Canada Hits Bottom: 47% Dislike All Parties, 50% Do Not Want Election

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A new Ipsos poll found 13% of those surveyed don’t know who they’ll be voting for on Sept. 20, 2021. Results show that almost half of these voters — 47 per cent — don’t like any of the parties, while 50 per cent say there shouldn’t be an election at all.

For nearly two years, Canadians have been inundated with pandemic-derived health warnings.  The assault has been so all-consuming one could forget that other health-related concerns exist.

One example would be the topic of political health. Reasonable it is to conclude that no Big Pharma panacea can prevent what has transpired over the past six years.

This piece of political history coincides with Justin Trudeau’s time in office. To drill down on our political health under his leadership is to recognize a social malady.

Not only do Canadians not want a federal election, they do not like any of the federal parties. Obviously, society has reached a political low point. Readers following Cultural Action Party for the past six years can guess how we will respond to this social nadir: we will blame it on Justin Trudeau.

Yet, it is fair to conclude that CAP indulge in an area of analysis set aside by establishment media. Fair to label this “sociological interpretations” of political circumstances.

In this regard, what Canada has on its hands is a case of political sickness. A recent poll informs us that our citizenship are wholly disillusioned with the state of politics in 2021.

Out of this condition comes a conspicuous question–  one that will never be posited by mainstream media:

Can it be that the situation is intended to be this way? For many, an outrageous and paranoid thought. Yet, when applying  sociological analysis–as well as historical context– perhaps we are on to something.

As CAP espouses, Justin Trudeau is unique among prime ministers. His role is not a matter of leadership in a traditional sense. Rather, his function is one of national transformation. We speak of a political trajectory media refuse to indulge in– the erosion of freedom of the individual, to be superseded by authoritarian governance.

If this was correct, does it not make sense that collective citizenship disgust would help to facilitate a transition from democracy to dictatorship?

Could nation-wide political disenfranchisement be waiting in the wings? Now, to trash Justin Trudeau. This man is one of two things:

An individual conscious of a pre-determined agenda of social and political degeneration. Or, an oblivious conduit selected by others.

CAP has no idea which it is. Possibly, it is neither. What cannot be discounted is that no PM has thrown Canada into a state of discontent to the degree that Trudeau has.

Enter, Canadian media. Within our theory, their role is to ensure the public never come to understand what we speak of. The term for this is “obfuscation.”

Do not tie together the various components. Refrain from theorizing about where Canada is headed politically. In fact, refuse to speculate on the future of society period.

Ignore historical context. Focus only on the present so that Canadians will do the same. No historical trajectories from CBC News. No political continuums from Globe and Mail.

No context whatsoever. To do so hides away one critical element: the blueprint for an agenda of this nature is found in Communism.

“The Ipsos Poll surveyed over 6,500 Canadians online and over the phone during the first three weeks of the campaign. 78 per cent said they don’t know which party has the best plan for Canada’s post-pandemic future, believing they’re all the same.”

How entirely fascinating. Within communist societies, all parties are the same. The reason is found in the fact that only one party exists.

The future of Canada staring us in the face? If it is, one thing can be counted on: by the time citizens become aware of the truth, it will be far past the point where anything can be done to stop it.

On this basis, what should be the take-away message if this Trudeau character wins a third term in office?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)

5 thoughts on “Canada Hits Bottom: 47% Dislike All Parties, 50% Do Not Want Election”

  1. Sad people think like that. This is the chance to get the corrupt Trudeau out. Surely people can’t be blind to the damage he keeps doing. Wake up Canada, this is your chance whether you want an election or not but anything is better than the Trudeau Singh coalition.

  2. How would a Singh/Bloc/O’Toole coalition work? Talk about divided interests. On the other hand; O’Toole may fit hand in glove w/ those two anti-Canadian parties. Until….a vote of no confidence ends O’Toole’s (likely) short lived reign. Result: Another election. Another “Liberal” win; possibly w/ Trudeau’s successor. These aren’t the days of Harper’s minority governments. Nine years of O’Toole? He’s not a cat. Why couldn’t Pierre P. have run for the Conservative leadership?–If elected PM; A personal sacrifice for the good of the country.

    His natural gifts/true conservatism are sorely wasted in his present position. The reason he gave was his family. That’s commendable; But: If this continues–I’m afraid his children will have no country in which to to be free, and prosper. Not the one Pierre reflects. Perhaps even Pierre Poilievre as PM would not hold back the tide. We may never know. Small wonder pollsters got the “all the same” result. The parties ARE virtually indistinguishable. The score–Globalists: 50. “Old fashioned” Conservatism: 0.

  3. Hello from the UK

    I have just completed my post on Justin Trudeau. I don’t know if it will help, but I have tried to do my best.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested.

    I do have the truth about Covid 19 and the colossal fraud of it all which may be surprising to many. Much of it surprised me when I researched last year. Then I got very, very angry, and have been trying to wake people up ever since. Here’s that link too.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  4. Its here and IS going to get much worse…big pops coming in all markets…same mess here in Canada…and remember who created all of this? Decades of governments over spending, greed… = debt… Rise up people, its going to get much worse as they force the jab, vax passports, testing on all of us…This government – banking controlled shutdown is not ending folks…why? UN – Agenda 21/30, NWO, The great reset…IMF, WHO, WEF (World economic forum) central bankers / planners…go do some research, all planned. The lowest of the low in society, just greedy $ braindead orders takers.. = police = military = all governments = bylaw = doctors = nurses = teachers = fire = public transportation …..greedy public sector parasites, ps unions…$, ALL lying scum bags, hypocrites. $. Just follow the money folks. They do not care, as they ALL get full pay in government to screw with us daily, close our business, fine us, jail us, bankrupt us, gut the private sector, remove all rights, lock us in our house… This is a complete government = police takeover – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no freedom, no property rights….Control – governments now running everything moving forward. Open your business people, all over the world…F them, be ready, arms out, very large numbers……as for Government = police = bylaw …you are not welcome in our business, ever again.

    You want freedom? Then fight for it. Find like-minded people asap, and lots of them. Solution’s ? Well many…here are a few…1 – Eliminate most government and this will have to be done by force = less problems…no debt, no stress, no fake lockdowns, no plandemics…a healthy private sector, an open free market…freedom, free speech…GUNS…2 – Rise up, unite, very large groups, organize, plan, buy guns, lots…be real MEN, women, fight back against the real enemy here = governments = police = bylaw = MSM…,they created and are enforcing all of this hoax, plandemic, shutdown, lie… arms out, train daily, mma, boxing, bats, weapons, guns…do not comply… FIGHT back…My body, my choice, F off lying scum bags. Revolution calling?. Breathe MF = heal…check out of the system…or fight back.


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