70% Believe “Canada Is Broken, Worst Outlook He’s Ever Seen” Says Pollster

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“The pollster, who has measured Canadian public opinion for 35 years, says it’s the worst outlook he’s seen.”

“Ipsos polling done exclusively for Global News shows 70 per cent of Canadians agree that ‘Canada is broken,’ a charge Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre repeatedly makes.”

“He’s capturing a mood,” says Ipsos Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker.

Poilievre isn’t the only one doing so. Incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also “capturing a mood,” and by remaining in office, exacerbating the circumstances to the most extreme levels possible.

What makes for a broken nation? The process of “breaking apart” is largely found in the realm of inter-community harmony, or the lack of it. A unified society derives from a majority of citizens sharing similar values. While Trudeau claims that “diversity is our strength,” on the streets of Canadian society, the very opposite has become a reality.

Much of it falls within the realm of ethno-religious community dynamics. At a high-level, federal immigration policy has filled our country with disparate socio-political forces. Rather than attempt to placate the situation, legacy media utilize the phenomenon to “sell papers,” or in a post-modern context, “maximize clicks.”

Canadians should face the facts: establishment media are not our friends. For that matter, neither is the Liberal government. In both cases, missions remain counter-productive to social harmony.

“Pierre Poilievre is going around and saying Canada is broken. He’s doing that for his own narrow interests because he wants to get elected,” said Trudeau.

Poilievre wants to get elected, eh? What a revelation this is. And you, Mr. Trudeau, do not want such a thing? As exemplified by nine years of importation of millions of new immigrants for the express purpose of voting for your political party.

Canadians have had enough of Trudeau, but CAP is quite certain that Trudeau has not had enough of creating a broken society. In a twisted manner, he seems to thrive on it. In this regard, Cultural Action Party [est.2016] bring forth a taboo topic. It comes in the form of Trudeau’s empowerment of 3rd World migrant communities.

In terms of specifics, we look to political figures such as Trudeau-appointed Attorney General, MP Arif Virani. An Ismaili Muslim, Virani supports the politics of “good family friend” the Aga Khan, of whom Trudeau refers to as “His Royal Highness.”

A migrant from Uganda, Virani is charged with heading up the Liberal government-driven Bill C-63, aka the “Online Harms Act.” Eschewing specifics, we choose to summarize with the idea that, in simple terms, Trudeau and Virani simply want to “shut us up.” As in, no “racism”– and in particular, no so-called “Islamophobia,” permitted on the internet.

What’s the game-plan, Justin? Utilization of immigration policy to justify communist-style censorship as it exists in your families hero-nation of China?

A related appointment made by MP Virani speaks to the issue of “special interest” community power, a phenomenon that has exploded under the leadership of Trudeau.

How to describe the person Virani has chosen as the new head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission?  An article published this week in the National Post summarizes.

As reported this week, the newly appointed head of Canadian Human Rights Commission Birju Dattani “has directly associated with individuals and groups affiliated with terror entities.

“Mr. Dattani was independently appointment by the Minister of Justice and the Commission is preparing to welcome him.”

Under these circumstances, why did Justice Minister Arif Virani select this individual? Does his “resume” not suggest that a lack of objectivity will be applied to cases of human rights violations in Canada?

For CAP, what it does suggest is that the power structure within our society is being shifted out of the hands of Canada’s Anglo-European communities. In a western nation rooted in democratic governance, such a move is certain to increase the “broken nation” phenomenon.

Then again, perhaps it’s a governmental goal— to “divide and conquer.” No ramifications from immigration are affecting Canadian society as much as by-products from the situation in Gaza. By now, you’d have to be an Inuit in Northern Nunavut not to be aware of the spill-over of social chaos to Canadian soil.

We pick up on the curious consistency of media coverage. Never do they attribute the discord to immigration policy. Never do they lay blame at the feet of the person most responsible, Justin Trudeau. They must want what government want– a broken society. As well as one in which systemic transition of political power is forced on the country against the “will of the people.”

At the base level, this is how a broken western democracy manifests: when government refuse to accept and implement “the will of the majority.” That’s life in authoritarian societies, and it’s now life in “no core identity” Canada.

“Ipsos polling done exclusively for Global News earlier this month found support for him[Trudeau] is close to “rock bottom,”  with nearly seven in 10 Canadians saying it’s time for Trudeau to resign.”

All Canadians should be asking themselves a basic question: is Justin Trudeau choosing to remain in office to improve Canada, or does he remain to make a broken society even more broken?

2 thoughts on “70% Believe “Canada Is Broken, Worst Outlook He’s Ever Seen” Says Pollster”

  1. I remember the msm on Mike Duffy case for three years. Day and night for 3yrs, the talked non stop about M.D. Compare then to now the msm rately mentions justin Trudeau and his disaster to canada. The msm helped justin Trudeau by manipulating the news.
    All the so call immigrants are justin Trudeau’s voting block. He is calculating the no of these people to fill in for votes he cant get in many regions of canada. No wonder justin is not worried. He has his own kind people ready to promote him even if he has to dismantle Canada to suit their needs.

  2. When things finally get bad enough, protests against our “leadership” will not involve shouting, screaming, or cuss-words.

    The assembled masses will just show up in complete stone-cold silence.

    Hopefully this can yet be averted, as the Ceausescu couple now wish also.


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