51 Out Of 338 Federal Ridings in Canada Are Now Minority White

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‘The Political Impact of Increased Diversity: What the Census Shows’

A new report from the National Opinion Centre has delivered a rarity among immigration-related communications in Canada. Among other vital statistics related to Canadian demography, the following statement speaks to the impact of immigration intake in Canada:

“The number of ridings in which visible minorities form a majority of the population has increased from one in ten (33) in 2011 to close to one in six (51), reflecting high and increasing levels of immigration.”

CAP immediately pick up on a salient fact: while the report details exponential growth in “racialized” citizenship, it remains devoid of a critical truism: the impact of our Liberal government’s immigration policy on Anglo-European communities of Canada.

Simply put, it’s like we don’t exist. Perhaps, one day, the concept will come to fruition. It well appears that no matter what transpires within the world of Canadian demography, government and media are loathe to reference our rapidly shrinking Anglophone communities.

How did it come to be that silence regarding Anglo-European Canadians became the law of the land? Why have these communities transitioned to a silent majority? Government won’t speak of us. Media certainly won’t, nor will the so-called “experts” in our academic institutions.

We hear plenty from our controlling institutions about racism against minority communities. Absurdist terminology such as a “majority minority” federal riding is today a social standard. “Islamophobia” colours the content of press presentation on a daily basis. Sikhism, Chinese LGBT, transgender– all are infused within the vernacular of the day.

In stark contrast comes the silence surrounding white Canadians. Are we to go “gentle into that good night” of community erosion without so much as a peep within our pluralist society?

More than any element, it is this perpetual silence which concerns Cultural Action Party. Simply put, no one talks about us– an ominous condition when considered from an historical context.

In the year 2023, 51 of 338 federal political ridings in Canada are minority white. There– we said it. No one else will, and in fact, doing so is a sure-fire way of being censored on the internet.

“South Asians and Chinese being a majority of the population (five ridings out of 51 – Brampton East and West, Surrey-Newton for South Asians, Markham-Unionville and Richmond Centre for Chinese).”

Translation: These five ridings are majority Asian, and minority Caucasian. Why is it so difficult to invert the presentation, and inform Canadian of this vital truth? For what reason is it taboo to speak the name of our communities? PM Justin Trudeau has never done so. Over seven years in office, and Canada’s woke globalist practitioner has yet to utter the word “Anglophone.” And you can be sure he never will.

“Visible minority majority ridings are characterized by larger populations, moderate growth, high densities, a younger population, a higher percentage of religious minorities and a low percentage of Indigenous peoples.”

Again with the ridiculous terminology. We learn that these communities are younger than their “Old Stock” counterparts. We understand that Sikhism and Islam are on the rise. We should know that Anglo-European birth-rates have tanked in totality, while 3rd World migrant birth-rates are double that of “traditional” Canadians.

But in fact, we don’t know anything– because this data is not fit for print within Canada’s monolithic media bubble. Best to “keep whitey in the dark,” one supposes.

Speaking of obfuscation in the press, here’s one good reason why it exists:

Breaking down  2021 federal election results highlights the “strength of the Liberals and NDP in visible minority majority urban ridings and the relative strength of the Conservatives in ridings with between five and twenty percent visible minorities.”

Stop The Press: in this, fellow patriots, we discover the future of our nation. Stated plainly, the Liberals-NDP rule the roost in terms of the “racialized” vote. Conversely, whites vote for the Conservatives.

Translation: the more immigrants, the greater the percentage of federal ridings that fall into Liberal hands. To facilitate, jam-pack as many ridings as possible with new arrivals. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

CAP Present: The Goal Of The Liberal Government Of Canada

It is two-fold. First, utilize immigration to transfer white Canadians to a minority community. Next, by way of immigration policy, transition all currently-held Conservative ridings to the Liberal Party.

Upon which we move to the most taboo topic in Canada: the future of our nation. Media won’t allude to it, but the outcome is blatantly obvious. If in the year 2038 the Liberals control 90% of federal ridings, what is the point of holding federal elections?

There is no point. Bingo– our nation transitions to a non-democratic country.

“Earlier waves of immigrants, mainly European origin, tend to lean Conservative compared to more recent waves, mainly visible minority, tend to lean Liberal.”

Translation: game over, Euro-Canadians, Conservative Party, as well as the institution of democracy itself. Not only are these the reasons why this data will never be presented in this fashion by establishment media in Canada.

Just by stating these facts, CAP is likely to be further censored on the internet.

This, friends, is PM Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada. Ridding the nation of its core, the Liberal government pave the way for the end of freedom and democracy in the dying Great White North.

1 thought on “51 Out Of 338 Federal Ridings in Canada Are Now Minority White”

  1. Most white liberal dupes (WLDs) assume that by refusing to identify themselves as “white”, non-white folk will reciprocate by not seeing them as white. Instead they will be seen as a collection of unique individuals who happen to look white. This is a suicidal delusion. Non-white immigrants are communitarians, not libertarians. They have a tribalist perspective. The useful white idiots who promote “diversity, inclusion and equity”, aka employment equity will not gain any exemption from reverse discrimination or ethnic nepotism. They will be brushed aside, as they have been in Burnaby. Thanks to the mass immigration policies they helped to implement, White Leftists are a marginal force in civic politics now. The occupation government and brown civic parties have little need of white liberals now.
    In plain terms, the white NDPers are serving as grave diggers for a culture they were instrumental in killing.


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