s another piece of news Rachel Henry could have referenced. It won’t happen. Transgender-mongers NEVER speak of any down-side regarding sex change. Nor does mainstream media.

So the issue comes down to protest. PARENTS versus government, media, medical and health industries, big pharma, naive school teachers, transgender-pushers, and the rest of those pushing and PROFITING from physically converting our children from male to female, and vice-versa.

Cultural Action Party of Canada believe the trans-mongers will ultimately LOSE this battle. Within a healthy society, immorality is not sustainable.  Misuse and abuse of children does not stand the test of time within western liberal democracies.

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Parents protesting the trans-madness will only grow in number and stature, and the illicit sex change for children industry will be exposed for what it truly is: a physically and psychologically abusive agenda targeting the minds and bodies of our precious children.





5 thoughts on “700 Children PULLED From School to Protest LGBT Curriculum”

  1. trans are not not not women. they need to find a new term for themselves as i am a woman and i am disgusted that these confused men consider themselves women.

  2. It brings joy to my heart the Powers that be have allowed the irony that your website benefits from an LGBT company’s advertising dollars – the community that you criticize all the time. This is why, whether you like LGBTQ2+ people, they are still Creation’s children, our brothers and sisters, and Citizens of our country – and they have a part to play in our economy.
    I cannot upload the screenshot, but it features two smiling men only wearing shorts, hugging in front of a cruising ship’s pool, with a caption “Do you Cruise – Atlantis All-Gay Cruises” and a link to the website: https://atlantisevents.com/
    I hope you find peace in your soul and less hatred.

    • John Overton– What CAP oppose is transgenderism for CHILDREN. The trans-pushers lump this in under the umbrella of homosexuality, a deception of the highest order. So you are seeing gay ads–this would happen if you cruise gay-oriented websites. Congrats.

    • What CAP oppose is transgenderism FOR CHILDREN. This issue should not fall under the general LGBT umbrella. Consenting adult sex and penis removal are not the same issue at all. Besides, if a person i seeing gay ads, it means they are spending time on gay websites.


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