5 Most Disturbing Trudeau-Related Observations Canadian Media Refuse To Expose

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#1– The Theory Of Everything:

Witness as media overlook the fact that the Pandemic from China has rendered Canada’s most talked-about social issues all but null and void. Remember back in ancient history from 2015-2019? LGBT and Pride were the belle of the ball. No longer the case, are they?

How about the very recent Black Lives Matter movement? Seems they have fouled out on the basketball court since Covid19 came to town. At the same time as PM Justin Trudeau announces an immigration intake of 1.2 Million over the next three years, not a speck of critical analysis is taking place. Pourquoi? Covid is an all-encompassing diversion from all social issues that 38 Million Canadians care about. How “post-modern” this is.

#2– Shadow Cabinet Time:

Any other Canadians recall a time when not only PM Trudeau, but at least a half dozen members of the Liberal Cabinet spent copious amounts of time attempting to rationalize the inane policy-making decisions of government?

MP Bill Morneau on unprecedented deficit accumulation. MP Catherine McKenna on Green Initiative rationalization. Why, even ex-Immigration Minister from Somalia, MP Ahmed Hussen, was in the public eye convincing Canadians why importing and funding illegal refugees make glorious benefit to our country. The only Cabinet member currently reaching public consciousness is MP Chrystia Freeland, who in a nutshell, is Trudeau “go-to” person for every failure he brings to “no core identity” Canada.

3#– Ghost Town Blues: 

Here’s one that hits close to home–the complete disappearance of Justin Trudeau’s immediate family. Witness how media have dropped the ball on the fact that since Mr. Trudeau’s costume show on a trip to India–including those pointy silk shoes dancers wear in Bollywood movies— neither hide nor hair has been seen of the wife and children of our PM. CAP reducing themselves to the levels of National Enquirer? Not quite–this reality speaks volumes regarding media protection of all-things Justin Trudeau.

#4– Night of the Living Non-Elected: 

As it related to Canada’s Harry Houdini of a Liberal Cabinet, pint-sized professor Dr. Teresa Tam has been cast in the role of the “overseer” of the Covid Pandemic. CBC expose not a word regarding the fact that Ms. Thang is a NON-ELECTED public figure. Born in Hong Kong, schooled in Britain, Ms. Tam is a quintessential figure in what CAP believe is our society’s trans-formation from democracy to dictatorship.

#5– Dictatorship Night in Canada:  In the context of Cultural Action Party’s 35 year history of following the antics of the family Trudeau, as well as Canadian politics in general–we submit to readers the following concept. A certain Justin Trudeau is the most HATED Canadian politician who ever lived.

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Recently, an interesting phenomenon has been observed. Who can argue with the idea that CBC News, as well as the Globe & Mail, are steadfastly leftist media publications. How do we know?  For one thing, because within Canadian establishment media– they all are.

CAP encourage readers to check out their CBC and Globe & Mail facebook pages. First, look for articles related to PM Trudeau. Next, review the comment sections below the articles.

They you should find what CAP has found– the majority of comments are today anti-Trudeau. This is a major switch from even 6 months ago.

Now, contrast this with a very recent Angus Reid poll, which states not only that Trudeau is six points ahead in the polls, but that related data suggests PM Justin may return to a majority government.

What gives, fellow patriots? How about this: Justin Trudeau is one hell of a hated man, and yet polls show he may well win his third term in a row. Let CAP make a bold prediction beyond a third term: Mr. Trudeau–or heaven forbid a Liberal who replaces him–will win a forth term. This shall be followed by a fifth, six and seventh term.

After which, democracy will be declared futile, as the former Great White North drops its distinction as a democratic nation, and transition to a bona fide dictatorship.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau. Ministry of Propaganda, Canadian Media.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of Cultural Action Party of Canada(est 2016)


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  1. Trudeau “may” have a plan like financially bankrupting Canada then instead of the IMF bailing us out, it’s China! Just saying….

  2. Trudeau will win the same way Biden won… That the way is works in the American, and Canadian banana republics. Elections do not matter. As Stalin noted: ”I do not care who votes. I care about who counts the votes.”


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