50% Of Canadians Live “Paycheque To Paycheque” While Trudeau Gives BILLIONS To Middle Eastern Nations

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More than half of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque and more than a third have no retirement savings, boosting the pressure to work longer, according to a new poll by accounting firm BDO Canada Ltd.

The survey of 2,047 Canadians found that under the Trudeau government 53 per cent had little disposable income and that debt is overwhelming for a quarter of respondents. An increasing number – 57 per cent versus 53 per cent last year – are carrying credit card debt, the survey showed. A third of people can’t afford to pay off their credit card balances, while 40 per cent owe non-mortgage sums of more than $20,000, BDO said.

Now, let’s focus in on the funds Justin Trudeau has given to foreign nations over his four-year term in office. The notable increases in year-over-year international assistance levels were to:

Syria (up 76%), Iraq (up 67%), Jordan (up 64%), Afghanistan (up 47%), and Lebanon (up45%).

Afghanistan is  number one in Canadian aid(all funds paid  with Canadian tax dollars) at $233 million, followed by Ethiopia $ 193 million.

Nice for them, but how does this benefit  Canadian citizens? Quick answer–it doesn’t. The beneficiaries are Islamic governments.  Governments– as opposed to people. Within theocratic nations, who is to say the funds actually reach those in need? How does one confirm these monies are not being used by foreign governments to further their political agendas? Answer: We don’t.

In addition, Trudeau has increased Canada’s global spending on women’s and girls’ health as other countries “are stepping back,” says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canada will increase its spending to 1.4 billion Canadian dollars ($1 billion) by 2023 from C$1.1 billion currently, he announced at the world’s largest conference on gender equality, We Deliver, positioning his country as a leading donor internationally.

Welcome friends, to the show that never ends–Justin Trudeau’s “globalist giveaway” program. Benefit: Third World governments, and their peoples. Financier: 37 million Canadian tax-payers.

What a scenario!  Canadians are more stressed than ever before regarding personal and household finances. Our tax rates are higher than ever. New taxes on carbon places even more pressure on our citizenship. Child poverty is at an all-time high, along with pollution and poisoned water on First Nations reserves. Number of Canadians living on our streets is also at an all-time high.

How does Justin Trudeau respond? By taking billions of dollars which could have been used to remedy these social maladies, and handing them on a silver platter to the governments of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Then, the man gets re-elected. Insane, isn’t it? Yet, this is the kind of government three-ring-circus currently controlling our society. Of course, Trudeau wouldn’t have a hope in hades of winning if it were not for establishment media protecting his traitorous behind.

Conclusion? Old Stock Canada, you are being hosed more than Bob & Doug MacKenzie could properly describe. Do tell– who elected Canada as international “saviour-nation” for Somalia, Pakistan, and the rest of Justin’s chosen Middle Eastern nations? Why doesn’t any politician state the obvious: The government of Iran is responsible for the people of Iran— not Mr. & Mrs. Patterson of Orilla, Ontario.

See how media never bring up issues of this nature? Therefore, they must be on board with the program. Conclusion: We live in a nation where government and media function as a single unit–a sure-fire sign of communist propaganda infiltrating a society

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What is Justin Trudeau’s preferred form of governance? Why, it is communism. Hello? Can anyone put two-and-two together to comprehend exactly what is going on here?

Answer: Sure they can–but they never will. CBC? Globe & Mail? Don’t be absurd–these media entities are going to hide the truth from our people until it is too late. It’s always the way with the globalists–same pattern for multiculturalism.

Implement, entrench, never question, block all push-back, and presto! What a wicked game they play. Canadians will not discover how immigration and multiculturalism are transforming Old Stock Canada into a minority until it is too late. This is always the pattern with the Liberal-Trudeau Dynasty-Globalist assault upon our nation.

Damn, are our people ever getting the shaft. Justin Trudeau says we must fund the improvement of health and living conditions–in Africa. Canada’s “King of Kings” has worked desperate to help the Middle Class– in Iran and Afghanistan.

Need a billion big ones for abortion in Somalia, Kenya and other African nations? Give Justin a ring, and he will trans-fer hundreds of millions of Canadian tax-dollars to the governments of Syria, Libya and Yemen. Meanwhile, thousands of Canadians have transitioned from Middle Class to lower income. Justin doesn’t care–he has much more important business to take care of around the world.

Bottom Line: Justin Trudeau has trans-itioned Old Stock Canada into an invisible, silent national “piggy bank” for the purpose of building up his image on the international stage.

Then, the cretin gets elected for a second term. CAP has a term for this: a sick society. What else can we expect when we have a sick globalist for a national leader?





19 thoughts on “50% Of Canadians Live “Paycheque To Paycheque” While Trudeau Gives BILLIONS To Middle Eastern Nations”

    • You right..i agreee…its we are paying tax…and we should get the benefits and f that….its not worth living life paycheque to paycheque….

    • Most of Ontario did not vote for Trudeau. Pay attention here – Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton – with the most seats. Travel to these places and you will see why.

  1. What ever government is in power funds the media especially CBC which is supposed to be unbiased news, not. Just like President Trump talks about CNN being fake news you need to do your own research and not think like the herd. I cancelled my subscription to CNN two years ago (Jake Tapper (un)Reliable Sources) and take what the CBC says with a grain of salt. I believe Alberta is suffering because Peter Lougheed won to many arguments fighting against Justin’s father.

  2. Isn’t it simple? Don’t spend money that you don’t have! While he is giving away our hard earned tax dollars, the country is spiralling into a level of a 3rd world country. Do you want to fix the national debt? Quit giving away all of the funds. He had no trouble stating that they were asking more than we could give at this point when the veterans pointed out how they couldn’t live on their pensions. That should be the go to answer for all other countries that can’t directly help us remove the debt load. I am not suggesting buulding a country of weak citizens by giving them everything, instead I say make workable solutions available to MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN. Funny how that statement works, hnn. We would be far more powerful as a country if we had never met either of the Globalists sharing tge same legal name. This of course is just my opinion.

  3. You guys are making mountains out of molehills, $1.4billion in a population of 37 million is $38/person. If this was a tax break to the 50% of canadians living paycheck to paycheck, it would amount to $76/person savings.

  4. Not all Muslims are Bad. The third world people are most people who work hard to get to whatever they wants in life. They went throw a lot of stuff as I am one of them and I have moved to Canada. I have been working as hard as I can and full time student. I am independent person, and I have started from scratch in a new country and new culture. If people here focus more on improving themselves instead of wasting there time on bad stuff they won’t be homeless or in bad debt. Stop blaming everyone else for your own mistakes and figure your own stuff and you won’t need someone to pay you anything. Also, you can’t blame a person or a president, PM because they don’t control those stuff. Please look outside of the box and stop hating others just because they are different then you.


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