70% Of Citizens Say Justin Trudeau “DOES NOT CARE What Canadians Think” Says Poll

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A majority of Canadians feel alienated by the country’s political system, with a rising number turning to populism and anti-immigrant ideology, according to a new study from Simon Fraser University. 

Close to half of the survey’s 3,500 participants told SFU’s Centre for Dialogue they don’t believe Canada is governed democratically. Almost 70 per cent of the survey’s participants feel government officials don’t care what ordinary Canadians think, and a majority of the respondents said they believe voting offers little influence on how a government is actually run.

In this climate of disillusionment, Canadians are embracing populism. The survey found that politicians who purport to stand up for the “common people” over “the elite” appealed to 80 per cent of those polled.  Anti-immigrant sentiment is also on the rise.

A third of the survey’s respondents said they believe citizens who immigrated to Canada deserve less say in the country’s affairs than Canadian-born citizens.

Enter Justin Trudeau, stage right. Let CAP now state outright what establishment media will not: The individual most responsible for the change in political winds is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While media print polls, data, and statistics they never actually offer an opinion of who is most responsible. Why has this dramatic shift occurred? What role does government play in this trans-ition? Are the polls a result of Trudeau government policy? His fervent dedication to both Islam and the LGBT community? What is driving the backlash?

Here, we find the usual commentary from mainstream media: nothing at all. The problem couldn’t possibly be Trudeau, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen, M103-pusher MP Iqra Khalid, non-profits such as National Council of Canadian Muslims, and hundreds of other ethnocentric tax-payer funded organizations.

No–there can only be one reason– non-Third World Canadians are racists, bigots and xenophobes. At least that’s what Canada’s hateful “Anti-Hate Network” have to say about the situation.  IMAM’s preaching religious superiority/hate at Canadian mosques agree.

From day one, CAP has preached the evils of Justin Trudeau & Co. We maintain that our Liberal government are working to erode democracy in Canada, and replace it with an totalitarian-style socialist government body.

Within this “post-modern” society, media control is integral to success. Has Justin not pushed for this by way of “buying” mainstream media, censoring alternate media, and attempting to control social media? Does this not fit the bill in terms of what historical fascist government and present-day dictatorships indulge in? Yes, it matches their methodologies in no uncertain terms.

So Justin Trudeau has created a Canada in which citizens have less faith in democracy than at any other time in modern history. Why? Because under Trudeau, Hussen, Gerald Butts and Iqra Khalid, Canada is less democratic than ever before.

Logical, rational, actual–therefore, completely buried within mainstream Canadian society. “We do not want any logical thinking influencing Canadian voters,” says Advisor Butts.

“Stick to globalist rhetoric, LGBT propaganda, and cries of emotion-based “Islamophobia,” and let’s win this thing” says second string advisor, Katie Telford.

This is how the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada wins elections. “Brand all Conservatives –and conservatives– racist and bigots”–says LGBT Liberal Fascist, MP Randy Boissonnault.

As a result of a relentless attempt to control Canadian people, their behaviours, and their thoughts, the Liberals have eroded democracy within our nation. As it happens, there is not a PM in history as desperate for control as Justin Trudeau. Simply put, he is addicted to it. His family upbringing resulted in a serious narcissistic personality. A desperate drive to prove to his father he could “make it.” A manic personality complex inherited from mother Margaret.

Mix it all together and you have Justin Trudeau– selfish, reckless, ego-driven as hell. Communism is control.  Dictatorships, media control, consolidation of power for the PMO. Scripting for MP’s during Question Period. Strong-arming Jody Wilson-Raybould.

“77%  of those surveyed favour democracy over other political systems, a figure that stood at 65% only two years ago.”

CAP translation: More and more Canadians feel democracy is slipping away in Canada. They should–because they are 100% correct

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Still, Sylvester said, the study reinforced the need to strengthen Canada’s support and engagement with democracy. That begins at the local level, she said.

“It’s not just about the ballot box. It’s about our culture, explained Sylvester. “The more engaged somebody is in their community, the more engaged they will be with their democracy and the more that they will be a champion for democracy.”

This Sylvester lady is a Canadian academic–therefore you know she is twisting  the motivation for the poll results. CAP find it amazing how dumb some academics can be.  A remedy for this does not begin at a “local level.” At this level, no influence can be had to prevent the continual erosion of democracy in Canada.

Rather, the answer is found on a federal level. Get the Trudeau government out of office. This is patriot priority number one. Canada can have Trudeau, or they can have democracy–but they cannot have both.

Justin Trudeau is antithetical to democratic principles. What else is does our PM ideologically oppose? Will Of The Majority. Freedom Of Speech. Referendums. Public Opinion. Christianity. Freedom of Press. Academic Freedom. Parental Rights. Rule-Of-Law.

Wait a dog-gone minute here! Who are we talking about? These points describe Chairman Mao Tse Tung rather well. Fidel Castro adhered to these political philosophies as well–he being schooled by Jesuits just like Justin Trudeau was.

These are not supposed to be the “qualities” of the leader of a western “liberal” democracy. These are the traits of despotic, totalitarian leaders. What gives?

What gives is media, and the fake and fraudulent manner in which they present King Trudeau to the general public. If they printed TRUTH, Justin would be done-like-dinner.

Game over Mr. Justin–now go join the “International Board For Saving Transgender Pygmies In The Belgian Congo”–the gig is up, dude.

On October 21st, 2019 we will find out of the Liberal-Globalist- Islamic- Transgender Party of Canada has formed another government.

Warning: vote at your peril–these “Liberals” will kill your country if permitted.









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