70% Of Canadians Want Terrorists Stripped Of Citizenship,Trudeau REJECTS Majority Opinion

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According to a Nanos Research poll, over 70 percent of Canadians say that any “Canadian” who travelled to the mid-east to fight for ISIS, or lived in ISIS territory, should be STRIPPED of Canadian Citizenship. Just 20 percent disagreed with that.

Therefore, 80% of Canadians DO NOT want Justin Trudeau to grant citizenship to Islamic terrorists holding Canadian passports. What does Trudeau have to say about it?

“The Liberal Party believes terrorists should get to KEEP their Canadian citizenship.”

Such adherence to democratic principles. Such dedication to the will  of the majority. This dedication is fundamental to the role of a leader within a western liberal democracy.

Justin Trudeau does not do it. Therefore, logically speaking, the man is not interested in public opinion, will of the people, or any other aspect of public influence upon government policy.

What other governments take this approach? China. North Korea, Cuba. Iran. Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, and every other totalitarian and theocratic nation on earth.

Why would Canada share these political stylings? Are we not a liberal democracy? Increasingly within our nation, media are functioning as a political branch of government. Informed Canadians(non-Liberals) will notice that as the federal election gets closer, Trudeau is gaining momentum in the polls.

This is 100% pre-meditated. Here’s what Trudeau, Butts, Moreau and the rest did: the the first 3 1/2 years of Trudeau’s tenure, he worked for every nation on earth other than Canada. The, during the final six-month run up to the election, government and media carved out a propaganda campaign for the purpose of winning in October.

This campaign would brain-wash voters into believing the Liberals actually care about Canadian issues. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are being depicted as an anti-abortion, bigoted xenophobes. The purpose is to erode the Conservative voter base, and position Trudeau for the win.

Canadians know that when a person leaves our country to fight for an enemy of Canada, then that person forfeits their right to be a Canadian citizen, and deserves to be stripped of their citizenship and banned from Canada. For reasons unknown, Justin Trudeau disagrees.

According to Post Millennial News, A motion forwarded by the Conservative opposition called for the government to: “immediately bring to justice anyone who has fought as an ISIS terrorist or participated in any terrorist activity, including those who are in Canada or have Canadian citizenship.”

While the Conservatives said any dual national that took up arms against Canada or committed acts of terrorism could have their citizenship pulled, the Liberals REVERSED that. In fact, giving convicted terrorists their citizenship back was on of the first bills introduced by the Trudeau government.

Therefore, one of the very first legislative decisions Justin Trudeau made as PM was to CANCEL an ability to strip terrorists of their Canadian citizenship. What a strange, strange person Justin Trudeau is.

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Based on this evidence, it is obvious Mr. Trudeau has a dual agenda as prime minister. In fact, it is multi-faceted in nature. Obviously, one of Justin’s primary duties as prime minister is to protect Islamic terrorists. Rather than reject these people, PM Trudeau imports them into Canada.

What kind of Canadian prime minister is this guy anyway? Realistically, Justin Trudeau is a NIGHTMARE. Enter establishment media. It is their job to cover-up, spin and propagandize Canadians into believing Trudeau is a righteous, fair-minded national leader working in the best interested of ALL Canadians.

It’s the lie of the century. Justin Trudeau is a man very much dedicated to the achievement of specific ideological goals. CBC, Globe & Mail inform us his goals are anything but re-inventing our country in the image of King Justin. Toronto Star says nothing about any of the behaviours described within article.

The Liberals are out to steal this election, just as they did in 2015. Beyond this, they are also working to steal our country from its founding peoples, erode English Canada, as well as Christian Canada. The goal is to disempower our Anglophone communities by way of branding us racist.

Justin Trudeau has done one hell of a good jobat this. He is Canada’s “anti-Canadian” prime minister. Trudeau wants a new Canada, and he will do anything to get the job done.

Justin Trudeau has a “saviour” complex.  Previous to becoming PM, many an IMAM were whispering in his ear during his nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques. They filled his head with lofty ideas, one of which was ” Justin, you can carve out a unique legacy if you successfully integrate Islam into Canadian society.”

Thinking NOTHING about the Canadian people, while thinking everything of himself, Justin went to work on their behalf.  The Islamic community had successfully tapped into his megalomania. In Trudeau’s mind, he could be so much more than a generic national leader. He could go down in history as the man who “Islamized” Canada.

Then, in his mania-infused manner, Trudeau put the blinders on and went to work in the interests of the Nation of Islam.

This is the untold story of Justin Trudeau, 23rd prime minister of Canada.





13 thoughts on “70% Of Canadians Want Terrorists Stripped Of Citizenship,Trudeau REJECTS Majority Opinion”

  1. Trudeau needs to be booted so far out of office.
    If a Canadian committed a crime he would be sentenced to an appropriate jail time and they know they would be getting it.
    I have kept up with the thousands of wrong doings he does against us Canadians and he wants us to believe he cannot be stopped.
    As well as all the new lies he is promising if elected again. Many things which should have been dealt with when coming into office veterans,seniors,healthcare,security so wrong mister justine.
    He has proven to me that he is a liar an uncaring person for our seniors and veterans and if he continues people dont truly realize the magnitude of the destruction of Canada he will implement.
    I certainly wouldnt say one party or another will quickly take care of all the dire situations were dealing with but I will gladly share my old time values and understandings saying everything in the government needs to be revamped …. I believe you need to be a Canadian or a long long long time permanent resident for many years before you attempt to run for office I also believe A PM can be had but he needs to be held accountable for wrong doings and criminal acts same as we would be. I believe our PM needs to deal with our problems not every other Country first. I believe we need a person that isnt scared to speak the truth and stand tall when making proper decisions. I just hope the new voters of Canada will clue in that he is 2 faced and vote accordingly .
    I have truly heard numerous people say he is good looking (not) he loves life cause he wears wacky socks he loves photo ops he loves trans he loves life he loves blah blah blah .
    Hello people WAKE UP and clue in we dont need a cartoonist/drama wanna be running our Country and if those are the reasons your going to vote for him then stay the hell home that day….

  2. Round them all up and deport their sorry asses back to wherever the hell they came from,deport Trudeau to,he cares so much about non Canadian’s,he can pack his shit up and get the fuck out of Canada.

  3. I can’t agree with you on everything, Mr. Salzberg; but your essentials are sound.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to let us know what you believe is going on. It’s important information that our MSM deliberately ignores because of who controls the whole sordid mess.

    • I think Trudeau is making it easier for terrorists to attack the states again putting us as Canadians at rusk of wsr with the states. All hes foing is harbouring terrorists here so the can build a army on this side of thr world maybe we needs a Canadian version of Donald Trump

  4. Mr B Salzberg, even though you might be right in your statement on most of it i would like u keep in mind that this country was build with more than just English speaking people the French speaking people is very much concern also. So is ,Trudeau, agenda is bothering us also. Do not repeat Cherry mistake and think that this country is english only.

    • Of course CAP doesn’t believe Canada is “English Only”– waves of European settlers founded Canada– English, Irish, Italian, Ukrainian, French– we fully understand this basic concept–but it is the white Canadian who Trudeau will ultimately eradicate.


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