5 Ontario ridings that could help determine 2015 election

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The next prime minister of Canada will be determined largely by Ontario voters.

With 121 of the 338 seats at stake in the Oct. 19 election, Canada’s most populous province is far and away its most politically important.

Ontario has more seats in the House of Commons than the combined tally of the second and third biggest provinces, Quebec and British Columbia.

MPs from the province accounted for about 44 per cent of the most recent Conservative government caucus and almost 56 per cent of the members of the previous Liberal government in Ottawa.

That’s why Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have spent so much time campaigning here.

While the leaders are focusing a lot of attention on Toronto and its surrounding suburbs — where literally dozens of seats are in play, according to public opinion polls — there are many other races to watch over the coming weeks.

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