68-Year Old Woman Dies ONE DAY After Pandemic Vaccine Injection

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“A former Detroit news anchor who worked at the country’s first black-owned television station died last Tuesday — “one day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine,” the New York Post reported on February 18th, 2021.

Hudson-Samuels’ cause of death is not yet known. “We suspect it may have just been a stroke but because of the normal side effects of the vaccine, it may have masked that,” husband Cliff Samuels told the news station.

Call CAP a suspicious lot, but there are at minimum two key points at that we categorize as “unusual.”

Firstly, when searching the world wide web for information on this lady’s sudden death, what we find is a singular article published in key American markets like Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.

While news article syndication is a standard of journalism, the bottom line in this case is note-worthy:

The quote from Cliff Samuels is the sole statement on the news anchor lady’s death. As in– just one sentence — and a cryptic one at that:

“We suspect it may have just been a stroke, but because of the normal side effects of the vaccine, it may have masked that.”

The phrase “it may have masked that” is far too ambiguous to draw a firm conclusion on the relationship between the vaccination and the stroke.

Our second observation relates to American versus Canadian media coverage. A thorough web search reveals not a single mention of the death of Karen Hudson-Samuels within Canadian media,  who last week expired at 68 years of age.

To think this is the only case of this nature eschewed by media in Canada is, of course, pure folly.

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Dr. J Barton Williams, an orthopedic surgeon in Tennesse, died February 8, 2021  of multi-system inflammatory syndrome, a condition usually affecting children.

Dr. Williams tested positive for COVID antibodies, meaning he had COVID at one time, but he never knew it. And he had gotten his second COVID vaccine just weeks before his death.

“He had it–but never knew it.” So readers are to believe this man– a surgeon no less– had contracted Covid, yet never experienced so much as a case of the sniffles as a result?

In no manner can CAP pass judgement on whether or not these deaths– and many more along these lines– are related to pandemic vaccinations.

What we will say is that among a plethora of Covid-related deaths of this nature, we have yet to witness even the slightest allusion to vaccines playing a role in the deaths.

Therefore, we draw a conclusion that among the millions  of Covid-related deaths reported by media world-wide, not one case exists in which the pandemic vaccine played a role in a person’s death.

Are media playing down all associations of this nature?  The mystery continues unabated.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est 2016)

2 thoughts on “68-Year Old Woman Dies ONE DAY After Pandemic Vaccine Injection”

  1. Pharmaceutical vs: Holistic Healing were running 50/50 in the early 20th Century but today our Freedom of Choice is threatened’? MD’s kill more people with their supplements than Naturopath’s do.

  2. The death rate in the United States is about 0.9% per year. They’re vaccinating about 2 million people per day. Therefore, at random you’d expect that in a group of 2 million people, about 49 would die on any given day.

    The fact that you can identify one person who died a day after getting vaccinated is meaningless if there is no evidence — and in this case there is not — that the vaccine caused her death.


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